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The 1998 R&B Albums Rate (Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, Brandy and Monica): WINNER REVEALED!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by londonrain, Mar 11, 2018.


Which of these artists' followups do you like the most?

  1. Brandy - Full Moon

  2. Monica - After The Storm

  3. Lauryn Hill - MTV Unplugged No. 2.0

  4. Whitney Houston - Just Whitney...

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  1. I've just listened to those eliminations and can't help feeling you were all unduly harsh on the Brandy track, even if it is a Bryan Adams cover. All three are tedious beyond belief.
  2. Sad to see We Can't Be Friends out so early. Her vocals at the end of the track are incredible.
  3. Another day, another elimination.

    After cutting a few original songs, we're now losing another cover.

    It's also another Diane Warren ballad.

    Three 10s and a 6+ average, and yet here we are.


    #75. My First Night With You
    Average: 6.065
    Highest score: 10 x 3 (@MollieSwift21, @Angeleyes, @berserkboi)
    Lowest score: 1 (@ohnostalgia)
    Chart positions: #28 US, #28 US R&B
    My score: 7
    Yet another Diane Warren ballad goes - this time a song co-written with Babyface. This is now the fifth elimination in a row that was the final single released from an album, and this time it’s the third single from Mya Marie Harrison’s debut album, released in April 1999 when she was just nineteen.

    Unlike a lot of artists in this rate, Mya’s background is in dance rather than music, having danced since she was a small child. She was signed at the age of sixteen and her debut album came out when she was eighteen, featuring several songs co-written by her. My First Night With You isn’t one of those songs, though, and I can’t help but feel that Mya is at her best when she’s showing off her dance skills on a bop rather than on this sort of ballad. I mean, look at what she came up with on her second album:

    If My First Night With You sounds like it could be track 9 on an early Deborah Cox album, that’s because it is - it was on Deborah’s 1995 debut but was (correctly) overlooked for the single treatment in favour of six(!) other songs. Mya’s version brings a different perspective to the song as you can hear how young and relatively undeveloped her teenage voice is, whereas Deborah sounds very much like a woman in her late twenties with a fuller and richer voice. While I do like the song, I prefer Deborah’s version for the vocals, which do help to elevate the "Disney grows up" lyrics ("Cried my first tears of joy last night / Heaven shined a light / All my dreams came true / My first night with you").

    The version on Mya’s album is almost a note-for-note retread, but the song received a slightly souped-up remix for the single (mixed by Ric Wake) which adds some extra percussion and throws in a key change for no apparent reason.

    @WowWowWowWow (4) seems to have given me a post he was saving for the GAY thread: “Oh good lord. Get a diary and write about your sexcapades there Mya, leave us out of it.” @Ray (3.5) felt much the same: “Those ballads are so interchangeable. Luv, your first night with him should be at least a bit more memorable than this song.”

    @Trouble in Paradise (7) is more appreciative of teenage Mya’s voice than I am: “It’s cute and sweet, the lyrics totally fit with Mya’s vocal tone.” I’m sure @berserkboi (10) agrees: “How have I never known this beautiful song??”

    When I first announced this rate, @tylerc904 said he was likely to give the Ric Wake mix his 11, but in the end this song had to make do with an 8.5 from him. @Angeleyes (10), on the other hand, kept his score high: “This was so close to being my 11, but I had to give it to Brandy. The Ric Wake single mix is where it's at. One of the sweetest songs ever.”

    The video for this song is possibly one of the most ridiculous ones in this rate. It opens with credits as if it’s a short film, and we see Mya arguing with her dad about what she should be wearing on her date. After her mum is more sympathetic and lends Mya her earrings for the date, Mya goes out with her date, visits a fairground and then falls asleep on a beach with him. They wake up the next morning and Mya sneaks back into the house and pretends as if she’s been to bed and got up already to go to the bathroom. All of this is interpersed with some random shots of Mya on a swing with some of the most extreme soft-focus I’ve ever seen.

    Sis, you spent the whole night out with this date and all you did was fall asleep on a beach?
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  5. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    My First Night With You did not need to be done like this. It was my second favorite from the extras section. I've always liked Diane Warren's cheesiness.

    Case of the Ex is her best song by far. When year 96 gets mention it takes me a moment to recover.
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  6. How very Myra instead of Mya.

    (Coming soon* to a PJ00s round near you?)

    Apparently a lot must have happened between this and Mya's Lady Marmalade era.
  7. Case of the Ex and My Love Is Like... are huge bops but Mya's voice isn't great on ballads. I haven't been upset by any of the eliminations thus far.
  8. Fuck it, I’m out.
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  9. What, after I spent all this time making gifs and fake single covers?

