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The 90's Billboard #1s Rate: 1990-1994 - AND WE ARE DONE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. I wouldn't need all the fingers on one hand to count the Janet singles I would score below a 6. And none of them are in this rate.
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  2. But you love the kitties!!

    Teebs, I know that song is 'niche' but shit a brick and fuck me with, I ADORE that gee-tah solo. And the various audience members in the video trying to dance.
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  4. I wouldn't be able to pick 'Black Cat' out of a lineup, but I didn't give it the 0.
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  5. And to think @Filippa usually has taste.
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  6. Hey, it didn't get any zeroes. There's songs in the top 10 that can't say that!
  7. Who knew there were so many Alannah Myles, Londonbeat and C&C Music Factory stans on PJ?
  8. 'Bison of Love' is easily the weakest single from the first Mariah album for me.
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  9. I'd have booted the Jackson 5 cover before Love Takes Time but at least it wasn't the surely-doomed I Don't Wanna Cry.
  10. Bison Of Love shouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon.

    I am also not here for Ace Of Base inevitably outperforming Roxette.

    Don't test me.
  11. I'm really indifferent to Mariah as an artist - for every awesome record she has a rather crappy one - though I'm not fond of that method of singing much anyway (it's known as 'trilling', right?) so I have to listen in small doses.

    Songs of hers I unreservedly love: Hero, I'll Be There, My All (Morales Remix), All I Want for Xmas..., Without You, Open Arms, I Still Believe (Morales Remix)
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  12. Sure I do have taste - my own :-).

    I'm so sorry @londonrain but I promise it will get better. Mariah got two 10s, and one 9 and 8 from me. I really like her voice and her songs. But not all of them. And I can't stand it when she tries to show her full range. Less is more sometimes - for me at least.
  13. She does change how she sings from song to song and album to album, though... do you just mean her tendency to sing multiple notes over a single syllable (i.e. melisma)?

    There is hope for Londweiser yet.
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  14. I suppose not everyone can like everything!

    I hope this means you’ve thrown high scores at the more restrained vocal stylings of Shanice and Vanessa Williams, then...
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  15. If that's what Leona, Christina, and Whitney do/did then yes. It just overwhelms the melody sometimes.
  16. Actually I did. But as you know I have so many 10s in this rate ...
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  17. Ah.

    I think to a large extent there was pressure to make sure she did this as much as possible because so few singers could do it.

    That era did also produce some great early nineties bops which didn’t rely so heavily on it, though:

    (Mariah’s rap in Prisoner has attained legendary status in the Mariah thread.)
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  18. So do I!

    (All the more reason for my low scores to leave.)
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  19. All my 10s are still in - schming! Release Me was my highest scored to leave at 9.5, but I knew it would go early, it took me ages to appreciate it.
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  20. I'm totally fine with Mariah's Love Takes Time going now, her ballads can get on your nerves after a while. It's all about those feel-good-radio-bops!
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