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The 90's Billboard #1s Rate: 1990-1994 - AND WE ARE DONE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Ray


    1) I am not judging it by 2018 standards, because I am an old man and what is this noise you young whippersnappers call "music"? Get off my lawn! I judge songs by 2004 standards.

    2) There are tons of songs produced in 1990 that I love because of how they're produced – a lot of songs in this rate, for instance. The cr&p genre is just...crap.

    I would think soon...

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  2. Black Velvet is a classic. I mean, if you're going to be a one hit wonder...there are artists who have been around for decades without producing anything that good.

    The other two I don't mind, but I'm not overly attached to them either. I'd be surprised if Londonbeat in particular make the top 40 - aren't all the other male acts except MJ, George and Prince (and I guess Per from Roxette) gone?
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  3. So... how about we have another elimination today? A bit of a special one, too.

    I'm on the job, you big nabob, you ain't never had a host like me!

    45. A Whole New World - Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle


    Average: 6.920
    Highest score: 8 x 10 (@Spiral , @dancingwithmyself , @playboy69 , @Sprockrooster , @berserkboi , @GimmeWork , @Petty Mayonnaise , @Conan )
    Lowest score: 2 x 0 (@Hudweiser , @Jeffo )
    Weeks at #1: 1 Hot 100, 4 consecutive airplay
    Year-End Hot 100: #18 (1993)

    So here's something some of you might not know about me. I love Disney movies to bits. Yeah, anyone who knows me, knows that there are two major pillars of my taste in film: giallo movies, and Disney animation. And so I'm glad they got at least one shot at the top of the Hot 100, with the centrepiece ballad from Aladdin – not one of my top 10 Disney films, admittedly (I'm a grouchy classicist and a booster for the 1940's Golden Age here), but it's bags of fun and an excellent comic romp nonetheless, bolstered by some of the Disney Renaissance's finest moments of humour and a dynamite performance from Robin Williams as the Genie. But “A Whole New World” remains – and this is one nuclear-hot take incoming, so be forewarned - one of the things I like least about the film (even if I was probably a little too harsh on it in the Disney rate...). Yeah, Alan Menken does his level best to give the song a soaring romantic melody, and he mostly hits the mark, to be fair. But then we've got to put up with the inane doodlings of the Beelzebub of musicals, Tim Rice – I don't care what anyone says, I will never find the utterly insipid Hallmark crap that is the lyrics of “A Whole New World” to be in any way inspiring. It suffers particularly badly when it is put next to “Prince Ali” and “A Friend Like Me”, two out of the three songs from Aladdin whose lyrics Howard Ashman was able to complete before his tragic passing (“Arabian Nights” is not quite up to that standard). They prove Ashman was a hundred times the writer Rice was, in terms of melodic sense, dense descriptive content, inimitable playful wordplay, everything. (The bit where they fly over the Sphinx, giving the middle finger to any sort of historical accuracy, doesn't help matters any...)

    But it's not that version that made it to the top of the charts... it's the pop version, one in a line of same that Disney started with “Beauty and the Beast”. Personally, I really don't understand what the point of these is, aren't most people going to stick with the movie versions anyway? Eh, whatever, the point is, even though it's nothing horrid, it makes the movie version look like “When You Wish Upon a Star”. The main draw comes from the vocals. It's ably sung by both Peabo and Regina, who make more than capable replacements for Brad Kane and Lea Salonga – they blend together and harmonize very nicely, and put some genuine passion into it. Admittedly, they tread right up to the line of oversinging at times, but just about manage not to cross it. And the melody, as it was in the film version, is not a bad one at all. The problem comes with the method by which that melody was expressed. As schmaltzy as it was, the Mouse's house orchestra sounded a lot prettier than this, and in the places where Menken's version took off, Walter Afanasieff's pop-friendly makeover plods: more simpering electric piano, more big clunky power ballad drums, more gutless strings, and a guitar solo that imitates the vocal melody and really doesn't need to be there. Every bit of the production is the essence of early 90's adult contemporary cliché. The addition of a key change, not present in the Disney version, does it no favours either. I mean, it's already 1993, surely this sort of thing ought to be illegal by now? To make matters worse, without the pretty orchestration to distract me, I am forced to focus on the lyrics, and... well, I think I've already said my piece on those. Overall, stick with the movie version, the way that it was meant to be heard, because at least you can enjoy some beautiful animation to go with it. Now if only we could have got “Hellfire” from The Hunchback of Notre Dame to top the charts...

    Hudweiser (0) - If I die and go to hell, this will be playing on loop as I stand in the middle of a busy department store at Christmas screaming into the void. (Just a con, need I go on? Take it from me!)

    Filippa (6) - Good song, I’m just not so into those musical songs.

    br0dy (9) - I used to love the Aladdin soundtrack, but not this song. Looking back on it now though, it's pretty great. (They're in the mood to help you, dude.)

    WowWowWowWow (9) - Awww Aladdin!! (He's got seventy-five golden camels, you know.)

