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The 80s-90s Lost Classics Rate - #24 - Attack of 5IVE!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Oct 12, 2020.

  1. Yes these are two all time absolute favourites, I sneak them onto as many of my playlists as I can.
    Also, GLOW was the first time I realised that Sunchyme sampled, and Life in a Northern Town is now also in heavy rotation for me. As are some songs sampling Children too, like

    Super timeless tracks
  2. All this time, I thought the title was "Dur Dur D'être Un Bébé !"
    No comment about this song, but I remember "It's Christmas, c'est Noël" featured in the movie "Look Who's Talking Now". A nice addition for your holiday playlist this year! Pourquoi pas?

    I appreciate baby voices in songs, as a gimmick. Like the sample in "Are You That Somebody" by Aaliyah:

    I like the French word for baby sound, babillage. Cute songs where parents used babillages from their spawn. They are mainly featured towards the end of the song.
    In order, the babies are Lily-Rose Depp in her mommy's song, Aisha Wonder* and Joy Feldman with their dad.

    Vanessa Paradis - Firmaman

    Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely

    François Feldman - Joy


    *A wild guess, not sure she ever used her father's pseudonym.
  3. Why are we rating a live version of You're My Heart, You're My Soul?
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  4. Both Children and Sunchyme are fantastic pieces of music. I stan hard.
  5. We are? I thought those ‘live’ effects were how they produced the ‘98 revival version! I’ll check the Spotify link again, in the meantime - do you mind using the YouTube link for the song?

    Amazing! Thank you!!
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  6. Oh, I assumed it was a live version but I guess maybe that's just how the song is. Choices.
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  7. I just found that La Compagnie Créole released a version of Le Bal Masqué to promote wearing masks while out! Legends!

    Clémence Brington even has a message towards the end!
  8. Songs We Coud Have Rated: Sabrina Setlur / Xavier Naidoo

    Sabrina Setlur – Du liebst mich nicht (You Don't Love Me) - 1997

    German Sabrina Setlur, daughter of Indian immigrants, is the first female rapper with a #1 song in Germany. But after a badly received third album she couldn’t continue with this success. In the beginnings of the noughties she only got negative press anymore: anorexia, drugs, losing her driving license due to drinking and an affair with bad boy Tennis star Boris Becker. She then retreated into private life as an event manager. Starring in some bad TV-shows recently she gave away a little spicy detail: she got to know Robbie Williams at the MTV Music awards in 2000: he puked on her sandals …

    In “Du liebst mich nicht” she talks very aggressively about a lover whom she accuses of not loving her with lyrics like “Alter, du bist faker als ‘n Wonderbra” (bro, you’re more fake than a Wonderbra), yes. But I do like the refrain. The song peaked at #1 in Germany and #3 in Austria and Switzerland and sold 250.000 copies in Germany.

    As she considered herself only as a rapper, she introduced German singer Xavier Naidoo in one of her songs (she had 20 songs written or co-written by her in the German charts).

    Sabrina Setlur introducing Xavier Naidoo – Frei sein (To Be Free) - 1997

    I like this song. Xavier is a hell of a singer and it has a really good refrain. The lyrics are about society, how you have to fit in and can’t be yourself, which is usually an interesting topic, but as they put it, it rather sounds like a conspiracy theory. I do believe that this was no intention, but with such lyrics she introduced Xavier better than she could have known.

    Xavier Naidoo became one of the most successful musicians in Germany, but also one of the most controversial. He was accused of possibly anything you could imagine like being racist, xenophobic, homophobic, antisemitic, spreading conspiracy theories and preaching questionable religious believes …. but still he really has wonderful songs with beautiful lyrics like “Ich kenne nichts (das so schön ist wie du)”, which I tried to submit to a PJ00s, but had to withdraw, because of Xavier going crazy once more right then.

    Xavier Naidoo - Sie sieht mich nicht (She Doesn’t See Me) - 1999

    “Sie sieht mich nicht”, German version of Jean-Jacques Goldman’s “Elle ne me voit pas” sold more than 500.000 copies (#2 in Germany, #5 in Switzerland). So this song could have been featured, but Xavier is more a noughties artist to me ...

    Xavier Naidoo ft. RZA - Ich kenne nichts, das so schön ist wie du (I've Never Seen Anything As Beautiful As You) - 2003

    Xavier - born in Mannheim, Germany - has Indian, German, South-African and Irish roots. He was raised as a catholic and started his musical career in school- and church-choirs. In the beginning of the 90s he found salvation with a bible group who believe we are living in the last days of earth, so many of his lyrics have religious origin. By 2000 he was convicted of drug possession and driving without license. In 2001 he covered Jeanny by Falco and while promoting this song, he explained why this song about kidnapping, abuse and most possibly murder of a young woman was so important to him. As a-9-year-old boy he was raped by a man he had trusted. Later he engaged himself in some really good projects, like Brothers Keepers (German-based transnational anti-racism project) or Rock gegen Rechts (music against far-right politics). So far so good, right?

