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The 1975 - Notes On A Consistent Delay (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. The relative sneering in this thread about the Greta track is kinda gross.

    It's the intro to their new album, in the literal sense, and as far as the campaign goes. The track is relevant, important and worthwhile. One can question their motivation behind it but ultimately what other act is using their platform (with young people) to focus on a message like this?

    Music, pop,'s an escape for most of us here. It's why we post on PopJustice. To immerse ourselves even more. And the world is a scary, uncertain place that is rapidly disintegrating on geological, poltiical, societal and psychological scales. That is hard to process.

    My instinct would be to listen to TOOMUCH or Someone Else rather than this, to immerse myself in a bop, or a song that hits deeply but on an individual level. It's easy to address sadness when it's to do with yourself or your relationship/s.It's dark and hard and distressing to think outside of ourselves right now. That we have to is the hardest thing. It's distressing. Glimmers of hope seem extinguished. We blame ourselves when its corporations who can and need to effect massive change.

    I think it's great that The 1975 launched their campaign with this message. And that they kinda 'cloaked' it under a previously familair guise. It's time for civil disobediance. It's time to rebel etc.

    Your right to your next sad bop from Denise Welch's brood isn't more important than Greta's message, and the band's decision to foreground it.

  2. But we need the faggots to buy the Amo.
  3. I'm completely fine with the band getting political and trying to make a change, I love a politically fueled album.
    But, The 1975 track does not have any replay value. It's a 5 minute ambient track which, could easily have been taken from their last 2 albums, featuring a 5 minute monologue on top of it.
    For me, it's nothing to do with the band delivering a direct political message, it's the fact the track has zero replay value.
    In reality, most people listening to this album on Spotify will skip this track after the first 20 seconds.
  4. This can’t be serious.
  5. Sure, and I can't imagine myself listening to it every time but like... it doesn't bother me in the slightest that it exists? It's a choice an eclectic band chose to make that is important right here and now and so I can't think of it as anything approaching negative.

    I mean was it advertised as a bop or something? What did I miss? This is the band who put the Siri recites a GCSE poem about the state of the world song on their last album.
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  6. I agree it's an important message what they've sent out, and obviously it's being taken seriously so it's done its job in getting the message out there in that respect.
    I think it's a combination of Matt saying this album would originally be out in May, which didn't happen (now 2020), and then they did their usual disappearing from social media act, which, judging from their last 2 album campaigns, this is a sign that new music is arriving in a matter of days, so I think most people were expecting the lead single, and that's not necessarily what we got.
    I'm intrigued to hear the album and see how this will be interpreted in to the rest of the tracks, rather than the usual subjects.
  7. It's just the intro to the album, nothing weird about it. We'll have 21 more songs to bop.
  8. aux


    The lead single, People, is out.
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  9. This is what I needed from them.
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  10. aux


    I like it, and I love the transition from the opening track to this, since it goes from "We need to rebel" to well, that. @RJF was right though, it's all lukewarm takes on society. I'm intrigued to see what they do with the rest of the record though nonetheless.
  11. This song made my tinnitus flare up.

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  12. The lyrics are a bit cringe in parts (seriously I can’t get over the “republic is a banana” line) but it...knocks. The video is a fascinating mess too
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  13. aux


    They requested this banger to be played on the show, wig.
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  14. LMX


    Oh wow. Probably my favourite lead from them so far.
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  15. aux


    I think Give Yourself A Try takes that title for me, but this really took me by surprise.
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  16. Love It If We Made It haterz will have a field day with this ddd. It sounds like Kasabian doing screamo.
  17. Taste. Actually Matt's vocals in the verse of People sound very Trent Reznor.
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  18. RJF


    I... didn't really see anyone being actively gross about it? People were saying that it doesn't have a lot of replay value (it doesn't, and Greta is making these speeches every three days at the moment) and, for me personally, I found a five minute lecture about the climate crisis from the same band who brought us hits such as a five minute lecture about technology and social media on their last album, hideously lacking in self-awareness (as always, to be honest) and... just a bit late? Like Miss Matty was touring for most of last year and missed the news, finally got some down time to fall into a Reddit hole and read a few Guardian headlines and thought he was the first person to figure out the planet is dying. Like, okay sis. I get the train to work each morning. How many eighteen wheeler trucks are used to cart your stage about again? Lecture me on my carbon footprint when you get it under ten, at least. Ta.

    It's nothing to do with the message. It's all about the tone. I had the same issue with the last album's utterly ham-fisted hot takes on the Internet and technology. It's... old news packaged unimaginatively. Nothing about it is clever or inspiring.

    Also, in general I've had an issue with the... commodification of Greta Thunberg over the last year or so. The climate crisis needed A Face for the media to latch onto, so it picked a teenage girl to turn into a celebrity and for old capitalist white men to vilify and attack simply because she's doing her best to save the world. The amount of pressure she's under must be intense, and she must field endorsement requests just like this one all the time. I just find it a shame she's now part of a sphere she never intended to be a part of.

    Oh, and re: the new single... let me just copy and paste from this very post.
  19. They did it. They released their first bad song!
  20. This just... isn’t it.
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