The 2008 Singles Rate - THE WINNER!


Hello! Welcome to the 2008 Singles Rate!

2008 was an amazing year for music, and the majority of number-ones on the pop British singles charts were usually at least "pretty good" throughout the year (although it was not without its fair share of rubbish, too). In a year that saw several big hits dominate for fairly long periods, no less than 21 singles topped the charts, with the average weekly sales for a number-one being 71,528. Another interesting fact is that a few songs reached the summit of the download chart but not the singles chart, namely "Live Your Life" (T.I. and Rihanna), "Rockstar" (Nickelback) and "Chasing Pavements" by Adele, whilst "Closer" by Ne-Yo never got to #1 on the download chart, proving that sales of CD singles were still fairly high.

2008 ended with two X Factor songs topping the end of year charts, followed by "Mercy" by Duffy and "I Kissed a Girl", all with sales of over 500,000. But will your scores follow the same pattern? (No.)

I'm sure everyone knows the score by now, but just in case be sure to rate the following songs out of ten and then PM me with your scores by midnight on Tuesday 2nd August 2011, GMT. 8.30PM ON WEDNESDAY 3RD AUGUST 2011, GMT. (voting closed)

20th - Leon Jackson - "When You Believe (1 week at number-one)
17th - Basshunter - "Now You're Gone" (5 weeks at number-one)
Duffy - "Mercy" (5 weeks at number-one)
Estelle - "American Boy" (feat. Kanye West) (4 weeks at number-one)
13th - Madonna - "4 Minutes" (feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland) (4 weeks at number-one)
10th - The Ting Tings - "That's Not My Name" (1 week at number-one)
9th - Rihanna - "Take a Bow" (2 weeks at number-one)
18th - Mint Royale - "Singin' in the Rain" (2 weeks at number-one)
Coldplay - "Viva la Vida" (1 week at number-one)
8th - Ne-Yo - "Closer" (1 wee at number-one)
14th - Dizzee Rascal - "Dance wiv Me" (feat. Calvin Harris and Chrome) (4 week at number-one)
19th - Kid Rock - "All Summer Long" (1 week at number-one)
12th - Katy Perry - "I Kissed a Girl" (5 weeks at number-one)
16th - Kings of Leon - "Sex on Fire" (3 weeks at number-one)
P!nk - "So What" (3 weeks at number-one)
Girls Aloud - "The Promise" (1 week at number-one)
21st - The X Factor Finalists 2008 - "Hero" (3 weeks at number-one)
Beyoncé - "If I Were a Boy" (1 week at number-one)
15th - Take That - "Greatest Day" (1 week at number-one)
Leona Lewis - "Run" (2 weeks at number-one)
11th - Alexandra Burke - "Hallelujah" (2 weeks at number-one)
Re: 2008 Singles Rate (Voting Open!)

None of these are as dire as the lows of say, 2010, but it's all completely middle of the road until about three quarters of the way down the list. Thank God for Girls Aloud!


Re: 2008 Singles Rate (Voting Open!)

And here was I thinking what an improvement this list was on the other 'year' singles rates we've done so far (there's five songs I adore, and another two which I like very much)...
Re: NEW: 2008 Singles Rate (Voting Open!)

Seriously, there are so many awful singles on that list. It is terrible.

I think I know the winner already.


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Re: NEW: 2008 Singles Rate (Voting Open!)

There's about 3 crappy singles in there, and the rest is at least worthy of a six.
Re: NEW: 2008 Singles Rate (Voting Open!)

More votes are needed! to push certain songs down, please
Re: NEW: 2008 Singles Rate (Voting Open!)

I'll do a proper listen tonight and send in my votes. I don't know if I'm giving any 10's. I honestly don't see 1 song there worthy of one.
Re: NEW: 2008 Singles Rate (Voting Open!)

Blob said:
Seriously, there are so many awful singles on that list. It is terrible.

Really? Compared to the 2010 number one rate, almost every song on this list is a masterpiece. Overall I'd say it's a fairly decent list.

I think it's safe to assume that Girls Aloud have it in the bag!
Re: NEW: 2008 Singles Rate (Voting Open!)

If Girls Aloud don't win I'd be very surprised.

I've listened back to a few and nothing really makes me want to listen again. However I might be giving one 10. And a couple of 8/9's.
Re: NEW: 2008 Singles Rate (Voting Open!)

This fluctuates wildly between utter greatness and ABSOLUTE SHIT.


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Re: NEW: 2008 Singles Rate (Voting Open!)

I like a lot of these. There is only 2/3 I would skip if they came on the radio. (There is a few I haven't heard of before)
Re: NEW: 2008 Singles Rate (Voting Open!)

2008 was a good year for pop - but quite a mediocre year for number 1 hits for me. My average score was 6.7. One amazing 10, one shitty 1 and a whole lot of ok 6s, good 7s and quite good 8s!
Re: NEW: 2008 Singles Rate (Voting Open!)

Bonkylicious' rates are so amazing. There've been a few votes with too many "0s" for me to take them seriously. I mean, 10 should be perfection down to 0 being near enough the worst sounds yo could possibly have the misfortune of listeningto.
Re: NEW: 2008 Singles Rate (Voting Open!)

I hope American Boy, Mercy or That's Not My Name wins. I do hope Girls Aloud don't take the win.

Also duffy I just noticed your signature. It has cleared up my confusion anyway! I'd love if Duffy actually was on Popjustice.