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The 2018 R&B Legends Rate: #42: Seriously?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by londonrain, May 6, 2019.

  1. Another day, another single down...

    ...and this time it's yet another one of @Remorque's 7s.

    49. Sugar Daddy
    Average: 7.3125
    Highest score: 10 x 1 (@Daniel_O)
    Lowest score: 3 x 1 (@Petty Mayonnaise)
    My score: 8
    Squeaking past Thank You by the slimmest of margins is our lowest-rated Macy Gray song, which was released in June 2018 and served as the second single from her tenth studio album, Ruby. Without @Petty Mayonnaise to tank it, this would have landed at #41, but here we are. (If one person had given this half a point less it would have tied with Thank You. Our #1 and #2 songs in the rate are separated by an identical margin.) @Daniel_O becomes only the sixth voter so far to lose a 10+ score (and only the fifth to lose a 10, as @ohnostalgia hasn't actually lost a 10 yet despite the elimination of her 11).

    The lyrics are deliberately ambiguous and don't get much deeper than "be my, be my sugar daddy and provide me with your candy", but I guess that's to be expected when one of your co-writers is Meghan "I'm bringing booty back" Trainor. (On the plus side, the Motown influence works well with Macy's raspy tones.) At the time Macy told Rolling Stone "I love this song, I loved making it. I believe it’s going to be the song of the summer."

    Far more interesting is the video, which features Macy attempting to sing album track Tell Me at a nightclub and getting heckled, before launching into Sugar Daddy and getting the crowd bopping. The video is a tribute to the 1972 Billie Holiday biopic Lady Sings The Blues, which starred Diana Ross. Ross's son Evan Ross appears in the video, as does ex-Pussycat Doll Carmit Bachar.

    Sugar Daddy could have been the third single from the album if Macy had chosen to include Stop, Drop, Roll on Ruby. That song features bassist Nik West and was released as a standalone single back in June 2017, complete with an eye-catching video that featured a plus-sized dancer performing in front of the American flag just ahead of the July 4th festivities:

    At the time Macy said, “This is just a fun video for the fans, I have a ton of new music coming soon, just wanted to send a message, that I think is very much needed right now, about freedom. Accepting who you are, and being you, is the most important thing. As long as your not hurting anybody then you’re alright. No matter what people say.”

    But back to Sugar Daddy. What did you all think?

    @abael (5) doesn't appear to like anything about the song: "Macy's voice doesn't suit this song at all, and the basic producing isn't saving this."

    @Trouble in Paradise (8) surprised himself: "I never NEVER would have imagined that I would enjoy a Macy Gray song called “Sugar Daddy” as much as I do."

    @Music Is Life (8.5) probably thinks the song should have ended a lot earlier: "0Ooo that intro! Love it! The rest of the song is good. The little interludes are cute. It’s a bit of a bop but nothing really special. The bridge made this a little bit better cause handclaps, but they didn’t really do anything with it."

    Finally, @Daniel_O (10) will regret this going quite so soon: "Another big contender for my 11. This is the first Macy album I listened to, and It's really solid! Some great tracks. Sugar Daddy is super fun."

  2. Dddd Sugar Daddy is the worst song in the rate.
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  3. I really enjoyed that song and I gave it a 9.
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  4. Wow, can't believe it's out so soon... It's a great song!
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  5. At least you didn’t give it your 11!
  6. Stop, Drop, Roll is better than Sugar Daddy and I’m annoyed she didn’t include it on the album.

    Our next elimination is a tie. Any guesses? Two different artists are involved.
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  7. Very very okay with this leaving. You're right, I would;ve been happy if it ended earlier.
    For the artists, I'm going to guess En Vogue, and maybe Marsha? Or Macy?
    I'm probably way off and have no idea which songs.
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  8. Gabrielle reappears and Tamia Debuts is my guess.

  9. Well, one of these people is at least half wrong.


    47. So Serious
    Average: 7.3375
    Highest score: 10 x 3 (@Daniel_O, @Sprockrooster, @Music Is Life)
    Lowest score: 4 x 1 (@Trouble in Paradise)
    My score: 6.5
    We finally lose our first album track, and @Sprockrooster can claim a kind of victory by saying So Serious didn't end up in the #48-57 bracket but, given that there are only nine songs in that bracket, has So Serious actually escaped the bottom ten? Discuss.

    So Serious is the final track on the standard edition of Electric Café, and was co-written by all three members of En Vogue with Denzil Foster and Thomas McElroy, who founded En Vogue in the first place. The song was written in early 2015 as part of the album's original sessions with Foster & McElroy, and is actually about empowering women, something that the members felt took on further importance in the context of the #TimesUp movement (even if they can't always remember what it's called ddddd):

    In this context the verses (sung by Cindy, Rhona and Terry in that order) are clearly sung in the voice of a man trying to convince a woman that she cannot succeed without him ("Why you tryna move at all without me?") while the chorus (sung by all three together) is in the voice of the group telling her that she'll be fine ("So serious, you got this"). I wish it were a little bit more lyrically inventive and/or inspiring, but the harmonies on the word "serious" in the chorus are nice and I like the instrumentation, so in the context of the album I never skip the song and I do enjoy it - I just wish they'd done a little bit more with both the lyrics and the music. Is "we got this" and "we don't quit" really the best they can do in terms of encouragement?