    And although some criticism accompanied him since the start of his career, he has been becoming weirder and weirder for about 10 years now. He released songs with gross lyrics, explaining that he wanted to draw the attention to those horrible ritual murders of children that happen throughout Europe (2012) (?!), in 2014 he spoke publicly at an event of Reichsbürger movement, who reject the legitimacy of modern Germany. Xavier advocated the conspiracy theory there that science and the press don’t depict the terror attacks of 9/11 correctly (?!). There were more incidents, but just let's look what he's up in 2020: He denied climatic change and Covid-19, he supported some gross theories of QAnon, he explained that his father worked and was mistreated in “jewish gold mines”(certainly nothing about that is true), but he didn’t hate Jews (?!). He said that beneath Germany there is a huge tunnel network reaching ‘till New York, where clones and robots are fighting (?!). And that the earth is flat (?!).

    Whenever I heard him talking about music or in some shows, I had the feeling, this is a gentle, down-to-earth guy and most of his lyrics are beautiful. So I really can't believe all of the accusations, but no-one can deny that he is a very ill man, who shouldn't be allowed to broadcast his silly and crazy ideas anymore.
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  9. Naidoo has gone completely of the deep end, so you made my day by pointing out that "Sie sieht mich nicht", one of the few Naidoo songs I used to like back in the day, is actually a cover. In other words, there's a way for me to enjoy the song without a single cent going into his crazy pockets!
  10. Very glad XN is not included!
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  11. Going back to Robert Miles, 'Children' was everywhere in the late 90's in the UK. You couldn't turn the radio on without hearing it, usually several times a day, and it would be playing in shops. But I preferred 'One & One,' and bought it on CD single. Those two tracks, as well as 'Fable,' still hold up today. It was very sad when he passed away, but he had a massive impact on dance music. Pete Tong, Armin Van Buuren and Darude all paid tribute to him. You can read them in this article, with Darude's being particularly affecting.

    PS. Children was held off no.1 by Take That's 'How Deep Is Your Love?' and Oasis' 'Don't Look Back In Anger.'
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  12. @Sprockrooster is our first voter!!! Yippee!!

    His score for two of my potential 11s had me going:


    But then when he gave a high score to a favourite I thought he'd hate!


    The next Spotlight is mine to do, but work is a little busy so not sure I will post it today or a little later than anticipated!
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  13. Just voted! I really used the whole scale for this one

    1 x 1
    2 x 0
    3 x 5
    4 x 4
    5 x 7
    6 x 15
    7 x 15
    8 x 8
    9 x 7
    10 x 3
    11 x 1
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  14. The S users are so effective here. I love it!!

    Does this mean @saviodxl is voting next?

    Next Spotlight will be up in about an hour
  15. - Songs We Could Have Rated -
    The UK/US Hits Edition (Part 2)

    To the 80s we go for Part 2! (I wrote so much for this one, there will now be a Part 3 to come ddd)

    Our first stopover in the 80s is Monsieur F.R David - fresh off his Top 5 PJRetro Smasher with the Follow-Up Single to the Classic we are featuring!

    F.R David - Words
    Credentials: #1 Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, #2 UK, France, Netherlands

    A lot of our featured artists in this rate concept made it big with their debut single, for which they are best remembered (and could not match the success of on subsequent releases) - but FR David gives us a chance to look at someone pretty established by the time they hit it big!

    Words came out in 1982, 19 years into FR David’s career. His career actually began in 1963, where much like many French artists who began in the 1960s - had to make a name for himself doing localised cover versions of English hits. David started off as Robert Fitoussi, a singer-songwriter and guitarist for French garage band Les Trèfles (The Clovers), which mutated into Les Boots after one EP.

    As they barely achieved any commercial success, he went solo in 1967 to some success working on those aforementioned localised covers. In the 70s, he formed a progressive rock group called David Explosion (dddd) but that was not successful either. He turned his hand to collaborations and was a vocalist with Vangelis (connection with an act featured here!!!) on a few of their 70s songs.

    His experimental side remained when he joined French rock band Les Variations for their final album Cafe De Paris, on which he explored a Rock-Disco blend. Going solo again after that with his trademark sunglasses and guitar - it was the 80s that saw him reach his commercial peak.

    Reading up on Words, it apparently had a rival version released around the same time by The Tremeloes (most successful in the 60s with a string of UK Hits), but FR David’s version greatly surpassed that version’s #91 peak going to #2 in the UK.

    Massive does not begin to explain how successful this was - and how much it commercially dwarfed everything else David ever released. So many copies of Words were sold that it ended up being the #22 Best Selling Single of 1983 in the UK, while topping the chart in just about every country it charted. It was certified for 1 million copies in France, but it is estimated Words has sold around 8 million copies worldwide by now.

    Words is a gorgeous song (though I am partial to Pick Up The Phone, the follow-up that flopped big time), that continues to win fans to this day with an appearance in the modern LGBTIQ+ classic Call Me By Your Name (@Jeffo deserves a mention for bringing this to my attention). Although a song I was only vaguely familiar with before this rate (released a couple of years before I was born and FR David not having much of a profile later on would explain why this was never really on my radar growing up) - there’s no denying the far reaching impact this little song continues to have. Well done - Mr David!

