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The 1998 R&B Albums Rate (Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, Brandy and Monica): WINNER REVEALED!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by londonrain, Mar 11, 2018.


Which of these artists' followups do you like the most?

  1. Brandy - Full Moon

  2. Monica - After The Storm

  3. Lauryn Hill - MTV Unplugged No. 2.0

  4. Whitney Houston - Just Whitney...

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  1. So Lauryn Hill has a tour performing her masterpiece and it comes to Boston on my birthday and I'll be in Seattle. I don't think my boyfriend will reschedule our whole summer trip but my heart is BROKEN.
  2. Will she actually show up, though?

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  3. I see we now have another voter for Just Whitney... and four more voters for Full Moon, which brings the tally to:

    Full Moon - 37
    After The Storm - 3
    Just Whitney... - 2
    MTV Unplugged No 2.0 - 1

    (This is basically the right order, I think.)
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  4. I only really use What About Us and All In Me but... how anyone could choose a different option is beyond me....
  5. I mostly use the run from It's Not Worth It onwards.

    I see we now have a second voter for MTV Unplugged No 2.0. Who knew we had such MTV Unplugged stans around here?!

    Also, public service announcement to everyone:


  6. Time for another round of ALBUMS WE COULD HAVE RATED!
    (The previous albums are indexed here.)​


    Beverley Knight - Prodigal Sista

    Release date: August 17, 1998
    Chart peak: #42 UK
    Certifications: Gold (UK)
    Time to return to the UK for a classic album by one of the country's biggest soul icons - and probably my favourite of all the albums we could have rated.

    Born in Wolverhampton, Beverley grew up in a religious household with limited exposure to secular music, but her early influences were Sam Cooke's The Two Sides of Sam Cooke, which was split between secular music and gospel music, and Aretha Frankin's 1972 Amazing Grace album. She started writing her own music at 13 and was discovered singing in a club in Wolverhampton by Dome Records, who signed her when she was still at university. Although her Dome debut, 1995's The B-Funk, produced a top 40 hit in certified bop Flavour of the Old School, her real commercial breakthrough came when she left Dome and signed a four-album deal with Parlophone Records.

    Prodigal Sista
    was her debut for the label and produced four singles, all of which are great and really deserved to be rated. Although the album itself missed the top 40, it was a sleeper hit, going on to be certified gold, and received considerable critical acclaim.

    The lead single, Made It Back, featured Redman and became Beverley's highest charting single to date, peaking at #21. The single was nominated for Best Single at the 1998 MOBO Awards but lost to Freak Me by Another Level. Beverley did win the award for Best R&B Act, though.

    Second single Rewind (Find A Way) had a more laid-back classic soul groove and gave Beverley her third top 40 hit, scraping in at #40.

    The third single, the ballad Sista Sista, failed to chart and it started to look like the singles run was running out of steam, but then Parlophone reissued the album in April 1999 with a new cover. The new version included new mixes of Made It Back (retitled Made It Back 99) and album tracks AWOL and Greatest Day.


    The new mix of Made It Back was released as a single and went to #19 on the UK single chart, an improvement from the original's #21 peak, and hung around in the top 40 for three weeks (longer than the original's one week). The Classic Mix of Greatest Day was then released as a single in July 1999 and went to #14, the highest chart position of her career up to that point. The Classic Mix really soups up the track and makes it a real summer banger, and would probably have been a 10 from me in this rate.

    At the 1999 MOBO Awards Beverley won the awards for Best R&B Act and Best Album. (Lauryn Hill and Destiny's Child also won awards at that ceremony, off the back of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and the self-titled debut Destiny's Child respectively.) Sista Sista was then re-released as the final single from the album with a new video. With Beverley's improved profile following her 1999 MOBO Awards wins, the single hit #31 on the chart, becoming her sixth top 40 hit overall.

    Beverley has since released a further six solo albums and several more hits, including the top ten singles Shoulda Woulda Coulda (2002) and Come As You Are (2004). She received an honorary doctorate in music from the University of Wolverhampton in 2005 and then received an MBE (a Member of the Order of the British Empire) from the Queen in 2006.

    In the 2010s Beverley Knight started a musical theatre career while still releasing albums. Her West End credits including starring roles in Cats, Memphis and The Bodyguard. (I've seen her twice in The Bodyguard and her vocals were incredible - which is no mean feat when your character is singing nothing but Whitney Houston songs all night!) She's still a regular fixture on TV and in theatre, and most recently teamed up with fellow musical theatre stars Amber Riley (best known from Glee but fresh from a run in Dreamgirls) and Cassidy Jansen (following her run in the Carole King musical Beautiful) to release a collaborative album of musical theatre covers under the name Leading Ladies.

    Beverley is also a legit LGBT icon. She's actively campaigned for the Terrence Higgins Trust and the Stop AIDS Campaign but I always remember her saying that when she was invited to perform at Pride in London in 2001 her band tried to get her to turn it down because they were uncomfortable. She sacked her entire band rather than turn down the opportunity to sing for her LGBT fans. The man who invited her to sing at Pride, Tyrone Jamison, became a close friend of hers and ultimately moved in with her after he was diagnosed with HIV and needed a place to stay after a spell in hospital. After he died, she gave an interview about him in 2004 for the Independent which I highly recommend you read. Living with him seems to have really fuelled a lot of Beverley's HIV and LGBT activism and she has consistently supported the community in a way that most of her contemporaries wouldn't have done at the peak of her career. To me, that in itself makes her a true icon.

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  7. I fucking LOVE Beverley Knight. My fave album is Affirmation and my favourite song is either Gold (Single Mix) or First Time.
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  8. Such an in icon indeed. Didnot know that about sacking her band for that LGBT performance which makes me love her more.
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  9. I honestly cannot think of any British R&B artist who I stan more than I stan Beverley. She’s such an absolute legend. I’ve seen her live in concert twice and as Rachel in The Bodyguard twice and she’s blown me away every single time. Seeing this performed live, for example, massively elevated my opinion of the song:

    I was really seriously considering including her singles in this rate but I was put off by the terrible quality of her videos on YouTube and the fact that I would have had to also include Des’ree’s questionable singles run from Supernatural.
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  10. I’ve seen her in concert 4 times now, plus live in The Bodyguard, Cats and Memphis in the West End. I am blown away every time.
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  11. She can sing literally anything and make it sound great.

    I love that she was talking about an album being written largely about a young, black, gay, HIV-positive man at the peak of her career and that album is one of her two biggest albums, with her biggest hit on it:

    Come as you are
    You can stand
    Take my hand, I'll help
    Come as you are
    Don't be sad
    Don't deny yourself
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  13. Thanks. They definitely worked when the rate first started, but now I see:


    I’ll fix the links tomorrow.
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  14. I've always loved Bev, and regard her as one of the greatest voices of all time, but the last part of that write up just shows what an incredible human being she is.
  15. @Anyone who hasn’t heard this album yet: go click on the Greatest Day video I embedded and get your life.

    Oh, and thank you for your scores, @Mina.


    Let me know where to send my therapist’s bill xx
  16. Oh, you're very welcome.


    @HollyDunnSomething, you're next. Maybe there'll be a discount on group therapy.
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  17. I've now fixed this, by the way.
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  18. The Darkchild/album mix of It's Not Right is... okay.
  19. You can rate whichever mix you like, as long as you say in your commentary if you’re rating a non-album mix.

    This may be of particular help to certain songs where one mix is much better than the other... *coughFriendofMinecough*
  20. If that mix of It's Not Right is the original- it is absolutely flawless!
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