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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Rob, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. All I can think about is how they will deal with next season's threat. Trying to come up with anything but my mind is empty.
  2. Great finale.

    I think I'll miss A.L.I.E ; she truly was a satisfying villain and she's been part of this show for so long now, it feels rather weird to say she's gone. The actress really did an amazing job.
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  3. I've watched The 100 since it first aired and I just can't believe it's been two years! Two amazing years at that, but even so. Clarke is refreshing as far as protagonists go and I'm very attached to her character as a whole. The astounding acting skills from Eliza and the other actors make the show what it is.

    The season finale was so good but it was a bittersweet victory. How are they going to deal with the nuclear threat? I can't wait! Octavia killing Pike like that did miff me a little though. It's a shame she couldn't look past everything that had happened and be the better person. Needless to say, after what he did he deserved it. There was no way he could redeem himself.

    I'm going to miss A.L.I.E too. The contrast between how Erica Cerra played Becca and the AI is phenomenal.
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  4. I binge-watched the first four episodes of this, this very morning...

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  5. Ok so I admit I was a fool to write off the third season before, caught up on the rest of it and it might actually of trumped Season 2 in the end.
    About 15 episodes in a row of incredible intense television, constant roller coaster of emotions, there's still inconsistencies and gaping plot holes to look past (whatever happened to the crazy gorilla's and mutated animals from previous seasons, wild incosistencies in characters etc) but the show hooks you in enough that I can look past that.
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  6. Finished Season 3 a few days ago. A very satisfying end to a somewhat rough season.

    I don't think the season was as uneven as a lot of critics seemed to portray it as, but it was definitely a step down from last season and there were some rocky arcs *cough* Bellamy *cough* Pike *cough* Luna *cough*

    With that said, I still think there was a lot to love about the season. Since I'm not queer woman I cannot attest to the dead lesbian trope and the subsequent backlash, but I thought it was somewhat unfair as Lexa's death was handled brilliantly and served a very clear narrative purpose while having a profound ongoing impact on Clarke.

    I'm interested to see what they do with Season 4 and I hope they can top themselves from Season 2.
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  7. I'm on episode 13 of season after finally finding time to catch up and everything is SO GOOD.
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  8. Ok so I finished it all at 4am last night (had work this morning) and it was so worth it. Absolutely fantastic season for me. I just don't really know what they're going to do from here? If the Earths going to be inhabitable they surely don't have the resources to build another Ark do they?

    DO THEY?

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  10. I hate Jasper. Murphy is so damn hot. Indra!!
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  11. My body is ready.
  12. Octavia's still such a beast.
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  13. Has anyone caught this yet?
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  14. I'm still loving it.
  15. I still need to watch last night's episode, but as a start this season has been quite good so far, though it still feels like it's roadblock after roadblock with the show. Still, it's one of my favourites. Clarke has to be one of my top 10 TV show characters.
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  16. Absolutely adore this season so far. I love the parallels they've come to explore in Clarke and Jaha. The narrative writing in this show is second to none.
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  17. I fucking love Octavia.
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  19. I discovered this on Amazon last week and I'm just starting season two. Such a little gem of a show that really improved throughout the first season and it's exciting to see that the general opinion is that it the second and third seasons are even better.

    I absolutely adore the concept. I see a lot of comparisons to Game of Thrones but it reminds me a lot of Lost.
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  20. Fuck me UP that was a phenomenal episode.

    Real top notch script-writing. Their skill in manipulating characters and audiences into guilt, angst, hope and tragedy all together is just world class.
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