    @abael (5) was not impressed: "Ho Hum. Was waiting for it to end."

    Lowest scorer @Trouble in Paradise (4) goes further: "I did not want this from them and at the point when the album already feels like its dragged a bit this comes at the worst time possible."

    @Remorque (6) also isn't a fan of its place on the track listing: "It's a shame they put this on the lighter side of the album, because as it is it sticks out like a sore thumb. And yet, I sometimes struggle to remember how this one goes. The girls sound fantastic and I kinda see it as a middle finger to past members, but this could have been fleshed out a little more... Also: I'm a sucker for guitar solo's, so it has that going for it."

    @Music Is Life (10) stans yet again: "LOVE the drums on this one. Okay, I love everything about this as well, but I had to mention the drums."

    We end with @Sprockrooster (10), who will no doubt think this one has been done horribly wrong: "I almost felt like this being placed at #11 in the tracklist it was a sign I had to go and give this my 11. For my 2018 songslist this was the only album track that made the top 10 And damn. I still love this so freakin' much. With all the times I played this, one would think I overkilled it heavily, but to the contrary it grows even more. When the song kicks in with that amazing production and those vocals come in I am instantly captivated. Sadly I can't even say this is my runner-up for my 11, cause this rate is so high on talent, but this stands firmly in my top 3 for this rate. A bronze medal for me. Hoping it will be done right, but fearing the absolute worst."​

  10. how about "i don't got this but men are not getting the last laugh today so i will get this" ? Just rolls off the tip of the tongue...
  11. It was the right time for her.
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  12. Did you know Terry and Cindy from En Vogue are the two oldest artists in this rate? They’re 55 and 57 respectively, and still looking incredible. Rhona is practically a baby in comparison, at 43.
  13. This is a good collection/rate when we are 10 in and you only have three fours as your lowest remaining tracks.
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  14. And none of those three songs deserved a 4...

    ...but let's eliminate one of them now.

    47. Jealousy
    Average: 7.3375
    Highest score: 9.25 x 1 (@Oleander)
    Lowest score: 4 x 1 (@abael)
    My score: 8.5
    The other half of our tie at #47 leaves us, and surprisingly a song with no 10s managed to tie So Serious and its three 10s. (For context, So Serious has the most 10s of any song outside the top 40.) How did Jealousy manage this? A lot of scores in the 8-9 range - including from me - and fewer scores in the 4-7 range. Looks like @Music Is Life was spot on with his predictions after all.

    Jealousy and So Serious are our first album tracks to leave, and Jealousy is the first album track to go from the extras section. Unlike certain artists who released a lot of singles from their albums (hi Mya!) Macy had actually only released two singles at the time I put the song list together (with Over You likely to become the third) and so the inclusion of Jealousy was actually my choice. It's actually one of my favourite songs in the rate so I'm surprised to see it out so early.

    That chorus is really catchy and I quite like the use of the trombones and trumpets with the retro backing vocals and singing style - it makes the song feel timeless and follows on nicely from Macy's previous album, Stripped, which was a a full-on jazz album. Another song on the album that really goes for this sound is Tell Me, which you may recognise as the song which Macy sings at the beginning of the Sugar Daddy video.

    Jazz is very much embedded in Macy's roots, dating back to when she performed in clubs in Los Angeles in the 1990s:

    I wonder if I would have done better to swap Jealousy out for But He Loves Me, which sounds superficially like a straightforward love ballad but actually is an alarming story of a woman stuck in an abusive relationship:

    Anyway, what did you all think of Jealousy?

    @abael (4) just doesn't agree with me about the track: "Limp song all around."

    @Music Is Life (8.5) takes a break from his relentless optimism for once: "This is good. Not much else. I like the melody, especially on the verses. It bops."

    @Trouble in Paradise (9) on the other hand is here for it: "I adore the New Orleans style breakdown here! I’m absolutely loving the extra section! Who knew Macy Gray was killing it in 2018? I guess Londonrain did!"

  15. I am disgusted. Jealousy deserved to be Top 20. All of Macy's tracks do actually.
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  16. Thank you! Having it bomb out so early really made me question my decision to include it in the rate.
  17. I'm so glad you did include it because it is a great song and I will definitely be listening to it frequently from now on.
    I looked at what I have left and there's a lot of songs that could have left before it. Specifically, songs by En Vogue, Gabrielle and Marsha Ambrosius.
  18. Bopping to these Macy eliminations.
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