The 1975 - Being Funny In A Foreign Language

I feel bad for shitting on this album initially. “Oh Caroline” is a beaut as is “Happiness”. Still not sure how I feel about “Part of the Band”.

Catching up on recent releases and sat through this one for the first time this morning. I really don't understand all the glowing reviews this is getting, it's just wall-to-wall "Easy '80s" grey goo to me. There were some funny lines here and there, but it's hard to even remember where they came from since it all blurs together except the closer, which is at least sonically different even though I'm not sure I like it either.*

But I'm also the kind of person who thinks Shiny Collarbone and Having No Head were the best things about their last album, so take my opinions as you will.

*I nominate this tremendously long sentence as their next album title

So I'm not sure what mood I was in that made me hear this as some easy-listening nightmare when it's...not really that. Is it my favorite 1975 album? Not even close. But I've started warming up to it.