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The 1975 - Being Funny In A Foreign Language

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Jun 1, 2022.

  1. I don’t know how to feel about it, they’re my favorite band, but any type of folk-leaning/americana music is my least favorite genre. People always praise “I Like it When You Sleep” so much but I actually think their debut sound is where they shine the most.
  2. The lyrics are a hoot, but Jack Antonoff needs to be tried for crimes against humanity at this point.
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  3. I've literally just finished listening and I already don't remember anything about it.
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  4. A Brief Inquiry this is not. I'll wait til the album I suppose.
  5. Yeah I can't stop listening to this dd I honestly really love it. Matty is also giving me a bit of a Justin Vernon tea with his vocals here.
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  6. Father John Misty they ain’t!
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  7. This is dreadful.
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  8. Casual 1975 listener here, but I could have SWORN this is a Bleachers track, down to Matty's vocals.
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  9. This is 100% a Bonny Bear rip if anything. They definitely wear their influences on their sleeve.
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  10. aux


    Hmm… I think I like this. Their lead singles are always polarising and this is no exception. I’ve always liked their organic productions, so this is right up my alley. I think my biggest issue is that it’s a train of thought song with no hooks.

    One of my friends heard the album already because of work, couldn’t say much other than it was really pop. I know their fans have been dying for a return to their harsher rock sounds from the EPs and their debut, but it seems like this record isn’t going to be that.
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  11. aux


    New single! This sounds more like "classic 1975".

  12. Now this is more like it. Sure, it’s basically just an Antonoff take on something they’ve already done 100 times before, but damn if it isn’t an infectious ball of joy.
  13. Yes, good. I do so prefer it when they stick to their formula.
  14. Why’s there a “dance floor edit” ? Ddd
  15. I've grown to really love Part of the Band but this feels like both The 1975 and Antonoff in their element.
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  16. I am loving the vibe for this new album.
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  17. I love this, such a feel good vibe and definitely a little more their signature sound. They're 2/2 for me!
  18. Happiness is everything. This has retconned the entire era thus far.
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  19. Now this is it. It's just different enough for them while still in their wheelhouse where they truly succeed. This bops!
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  20. This is incredible. When they're good, they're SO good.
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