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The 1975 - A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ldnhtrd, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]

    All band social media accounts posted this yesterday at 7pm UK time, but on posting this thread around 5am, all accounts except Tumblr have gone; a repeat of what happened for the ILIWYS... era.

    Loads of little details to pick out in there. MFC era only until 2019 it seems.
  2. I ain't reading all of that but yay for new bops soon.
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  3. That graphic is a Palo Santo disaster, but if it means new music soon, great.
  4. Yeah I’m struggling to engage with any of that other than the general ‘technology is bad’ tone of it.

    It’s odd that they wrap themselves in so much pretension when they’re essentially just a band that serves shallow bops (not saying there’s anything wrong with that at all).
  5. I read the first 2 lines, but then I got distracted.
  6. That's always been my issue with them. They're an incredible pop band, but they seem to have this false impression of themselves that they're some sort of 'second coming of Radiohead.' You deliver great bops; it's not that serious boys.
  7. RJF


    "Social media is bad!!!!" says band who owe their success to large online following.
  8. They're annoying. Quelle surprise!

    Their last album was fantastic though so I'm ready for this mess.
  9. Thank god the music is great.
  10. Dddd have they been hanging out with Marina.
  11. Absolutely ready for this. The music, visuals and staging never disappoint with these boys. (in fact some pop girls could learn a thing or two)
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  12. Annoying pretentious post. BUT they are one of the best live acts I’ve seen and their albums are quite good- if you can embrace the cringe Tumblr lyrics for what they are.
  13. I attempted to read all that but it's just a load of bollocks really, isn't it.

    Love their music though.
  14. I hope the new album is in the vein of Somebody Else, which is their best song.
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  15. Also She's American and This Must Be My Dream. Give me those 80's Synthwave tunes!
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  16. Based on the structure of that poem/lyrics, I'm thinking it might be a Loving Someone still track, but it's a wild guess and honestly, I'm just ready for more music and to see how they improve on their already beautiful stage setup.

    Countdown to June 1st active as of midnight on the site.

    Small looping piece of piano music, seemingly random video clips behind the numbers but it's a repeated loop too.
  18. Seems the site has crashed.
  19. Honestly didn't expect the fandom to do anything else to it but crash it.

    All the social media is back up now, Matty's Twitter follower count all got wiped, felt odd being his 15th follower.

    EDIT: All the Twitter account followers for Adam and George got wiped too, it seems.
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