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The 1975 - Notes On A Consistent Delay (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. I was almost tempted by the £4.99 CD but nah.
  2. Relistening to this now. Has anyone come up with a better, more streamlined tracklist?
  3. 1. Frail State of Mind
    2. Streaming
    3. The Birthday Party
    4. Me & You Together Song
    5. I Think There's Something You Should Know
    6. Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America
    7. Tonight (I Wish I Was Your Boy)
    8. Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied
    9. Having No Head
    10. What Should I Say
    11. If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)

    More or less groups them together by sound and works perfectly.
  4. I would put Collarbone second and Guys at last, and yes.
  5. I just noticed Matty has actually reacted to the backflash over his use of british cigarette, in this interview. Let's see how it goes:
    he’s learned that tweets are not his preferred mode of expression reads differently now that he's deactivated his Twitter account.
  6. Bagsy Not In Net needs to be 3 minutes longer.
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  7. What I love about the album is that you can listen to it entirely or divide it in two parts and make two. There is a very clear line between two cohesive sounds alongside the record: the garage/electronic one and the more alt rock.
  8. What Should I Say Is one of my favourite songs of the year

    Edit: I didn't know about the recent controversies but the song is a bop
  9. What Should I Say has been on constant replay since the album dropped, what a banger.
  10. Yeah it's a major highlight. The sample is so lush.
  11. Oop have ya'll seen this Dirty Hit Records tea?

    Apparently this all began when Dirty Hit made a post seeking black creatives amongst all the BLM protests. Gia Ford's girlfriend and creative director (Melanie Lehmann) who also works for the label from what I understand made this post in response:

    Gia Ford then confirmed all this and there were more posts.

    A day later, another artist on the label, US rapper Caleb Steph also made a statement against them in this deleted twitter thread:

    Week later we get some cryptic tweets from No Rome and he unfollows Matty, Dirty Hit, and Jamie Obourne only to refollow them a couple days later except for Matty.

    I just want to know why this is all coming to light the minute Rina signed to the label ddd?? See how were cursed? There's so many artists I love on that label too, i'm scared for them now.
  12. They're referring to Beabadoobee's manager in the red caption. If something happens to her too, I'll have to throw hands!
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  13. Bet Matty was glad he had his twitter deactivated when all this was popping off ddd.

    Honestly hearing that this is how Dirty Hit treats POC and smaller artists at their label makes their catering to Matty's every whim even more annoying. The indies are just as bad as the majors now.
  14. I’ve been wanting to dive into a The 1975 album for a wee while now, but on the basis of their 2020 offerings seemingly leaving critics cold and TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIMETOTIME being that song, I gave A Brief Inquiry a go. I still can’t quite get past the aforementioned track whose title I won’t type out again. I somehow missed it back in 2018, but the bouncing rhythm, cutesy synths, infectious melody and the richness of Matt’s vocals combine to produce a song you can literally play on repeat all day long.
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  15. From what I know, The 1975 own a portion of Dirty Hit, right?
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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This album is long. Playing it at work and I feel like I've aged 10 years before it even gets to track 16 (easily the highlight) and there's still 6 more to get through.
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