    I knew I should have rigged the results...
  10. You mean you haven't already been sending subliminal messages to influence voters all along?

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  11. I keep all my subliminals
  12. I was actually just about to comment how I was glad to not have lost any 10s yet! I did give a few, and I worry some may not be long for this world.
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  13. My First Night With You is gorgeous! Didn't know it was a cover but honestly every Diane Warren song has been recorded at least 5 times. Case of the Ex, My Love Is Like Wo, and her three big collabs are all 2000's classics, but the Fear of Flying album is genuinely fantastic. Moodring has an amazing album scattered across its 20(!) tracks.
  14. Quoted in the title! Is this what being a celebrity feels like???

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  15. We're an elite club!

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  16. Between Brandy being the first elimination and then losing my almost 11 three spots later (I’m glad I didn’t waste my 11 on it because even if that bumped it up a few spaces I surely would’ve been the first 11 out), there’s only so much I can take!

    Most voters probably only listened to the album version which is significantly less internesting than the single mix, but still, I can’t believe it’s bottom 5. I should’ve been harsher on the songs I didn’t like that much. I don’t remember giving anything lower than a 4?
  17. Not many people were that harsh on this song, though! Apart from that 1, there's a couple of 3s and a 3.5, but otherwise nothing below a 4.

    The main issue was that, after its three 10s, its next highest scores are two 8.5s and an 8, with most scores falling in the 4 to 7.5 range.

    The next song out has actually received a zero and no tens (one of only two songs in this position) but edged past My First Night With You because it had more 8+ scores.
  18. One of our acts is about to lose a second song.

    (Don't worry, @Angeleyes, it isn't Brandy.)

    I, on the other hand, am about to lose another song where I'm the highest scorer. Thanks, guys.

    #74. Never Gonna Let You Go
    Average: 6.126
    Highest score: 9.5 x 1 (@londonrain)
    Lowest score: 0 x 1 (@Mina)
    Chart positions: #17 US, #1 US R&B
    My score: 9.5​

    We lose yet another #1 from the US R&B chart, this time with the third single from Faith Evans’ platinum sophomore album Keep The Faith. Written and produced by Babyface and Damon Thomas (with Babyface also popping up on backing vocals), the song failed to match the top 10 positions of the first two singles on the Hot 100 but was able to outperform them on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart by becoming Faith’s first and only #1 as a lead artist on that chart. (She hit #1 in 1997 with the Notorious B.I.G. tribute I’ll Be Missing You, on which she had a featured spot.)

    Faith started out as a backup vocalist for Al B. Sure! But was discovered and signed by Sean Combs (then known as Puff Daddy) and signed to his Bad Boy Entertainment label. After her debut album Faith (written almost entirely by Faith, with nine songs written solely by her and a further five co-written by her) was a platinum-selling success, Keep The Faith saw a number of all-star writers involved and, although 13 of the 15 tracks were co-written by Faith, none of them were written solely by her. The two tracks on which Faith doesn’t have a writing credit were Lately I and Never Gonna Let You Go.

    I actually discovered this song only a few years ago and, although it fell just short of the standard of the 10s I gave out, I’d still consider it one of my favourites in this rate. One thing that annoys me, though, is that they could so easily have titled this song “I’ll Never Let You Go”, given that those are the words she actually sings. She never sings “never gonna let you go”.

    @Trouble in Paradise (7) enjoyed it: “A sweet and sentimental ballad.” @berserkboi (9.4) agrees and nearly joined me as the highest scorer: “I have always been a sucker for Faith’s ballads, this is no exception”

    @Mina (0), on the other hand, manages to find a way to beat her scathing commentary for Lately I: “Possibly the most generic, lyrically-lazy song ever written. At this point I'd even prefer Jewel rambling on about eggs and maple syrup to this tripe.” @Ray (4) was never going to like a Babyface track but he takes particular issue with one thing: “Literally the first thing I hear is that AWFUL 90s R&B synth. The whole song would be a 5.5, the synth makes it 4.”

    @WowWowWowWow (5) is getting a sense of dejavu.mp3: “I feel like I've heard 39 different versions of this song in the rate so far…” and @tylerc904 (7.5) agrees: “This is a song I totally know, but did not KNOW I knew, ya know??!”

    Poor Faith. #BopJustice strikes again.

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  19. Yeah, I didn't love that one either. I am here for Faith's bops, though. I hope they're not brought done by the extras curse, which seems to be in full effect here. (My First Night with You deserved to stick around a little longer.)
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  20. I certainly hope there aren't any 11 point variations for the same song in this rate...
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