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The 90's Billboard #1s Rate: 1990-1994 - AND WE ARE DONE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, Nov 6, 2017.

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  2. londonrain

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    I’m still waiting for my remaining 0, 1.5 and 2.5 to go...
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  3. I'm shook...
    All that she wants will be at least top 15 I hope
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  4. It'd have to be in the rate first!
  5. Don't turn around, no honestly don't, we've got the tasteless right where we want them for this elimination.

  6. ???
  7. I thought this was the Mass Effect rate at first ddd
  8. You can't expect someone losing a song from a favorite act to be rational after the elimination..

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  9. At least no one gave it a zero? Kii.
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  10. londonrain

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    The real question is: how many zeroes does @Spiral have left?
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  11. Nice deflection there.
  12. Ray


    The real question is: how many zeroes does @Ray have left? Because I'm way too lazy to check.
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  13. Ah, I didn't know that.
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  14. Ray


    I feel this belongs here.

  15. So @Mina has gone to live with @londonrain?

    (Since it seems @Mina likes the Bison enough for a non-zero when they are usually so freely handed)
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  16. I am....confused.

    Bison got a 5 from me, same score as this thankfully-ejected Ace of Base song.
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  17. So I was lowest-scorer. Quite surprised.
  18. Don't worry I sorta confused myself there too!
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  19. Sadly, ladies and gentlemen... tonight we lose a musical legend.

    This is a song that got off to a weak start, frequently struggling to make the top 40. Glad to see things picked up for it over the course of the rate, anyway.

    27. Cream - Prince and the New Power Generation

    Average: 7.540
    Highest score: 10 x 10 (@Rooneyboy , @berserkboi , @GimmeWork , @Aester , @CorgiCorgiCorgi , @Heaven on Earth , @Filippa , @Petty Mayonnaise , @KingBruno )
    Lowest score: 1 x 0 (@Mina )
    Weeks at #1: 2 consecutive Hot 100
    Year-End Hot 100: #66 (1991)

    The 90's was not a period that was kind to most of the previous decade's A-list pop stars. Prince was no exception to this rule. Certainly he released some great material during the decade (I mean, he is a musical prodigy and all), but that was intermittent; otherwise, he often found himself stuck in a mire of unsuccessful genre experiments, a quantity-over-quality approach to releases, an ever-mounting public perception as a pretentious egotist, and protracted feuds with Warner Bros. But that hadn't quite set in yet; let's go back a bit to 1991 and Diamonds and Pearls, his first major attempt to keep up with the trends of the new era by incorporating new jack swing and hip-hop influences. I will confidently say that it is a lot better than his previous two albums – the bloated, confused and mostly dull Graffiti Bridge, and the utterly inexplicable Batman soundtrack – but it's still far from prime Prince. Mostly, it's good when the Purple One runs with the good ol' Minneapolis sound, and it's bad when he makes clumsy attempts to appeal to the contemporary urban market by adding in Tony M's shitty raps. Which is a lot of the album. Seriously, what the actual fuck is “Jughead” supposed to be? (I'll tell you what it is: my usual pick for Prince's worst song.) If this was the best he could do as a new decade dawned, then clearly, he was in serious trouble.

    Still, Diamonds and Pearls has its moments that are up there with the best of classic Prince – the rough-edged X-rated slam of “Gett Off” is one, the crisp and classy Philly soul tribute of “Money Don't Matter 2 Nite” is another. And then there's “Cream”, his final #1 in the States. And no, it's nowhere near the genius of Prince's previous works, but it's far from an undignified send-off to a career at the top of the charts. I'm glad that the NPG got a credit here, because “Cream”, more than anything else, is a showcase for their abilities. That groove is absolutely amazing right from the first few strikes of cowbell, with its slinky, prowling bassline set off against a percolating backdrop of synths and perfectly judged funk guitar accents. It's immediately hooky, and it just makes you want to get dowwwwwwn. The organ on the chorus is a particularly nice touch. And it's all laid over a drumbeat that has a ton of feel behind its surface simplicity, and helps the song to effortlessly bridge rock and funk as only Prince can. So, yeah, the whole thing's sexy as hell and just laden with smooth-badassery, I love it. Plus, there's some great backing vocals by Prince's frequent fellow-traveller Rosie Gaines. Awesome, right?

