The 1975 - Being Funny In A Foreign Language

This really is a return to form. In the same way that ‘High As Hope’ was more breezy for Florence than its predecessor, this record also represents a much needed change in pace.

‘Oh Caroline’ is a modern classic and reminds me of an upbeat ‘Somebody Else’. ‘Looking For Somebody (To Love)’ is an anthem that I cannot wait to hear live next year. ‘Wintering’ is cute and would be a great Christmas number one (lol). ‘About You’ is sensational and I think it’s attributed to my love of ‘Robbers’.

The only track I hate is ‘All I Need To Hear’ which sounds like a rip off of Beyoncé’s ‘Sandcastles’ ddd
Oh Caroline and About You are fucking IT for this album when it comes to the non singles, and deserve stratospheric status, but I don't know what to think about the rest of it. They could be songs played by the shirtless guy with his acoustic guitar on the quad at campus who's only just learnt the third chord that morning.
About You might be my new favorite on the album. I love how Matty said on the Spotify commentary that it's like the successor to Robbers, and that's one of my favorite 1975 songs.
Oh wow About You really is great, after a few listens and some time with this album I’m overall happy with it.
The duration of the album really helps for a more concise listening experience, songs are jumping out with each listen, I’m even slowly beginning to enjoy Part of the Band, but lead single material it is not.
Catching up on recent releases and sat through this one for the first time this morning. I really don't understand all the glowing reviews this is getting, it's just wall-to-wall "Easy '80s" grey goo to me. There were some funny lines here and there, but it's hard to even remember where they came from since it all blurs together except the closer, which is at least sonically different even though I'm not sure I like it either.*

But I'm also the kind of person who thinks Shiny Collarbone and Having No Head were the best things about their last album, so take my opinions as you will.

*I nominate this tremendously long sentence as their next album title
My Target edition blue vinyl came today and I love it, glad this album turned out being actually good in the end so I didn't regret purchasing and make a hasty return.
I'm enjoying the album a lot. I think its was a necessary step backorder, or at least a welcome change of pace, after its sprawling and inconsistent predecessor. I think the soundscape will lend itself well for the remaining fall months and winter.
This might actually be their best album for me? It doesn't quite hit the highs of Somebody Else/It's Not Living/If You're Too Shy, but at least it's a record I can listen completely through without skipping. It's a consistent treat to be honest.

Honestly I would rank it up there with their debut. Everybody talks about I like it when you sleep being their magnum opus, but their debut is honestly a more consistent and not so bloated record.