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The 1975 - Being Funny In A Foreign Language

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Jun 1, 2022.

  1. I would love for them to release one 12 twelve track album with no ambient interludes. All their albums have mostly greats songs on them, and then a third of filler for no reason.
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  2. You Guys was sweet and somehow completely earnest without being insufferably mawkish.
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  3. I loved Me & You Together Song as well.
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  4. If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know) was the crown jewel of their last album. I appreciate variety, but I would be thrilled with that x12 for the next album.
  5. I would love a short album rollout this time… I would love for the album to be already complete at the start of the campaign this time. A girl can dream! Either way, I’m excited to have them back in the conversation.
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  6. The last two albums had 6 good songs each so I don't exactly have big expectations. Cut the ambient ballads, the robot tracks, spoken word, slurs and maybe we can get a cute 10-track affair. We won't.
  7. The ballads on the last album are specially great.
  8. Apparently there is an announcement at 5pm.

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  9. If the Lorde single feature rumors are true, my dream is she’s got the blonde hair going now for a video shoot…
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  10. aux


    The album title has been confirmed as Being Funny In A Foreign Language. The tracklist was sent to fans via postcards too. Looks to be a shorter album than their usual grandiose affairs, so I’m intrigued to see how this turns out.
  11. 11 songs? A dream.
  12. Yeah, they needed to trim the fat this time around so I'm really hopeful about this.
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  13. When they end up trimming the bops and keeping the ambient tracks.

    Nightmares aside, I love the long and wordy titles. Looking forward this one.
  14. If they manage to give us another great album after the last two, I'll reignite my stannage a tad
  15. I'm betting that Looking For Somebody (To Love) will be the follow-up to It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) & If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know). That's 1 bop confirmed! The Shaniaprint.
  16. If nothing else, it will be a shorter tedium, so that's something!
  17. 11 tracks? We might end up winning after all as long as they all bop!
  18. dd I almost forgot about Shania being the queen of parentheses and exclamation points.
    I'm Not in the Mood (To Say No)!
    (Wanna Get to Know You) That Good!
    Thank You Baby! (For Makin' Someday Come So Soon)
    In My Car (I'll Be The Driver)

    all on one album? Impact.
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  19. Part Of The Band is out now. Not too sure on it on first listen, being honest. It’s been produced by Jack Antonoff:

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  20. It's...a bit mid. I enjoy the overall sound but find the transitions into the chorus (?) (Genius calls them interludes nn) awkward.
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