    Since this peak era, FR David has taken backstage and worked on writing and composing music for other well known artists, gone on concert tours, and released some updated covers of Words. Much for us all to source for those upcoming RETRO rounds across all his output in the Music industry!

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  16. I´m old enough to remember WORDS being everywhere for a very long time. It really defined the sound of 1982. I actually like Pick Up The Phone quite a bit. It´s this particular version of French New Wave that never could shake the shadow of (franco)-Rock´n Roll. The outcome would always sit at the tipping point of cringe or amaze.
    What strikes me most while listening to Pick Up The Phone again now, is the similarity in sound to Bonnie Tyler´s I Need A Hero (which was released one or two years later). Check the driving beat, the synth-bass and the rolling drum´s totally Jim Steinman! So I checked on Discogs but there are no shared credits. Only a note that Steinman "borrowed" from his own song Bad For Good (1981) for "Hero". But listening to this, there is not much of a similarity to the F.R.David song. So did Steinman also use Pick Up The Phone as inspiration for one of his biggest hits?

    Every other slow F.R.David song sounds like a re-write of Words. The b-side (and second song on the album) Someone To Love is a fantastic pop song though.
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  17. My 11 is winning and slaying I see.
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  18. Ok, I've gotten a few things sorted & successfully gotten my M2M Experience Rate started (please vote!) as such, I've had some time to look over this rate a bit more.

    I have gotten caught up on the thread & write-ups.... and I have started!
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  19. Songs We Could Have Rated - Austropop

    Let’s talk about Austropop. Nobody can really exactly tell, what this term means, you could even say it’s all the pop music of any Austrian artist. The term was coined in the early 70s and really applied to wide variety of musical phenomena. But if you ask any Austrian, they all will name some singer-songwriters from the 70s and 80s who deliberately decided to write and sing in mostly East-Austrian dialects. To me the most important ingredient of these songs are the lyrics. The songs are often socially critical written in a dark, depressing mood or with the humour of a cabaret artist …

    Most of these artists were incredibly successful in the 70s and 80s, some of them still manage to top our album charts whenever they decide to release a new album. But in the 90s it got quiet in the Austrian music sector. Our main radio station OE3 reinvented itself with the help of a German consulting company because they were afraid of the liberation of the radio station market. And with the help of these Germans they declared Austropop dead. They banned our Austropop stars to the schlager radio stations and although these artists managed to stay successful, no new generation of Austrian musicians arrived. They couldn’t because our programme was controlled in Nürnberg (city in Germany). In the 80s we had 40 songs by Austrian artists topping the Austrian charts, in the 90s only four. And only in the 2010s when German newspapers started to call attention to some Austrian bands Austrians artists started to get more airplay again.

    So, let’s look at some songs we could have rated: As these typically Austrian songs rarely had any success in Germany there are only two songs we could have rated here. Rainhard Fendrich’s “Macho Macho” (#1 in Austria, # 2 in Germany and # 3 in Switzerland) and EAV’s “Küss die Hand, schöne Frau” (#1 in Austria, #2 in Germany and Switzerland). As I don’t like them very much, I’ll present Filippa’s best of Austropop instead.

    Rainhard Fendrich – I Am From Austria

    This song is our second anthem, but it's not an uncritical glorification of Austria. Despite his love for his homeland he is aware of the very dark sides ... This song was voted "song of your life" in 2017 by the listeners of our main radio station OE3.

    Seer – Wild’s Wasser

    This is a love song. And I guess it's Austria's Tell Him (Barbra Streisand, Celine Dione) because whenever someone wanted to proof their singing abilities in one of Austria's casting shows they sang this song.

    S.T.S – Großvater

    About a guy who looks back at his relationship to his granddad.

    Stefanie Werger – Sehnsucht nach Florenz

    About a woman whose life is kind of depressing and who remembers her love affair with Italian Riccardo (one wonderful night in Florence).

    Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung – Ba Ba Banküberfall (English Version)
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  20. [​IMG]

    We are up to 5 voters, thank you for coming through, early birds!!

    This voter block is
    @Phonetics Girl
    ME! (though I expect I will modify a couple of scores this week as I am giving the playlist a final spin before settling on scores and not letting it affect the leaderboard!)

    My thoughts are:

    - I am gonna need @Music Is Death to show up to save some of these average scores! Ddddd
    - Only one song out of this voter block has received multiple 11s, it will be interesting to see where this one falls as more ballots come in!
    - 11s have gone to 4 different languages - how cool is that???
    - One song has received a 0, but the reason given is absolutely valid - no trolling!
    - A couple of my favourites are getting soooo tanked, it's not funny! Ddddd
    - One of these voters is gonna kill one of the others when they see a certain score next to a song - I cannot wait for the meltdown!!
    - I want to say PopJustice continues reinforcing the misandry angle but a couple of male vocals are actually doing okay!

    We will be doing some tagging soon as we are about 2 weeks away from deadline!
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