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The 1998 R&B Albums Rate - #9: Another #1 single departs

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by londonrain, Mar 11, 2018.


Which of these artists' followups do you like the most?

  1. Brandy - Full Moon

  2. Monica - After The Storm

  3. Lauryn Hill - MTV Unplugged No. 2.0

  4. Whitney Houston - Just Whitney...

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  2. [​IMG]

    Glad to know you'll be taking a pass on shading everyone else, then.
  3. Ray


    Oooh, the opportunities to showcase my MS Paint skills will be aplenty in this thread.
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  4. I'm not familiar with 3 of the 4 albums beyond their singles but if I do this you'd best believe I'm giving every song on Miseducation a 10 (apart from To Zion ddd).
  5. I’d definitely say it’s worth it! There are plenty of solid album tracks on all four albums.

    Great! There’s plenty of time.
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  6. I'm gonna start listening now cause I'm not familiar with all the album tracks (except for Ms Lauryn Hills opus). I thought for sure I'd be battling between "Ex Factor" and "That Thing" for my 11, but "The Boy Is Mine" is my #1 karaoke/drunk singalong song.

    Also clarification: am I rating the album version of "Its not right" or can I use the gay bible version aka the thunderpuss remix?
  7. Rate whichever version you prefer.

    This is true of all the songs, except If I Told You That (for which all I ask is that you rate Whitney’s solo version and not the later re-release with George Michael).

    With this rate, finally poor Kelly will get some mentions on this forum that aren’t about this moment.
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  8. Ray


    Some songs are duplicated on the Spotify list (like "Secret Love", plus some extra remixes) – why not the Thunderbusslay mix of "It's not right"?
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  9. Because it wasn’t on the main album.

    Secret Love is duplicated because the remix was the single edit and was the only version to receive a video.

    The only other remixes included are ones that were actually included on the albums we’re rating.
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  10. Don't think of it as VS... think of it as a 20 year anniversary celebration and a chance to shade and be shaded.
  11. I didn’t include Aaliyah in this one!

    (Also, I need someone to come stan Deborah Cox with me.)
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  12. Well... the first part, definitely. I’ve only included talent, so you all can look forward to me writing far too much about each album as they get eliminated.

    I’ll happily drag you mercilessly if that’s what it takes to get you to vote, though, @send photo.
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  13. Me to Whitney and Lauryn's albums:

  14. I want Faith Evans to win with Love Like This. It's THE Glittery-R&B-Pop-Gay-Pride-Roller-Disco-Anthem of ALL Glittery-R&B-Pop-Gay-Pride-Roller-Disco-Anthems.
  15. Come and vote for it, then!

    I still hear this song being played by DJs when I'm in any sort of R&B-leaning audience in London, and it always goes down an absolute storm. Not bad for a UK #24 flop, eh?
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  16. Sadly I think people are expecting it to be "Be Faithful" by Fatman Scoop. Then again I always have low opinions of party goers/clubbers, so maybe they actually do love Queen Faith!
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  17. Ray


    Madonna's "Music Inferno" is in this?
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  18. The last time I heard it was while waiting for En Vogue to come on stage at their concert. I'm pretty sure none of the audience were expecting it to be the Fatman Scoop song.
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  19. Poor If I Told You That! I remember the George Michael duet version kicking butt as their voices went incredibly well together in the adlibs - not sure the non-duet version reaches the same heights but it is what it is. This Whitney album is just so good!!
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