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The 2019 PJ Chart Rate: Finished!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. The results for Will Young, the Sugababes and Fleur East...

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  2. The efficency the results have been delivered at. Staggering.
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  3. Covid-19 strikes again.
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  4. Both Lana songs in the Top 10? Queen.
  5. Entering that many ballots, most of them confusing was..... an experience! Lol

    Helping out Queen @ohnostalgia is always great though! Thank you for the kind words everyone!!

    P.S: My impression when entering ballots was that ghostin was winning since it seemed to be on just about every ballot! Guess it wasn’t with the high scores though!
  6. Oh yeah, both TWICE songs almost getting into Top10 is a win in my books.
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  7. I’ll take Taemin being 35th as a win cause I was expecting him to be much lower.

    @ohnostalgia, @aux and @evilsin I had another good time tonight and @ohnostalgia thanks for the Tegan and Sera recommendations.
  8. Ok but they should actually both have been top 10 though.
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  9. OMG thank you @ohnostalgia for another great rate and year of us not deserving your time and excellence! A bit surprised Carly's Too Much didn't get higher, but still such an iconic top 10!
  10. Hey, we get what we can.
  11. Allie X was done dirty.
  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Dua coming through yet again, whew the talentry! Surprised at Juice being 3rd - a bop and would have been interesting to see how it would have fared in the BPG rate....

    Thanks @ohnostalgia hero <3
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  13. I know @ohnostalgia was hoping for a different winner to the BPG Rate which I totally get...BUT Dua really did release the best song of the year so I fully support the result.

    Poor Hayley Kiyoko though. I Wish deserved so much better.
  14. Normani may not have taken Motivation to the top 10 anywhere else, but at least she'll always have her top 10 placing here.
  15. The Feel Special vs Fancy was an interesting battle to watch until the very end nn

    Thanks for hosting @ohnostalgia x
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