    Well, I do have one real quibble with “Cream” musically, and that's its lead guitar break. I've never understood this – we all know Prince is an absolute prodigy when it comes to guitar, so why does he so often seem like he's intentionally holding himself back on record? The solo is all too brief, unimpressive and patchy, and has to fight for space with the synth leads and a saxophone. I mean, it's laid over that amazing beat, so it can only be so bad, but come on. Not to mention that the lyrics, I will admit... are pretty terrible, enough that it actually does bring the song down. I mean, how lazy is that chorus? “Sha-boogie-bop”? Seriously?

    But then, that's the thing with Prince – more often than not, the appeal comes not from the words themselves, but from the delivery. He starts things off on an unexpected note with one of his famous yelping screams, but holds himself back for the rest of the song, with an airy, sensuous and sultry low-range vocal. It's a great performance, doing what all great musical sex gods do (approaching even a silly set of lyrics with the conviction that this will be just the song to culminate the seduction), but the best part of it is the little vocal accents. The way his voice curls over on “Riiiight there...”, the rolled r's on “crrrrream!” towards the end, the purred “you've got the horn so why don't you blow it...”, it's all classic. Ultimately I had to knock points off “Cream”, because of its weak lead guitar work and bad lyrics. But the rest is so amazing that it makes up for it. I'm glad to see the creative well ain't dry yet for Prince, at any rate.

    Mina (0) - Gross. (It's Prince. This is kind of what he does.)

    Rooneyboy (10) - Easily one of my top 3 Prince songs.

    Filippa (10) - What a diva. I don’t know how to describe him in any other way. And I don’t mean it in a good way. My sister went to a concert once. He left without an encore, something apparently had annoyed him … (Yep, that sounds like Prince to me, alrighty. Genius... but quite the ego. - Ed.) But on the other hand, he was a genius when it comes to writing music. And this is one of these songs he showed it.

    berserkboi(10) - So glad to have had a chance to rate this classic on a rate and give it the 10 it deserves but its shameless dirtiness! (As far as Prince is concerned, this is about as dirty as an operating room. I'm looking straight at you, "Sister"...)

    KingBruno (10) - A display of Prince’s self-styled lively crying guitar, that’s as well amazingly loving, repeating his center way of thinking about making love. (Look up in the air!)

    mung_bean (9) - This isn’t Prince’s best, but it’s still really good.

    GimmeWork (10) - A sexy Prince groove is always going to get a good score from me.

    DJHazey (4) - My one memory about this song was once again from a VH1 special where one the commenters said something like "he wasn't talking about the whipped variety..." or something similar. (And when he sung "Head", he didn't mean the upper part of the human body either!)

    Empty Shoebox (7) - Just doesn't feel 'special' in the way that other Prince songs do. I suppose I should rate it higher for keeping Brian Adams from getting another number one, but that just wouldn't be fair. (Nah, that sounds completely fair to me!)

    Sprockrooster (6) - It kills me to lowscore Prince a bit as he has been done wrong in many rates. (PURPLE RAIN, PURPLE RAIN! - Ed.) But this song is just not it.

    Ray (7) - Whyyyyyy isn’t it “Gett Off” whyyyyyy. (Because the public really didn't appreciate that he didn't serve ribs. - Ed.) This is the only song on the parent album I dislike, and yes, I include “Jughead” in that.

    WowWowWowWow (7) - Once Prince started the descent into TAFKAP/Symbol days I felt like the plot was lost a bit. (There is one album title that completely sums up 90's Prince. Chaos and Disorder.)

    ohnoitsnathan (6) - Song - 6, video dialogue opening scenes ("I LIKE the way I'm dressed, and besides... it's what Prince likes!") - 11! (I do appreciate Prince's taste in backup dancers for this era...)


    So according to Prince, he wrote this song while standing in front of a mirror. ...You know what, I can totally believe it.​
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