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The 411 - Any fans?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by cleggar, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. I liked them when they were around but I rediscovered ''Between The Sheets'' recently. It really is a brilliant album. Understated, smooth, brave, great lyrics and themes, beautiful harmonies, interesting samples and melodies - so much more than a normal R&B album.

    Dumb, Teardrops, China Girl, Chance, Can''t Fight Love, and What If It Was You? are all excellent. I normally hate swearing in songs but in WIIWY it works so well to emphasize the point. Really makes a mark.

    Another thing I loved was the fact that the two B-sides (Drop Top Jeans & Soaking Wet) were blatant party R&B and would probably have been pretty successful here and in the USA but they left them off the main album to keep to the smooth, slow groove feel.

    Any fans out there? Are there any songs that I don''t have (leaks, foreign bonus tracks etc...)??
  2. i used 2 really like them, especially teardrops
    but then they kinda disappeared and i''ve only just found out they got dropped
    i hate the record industry sometimes...
  3. tommie

    tommie Guest

    Not to play moderator, but shouldn''t this be in the Retirment Village as they split up?
  4. It''s a shame they went tits-up. I think ''Between The Sheets'' is definitely a sturdy first effort, and ''Dumb'' is one of my iPod''s most played. We could do with a bit of The 411 at the moment.
  5. At the time I thought they were excellent, looking back now I have to admit they were good but know where near as good as I once thought
  6. Love Teardrops but can take or leave On My Knees and Dumb
  7. Yeah I liked them...

    Any of them making music still?
  8. hullaballoo

    hullaballoo Guest

    Teardrops is really good, much better than their other singles.
  9. Dumb and Teardrops are amazing, but I admit to having felt a sort of Schadenfreude when they bombed. At the time people were comparing them to the Sugababes all the time, and people kept texting in to Top of the Pops saying "Sugarabebz r ovah 411 always" etc. It was all totally unfair anyway, as the Babes only had the 4th single of a successful album out at the time.
  10. Yeah i too liked them! I must admit i wasnt keen on them at first bt i like them b4 they went!

    Scary bt i hav started to listen to their fab singles again I LOVE DUMB! Shame they would be great if they were givin a better chance!
  11. Tanya and Tisha were working on a comeback with Suzie and a new member under The 411 name, but since Suzie has left, they''ve now renamed the group Sunshyne:
  12. I saw their album on sale in Virgin (Ireland) the other day at the equivalent of £14-£15.

  13. I think I ranked Dumb as my 4th favourite single of 2004 ''back in the day'' here on Pop Justice. I heard the album was a bit ropey, but apparantly their was a corker either on the album or left off it - I''ll have to find out some time.
  14. lol I remember hearing Dumb on this shampoo ad with Sarah Jessica Parker in and i was like "OMG i MUST own this song!
  15. I love 'Dumb' ! It is one of the most played songs on my ipod.
    I loved 'On My Knees' too - except for the bit where the bloke comes in ('Ghostface killer' or something),i could do without him.
    I was too mean to buy the album on the strength of just those two singles,in case the rest of their stuff was rubbish.
    Hmm if I saw it in a sale for half price,I'd probably pick it up.
  16. I had high hopes for them. I remember buying 'Between the Sheets' along with Gwen's 'L.A.M.B.'

    That was a double whammy of disappointment
  17. I used to love On My Knees and Dumb. I feel like searching for their album on now.

    I may just buy it with the money I got for Christmas.
  18. The Real Heat are where it's at.

    (Did I just write that?)

    I love them. They're not so obviously constructed, if that makes sense. There's something real about them. Hot Girl is one of my favourite tracks right now.
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  19. I loved their singles, and was always "meaning to get round to buying the album"
    Anyways, managed to spot a unused copy in local record store (clean case and all, lol) for only 50p(!!!!!!!)
    Shocking, I know, but of course a cheap student like myself lapped it up
    It's sexy, sassy and very smooth R&B, the girls click well and there's not really a dud track
    They deal with some serious issues, and a nice CD to laze around to, and equally get ready for a night out with
    Such a pity they split, but at least now I can check out Sunshyne!
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