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The 1975 - Being Funny In A Foreign Language

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Jun 1, 2022.

  1. This encapsulates all the great parts of The Sound/She's American whilst still sounding like a natural progression, pure brilliance.
  2. DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ I guess inspired the new song/has some production credits(?) That's so cool! I never would have thought to put them together but it totally works with the new track.
  3. I was just coming in here to say this! So happy for her.
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  4. This was a shot of joy this morning that I really needed. It's nothing new for them but they do this sort of stuff so well.
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  5. DJ Sabrina was the first thing to come to mind when hearing this new song, happy that this is actually reality?!
  6. This feels so effortless and energetic. I would say it's a return to form but it's more loose, in a fun way.
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  7. This has been on repeat for me. It does feel like a perfect combination of their signature style with a touch of Jack's flair.
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  8. I really like this, it’s basically what I wanted from them, I’ll remain hopeful for the album.
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  9. The "my my my" bit on Happiness is heavenly. Instantly dance worthy.
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  10. Big Pitchfork profile of Healy and the rest of the band. Some fun soundbites from fans of the band like Japanese Breakfast's Michelle Zauner (who did background vocals for Part of the Band) and Taylor Swift (she thinks the new album is "so funny!"). They also delve into the difficult early parts of the recording process when they were working with BJ Burton, who bowed out as a producer when he heard they'd also approached Jack Antonoff about producing.
  11. A slay, honestly

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  13. I don't really hear the progression people are hearing ddd it sounds like classic The 1975, which is a good thing, though.
  14. I actually think BJ Burton's productions would have been their formula elevated a bit more. Better than Jack ddd.
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  15. Part of me thinks BJ's production would have been cool with them, but another part of me thinks it could have gone even further into the self indulgent stuff that their last album had a bit too much of.
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  16. This sounds like more of their usual style but I am absolutely bopping.
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  17. aux


    They’re really grabbing me with this era, I won’t lie nn.
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  18. I'm absolutely obsessed with this one.
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