The 1975 - Being Funny in a Foreign Language

At this point Jack Antonoff is just the music industry. He's either making people sing Bleacher's covers or giving them the unseasoned songs. This is stuck in-between both of these.

The song leans into The 1975's more acoustic tendencies, but it really sounds stripped down and... boring.
Yeah Jack touching this project at all is concerning to me. They have their own producer and he's brilliant. Why outsource to someone who's on such an uninteresting streak in his work?
From Apple Music:

When The 1975 came to make their fifth album, some questions hung over them. “With [2020’s] Notes on a Conditional Form, because of the time we came from and what we’ve been doing as a band, we’d maybe been taking what a band is as far as it can go,” singer/guitarist Matty Healy tells Apple Music. “When we got to this album, we were like, ‘Well, who are we? What are we? What makes us us?’ We’ve all been having this conversation about how, in art, people now are really craving remarkable things that require as little technology as possible. That became an incentive for making the record like a captured moment as opposed to this construct. There was very little editing or there was very little anything apart from playing the songs with one another. Funnily enough, that made everything sound newer and more modern again.”

The first evidence of that is new single “Part of the Band.” It’s a baroque pop piece where darting, urgent strings give way to gentle, folky psychedelia as Healy’s lyrics explore his sense of self via thoughts of past and present homes, addiction and recovery, ego and imagination. “I suppose a lot of my work—a lot of my videos, especially—is about the construction of one’s identity and the construction of the self,” he says. “There’s a realism to this song that exists across the whole album.”

As someone who didn't love their last album and felt like it was overall (bar a few songs) pretty self-indulgent, almost like they backed themselves into a wall of a certain side of their sound, I do love seeing this. It definitely did feel like they took that side of their sound to the limit, so it's good to see them kinda hitting reset and trying something different.

That said, as much as I love Jack/Bleachers, I do hope the rest of the album is a little less straight up Bleachers and has a little more of their own zest in it. Give me another Sex or Robbers.
I actually really like this and am surprised by this new route they take. At the start it’s really giving me Eleanor Rigby energy but eventually this sounds like a Modern Vampires of the City cut which is honestly one of the best indie rock albums of all time, so that’s a big compliment. Been disappointed by Jack’s work for quite some time but this is so interesting, I hope he doesn’t fuck up the rest.