    GimmeWork (10) - One of my favorite Disney songs of all time! My pre-school self was obsessed with everything Aladdin!

    Spiral (10) - You can't go wrong with a Disney song. Especially 90s Disney. (Or 40's Disney. Get off my lawn!)

    Sprockrooster (10) - Breathtaking beautiful.

    Empty Shoebox (8) - Love my disney songs. The best bit of this is when Bryson angrily sings 'Don't you dare close your eyes!' (CLOSE YOUR EYES AND I'LL THROW YOU THE FUCK OFF THIS CARPET!)

    berserkboi (10) - Classic and nostalgia dictate this must get a perfect score!

    Mina (9) - Regina Belle isn't exactly Queen Lea Salonga, but this is quite nice. (Somehow, she cannot hide...)

    iheartpoptarts (5) - Not actually Aladdin. (Me with every pop version of a Disney ballad)

    DJHazey (1) - What I heard in the movie is light years ahead of this.

    mung_bean (9)
    - This is one of those that goes off in the car or at karaoke. (AGH! KARAOKE! SEND IT TO HELL!)

    ohnoitsnathan (5) - The kind of music that's nice to hear if you're getting your hair cut, but that's about it. (What's a "hair cut"?)

    Rooneyboy (4) - Oooh the Americans went for these sloppy ballads didn’t they?

    Ray (3) - Yeah, I definitely didn’t like this period in American music. (And I think we know why...)

    londonrain (6.5) - Schmaltz Central, but I love it. Let It Go WHO? (Um, isn't that spelled "Defying Gravity"?)


    Hey, let's look at how the other Disney pop singles of the Renaissance did! (The Little Mermaid didn't have one. "Beauty and the Beast" was the one that started the trend. Also, side note - every artist here is represented in the rate!)

    Beauty and the Beast
    : “Beauty and the Beast” (Celine Dion/Peabo Bryson) - #9
    The Lion King: “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” (Elton John) - #4
    Pocahontas: “Colours of the Wind” (Vanessa Williams) - #4
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame: “Someday” (All-4-One) - #30
    Hercules: “Go the Distance” (Michael Bolton) - #24
    Mulan: “Reflection” (Christina Aguilera) – Didn't chart on the Hot 100
    Tarzan: “You'll Be In My Heart” (Phil Collins) - #21
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  4. From the “Things you’re not proud of” thread:

  5. Not uncommon COME AT ME GENIES
  6. I gave this a generous 9 but it's no Beauty And The Beast.

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  8. Yeah but "Genie in the Bottle" is quite possibly the best song in the decade.
  9. Suspiria was an incredible experience, but I've been let down by pretty much all other Argento movies I've seen since then, with Phenomena being the absolute bottom of the barrel. Technically, he seems to be such an inept filmmaker, but particularly with Suspiria the atmosphere (e.g. music and lighting) completely outshined all flaws.

    Oh wait, this was about Whole New World, right? Had to sing it in the school choir for a year when I was 12. It was okay.
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  10. Personally I'm more of a Fulci man than an Argento one - I'd have to pick Don't Torture a Duckling as the peak of the entire genre, with A Lizard in a Woman's Skin not far behind. Top-notch filmmaking all around, nasty as hell, but these films earn it - the viscereality of Fulci's directing technique only makes the more surreal, hallucinogenic sequences pop all the more.
  11. Never checked him out, and it seems most of his movies are not digitally available in Germany at all. The House By The Cemetary is available on Amazon Video at least, so perhaps I'll have a look at that one!

    I guess one can fight over the particular position Love Takes Time ended up at, but out of the Mariah Carey songs in this rate I'd also rate it the lowest, so I'm quite fine with it leaving now (Emotions is my favorite, so...fingers crossed).
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  12. Our college media centre thingy was next to the drama department and they sang this fucking song relentlessly. Thus, die.

    @Ironheade nice to learn you're a fellow giallo fan! I wanted to name my dog Argento but was vetoed.
  13. Ray


    Which jury panel vetoed your dog's name? I bet Eric Generic was involved.
  14. As per usual in Disney songs, I prefer the movie version by Lea Salonga and Brad Kane.
  15. Love Takes Time is the first elimination that really hurts!!! It should have AT LEAST made top 20!
  16. You bastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaards!! LTT was the only Mariah song I wanted to see go far so we rewarded her more subtle moments! As it now stands, I don't mind if we have a cull that start with the extinction of the bison.

    AWNW going now is sad, although I guess expected. CYFTLT is the best Disney song ever and would have been my 11 had it reached number 1 and qualified for the rate.

    About the friendships ending over zeroes - AMATEURS! End your friendships with 10s! To Michael Bolton! Hehehe
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  17. I would have been perfectly happy with an all-Mariah/Whitney top 10, even if it meant losing my 11, but here we are.

    I just hope this doesn’t end up like Boyz II Men, where the first elimination foreshadowed the others coming in quick succession.

  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Does that mean your 11 went to my runnerup?
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  20. [​IMG]
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