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The 1975 - Notes On A Consistent Delay (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Apr 14, 2019.

  2. Mattricia's main childhood worry being which Hot Wheels to get compared to most gays' praying their bullies get sick just for one day, no ma'am. You will remain beige.
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  3. I listened to the album last night and i'm aghast at how absolutely shite it is if you skip all the pre-singles.

    Maybe the reason why half of it is just ambient instrumentals is because Matty actual has nothing to say. And when he does, it's nothing of value.
  4. I'm drawn into "I Think There's Something You Should Know" and I do like a lot of the songs on Notes, but Matty needs to be edited in a way he's not going to get any time soon. It's not a massive disappointment after A Brief Inquiry, probably because the flaws of that album are the flaws here turned up to the max.

    If he's insistent on giving us more material by next year, hopefully, some miracle happens and the band manages to put out a concise and thoroughly enjoyable album.
  5. "Girl of your dreams, know what I mean? ...NO."

    He's seems so jaded, it's hilarious.
  6. I love this album. Made me really sit back down with the last one (which I liked but couldn't remember a lot of the album cuts) and I Sleep too.
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  7. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    ddd this is why I actually prefer it to A Brief Inquiry. Matty's got much more of a backseat role on this one, particularly the run from Me & You Together Song onward which would actually have made a decent follow-up to I Like It When You Sleep if it was released on its own.

    There's still some pretty horrendous moments here - even aside from the obvious one, and none of the highs even graze those of albums one and two, but...I can salvage a fairly okay album out of this whole thing. That's progress from delivering the literal worst album of the 10s I guess!
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  8. Sis. Come on now.
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  9. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    I'm genuinely not exaggerating. I cannot think of another album that's so rotten and malignant at its core with such a huge disdain for its own audience.
  10. rdp


    It's... alright. Some good songs, some unfinished concepts, some instrumentals that I enjoyed but probably won't listen much. I think I like 'People' way more now though. (- me when I started trying to be less antisocial etc.)
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  11. I'm starting to really connect with the album. It probably won't end up being my favorite but I like a lot of what they're trying to do. I plan on revisiting Boards of Canada for the first time in over a decade.
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  12. CD £4.99 on Amazon
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  13. lmao!
  14. Fourth consecutive #1 in the UK
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  15. Matty deleted his twitter over this.

    News at 11
  16. A true idiot of our time.
  17. Reading a couple replies to that tweet, he apparently chose to end whatever his message was with "all lives matter"? Clown.
  18. I'm glad I was put off enough by the whole "fag" controversy that I haven't thrown this any streams yet. Disgusting.
  19. He didn't. Regardless of the stan's stance in the second embed, those were the tweets.

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  20. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    The replies on those tweets make me so thankful I’m not one of his fans anymore. Almost every person defending him appears to be white from their icons, which I mean...disappointed but not one bit surprised.
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