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The 1975 - Notes On A Consistent Delay (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Okay but even the Knife led Shaking the Habitual with a good song. What is this
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  2. They can't be serious with this.
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  3. ññññ @ them serving a Björk interlude
  4. This reminded me of the Listening Exam I had to take when getting my C1 in English.
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  5. aux


    They're doing something pretty cool with their physical products to reduce their environmental impact.

  6. I've not been able to stop playing this since it was released. Said no one.
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  7. Its Menswear part 2 featuring Greta Thunberg minus yoshing in someones mouth.
  8. It wishes
  9. Where is the real single?
  10. A track called 'People' is out on the 22nd. There's posters for it up around London already so I presume it's the lead single.
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  11. What can People do for climate change?
  12. I love this.

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    Their new single, "People", is being premiered on Radio 1 on the 22nd of August.
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  14. What happened to people
    We uploaded ourselves to the internet
    And just like that
    Everything went to shit

    What happened to people
    You can't spell reality with virtual
    Our innocence was gone
    And our instagrams were shit

    What happened to people
    We fucked up the planet
    Took a flamethrower to it
    And hashtagged it lit

    What happened to people
    We fucked up our home
    How will we browse our feed
    When there's nowhere left to go?

    etc etc.
  15. Premieres at 19:30 BST

  16. This thumbnail giving me Marilyn Manson teas is quite something. Guess I'm perched?
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  17. I'm 100% ready for whatever this is going to sound like based on that thumbnail alone.
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  19. Who knew that in 2019 that Bring Me The Horizon would be giving us pop bangers and The 1975 would be going screamo
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