The 1975 - Being Funny in a Foreign Language


They’ve deleted all their posts on their Instagram and updated their website, socials and put up posters teasing a release on the 7th of July.

I am always cautiously excited by their releases, and after their last album, I’m intrigued to see how this turns out ":)".
Theory currently on Matty's insta especially is the title Being Funny In A Foreign Language.

Teased during MFC/Notes and never used. Matches the letters.
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That last album had at least eight really great songs and several more good ones. People had made their minds up months in advance.
Their last album had at least 12 solid songs. I just wish they would cut the instrumentals, they've been putting them on every album though, so I doubt they will stop.
The instrumentals worked really well on I Like It When You Sleep, that has to be my favourite album by them.
Where as the last 2 albums just felt like the best songs were released as singles, and then on the album they were buried amongst lots of plodding instrumentals that don’t really do much for me.
I’d like them to return to a more simpler album structure like the first album.