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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Rob, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. I can't believe it's ending. I'm gonna be a wreck.
  2. I'm actually thrilled it's finishing. It's better to go out while there is life still in the thing, though I'm not sure how they'll wrap everything up?

    Probably all be a simulation or something?
  3. I literally can't find anywhere to watch Season 6 in the U.K. Doesn't E4 normally show it?
  4. It starts this Wednesday on E4. They’re a bit late with the premiere this year.
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  5. Whew cant wait.
  6. Oh gosh! Excited this is back!
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  7. Can’t wait for this. Looks like they managed to wrap the finale right before Miss Corona shut it down so we should get a nice uninterrupted run to the finish line.
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  8. Intense!
  9. The new poster is fantastic. I could not be any more perched for this.

  10. 50/50 that either they kill off the entire human race (there's not many left after 6 seasons of genocide) or they go back in time to stop the whole thing from happening.
  11. If there was ever a time to un-do the mess that was the end to Lexa's story, this is it.
    I did love her blink and you'll miss it cameo in the season 3 finale, though.
  12. Took me a few episodes to get into the new season, but episode 4 made things interesting. I like the idea of the anomaly between planets.
  13. It's almost a completely different show but it's kind of great, isn't it? Octavia is still a total force and I loved those little episodes with her, Diyoza and Hope. I'm not sure anything quite beats the Mountain season though.
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  14. Season 2 was the strongest season, wish they continued along that path for a few seasons, so many other elements and characters they could have added, rather than turn it so futuristic.
  15. I'm so glad it's still going though, there's just such a thrill from it still that we're not getting anywhere else. Is it cheesy and at a breakneck pace? Yes, but do I love it for it? YES. SO many amazing iconic moments - the mountain, ALIE, the mountain being blown up, the oil rig, Bloodreina. What a show
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  16. I fucking love this show.
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  17. It's just gorgeous isn't it?

    Becca Promheda needs a prelude spin-off. Her status as an integral recurring character on the show despite appearing on screen so little is testament to the fantastic writers.
  18. I am forever GUTTED that she has never been used more, especially considering she's now both the reason the world ended, the beginning of ALIE and the city of light AND she essentially birthed the grounders. Im defo hyped for a prequel.
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  19. The Chromatics track at the end of episode 8. A perfect episode close.
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