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The 90's Billboard #1s Rate: 1990-1994 - AND WE ARE DONE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. If it was up to me it would have exited already. The only redeeming factor for that song is the fact that it's Prince, but even that doesn't save it for me. Always disliked it.
    I'm totally ok and on board for this!
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  3. I feel like I'm the only one here who doesn't care for that En Vogue song
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  4. 2014

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    HOW are Black Or White and The Sign still here??!
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  5. Lots of Ace Of Base stans and it is their highest rated song but I am bemused how Black Or White has done so well. I do really like it but it's a surprise.
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  6. Black Or White is MJ a his best, and he was the King of Pop at one point. He deserves the top 10 on that basis!
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  7. Welcome to SafeJustice.
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  8. I definitely understand what @iheartpoptarts meant when she brought up Wilson Phillips’ adult contemporary sound. The ”problem” is that most girlgroups either embody an element of fun or have something else that makes them a bit more fascinating: the Spice Girls were loud, in your face and exciting, All Saints had the more mature and sophisticated sound that has held up remarkably well, TLC had a natural edge, En Vogue were spectacular vocalists with some top tier R&B classics, Girls Aloud had the Xenomania bonkersness, the first few Sugababes line-ups were a bit off-kilter in the most appealing way.
    I guess all of these things make Wilson Phillips look a bit vanilla in comparison. They seemed nice girls with pleasant songs, but didn’t really go beyond that.
    That being said, I don’t really remember their music being released, so nostalgia doesn’t play a part in my perception of them.

    Also, Pretty Woman is overrated and Julia Roberts in general isn’t all that. There, I said it!
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. I don't think I even saw Pretty Woman at the time. It was a side show. It Must Have Been Love and my new found love for Roxette was the main event for me.

    I do like the film but it's odd that it's considered some great love story. It really isn't.

    Still it gave us this:

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  11. The power of Macaulay Culkin!
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  12. Well, considering that it started out a grim drama about prostitution and that its original ending had Edward throwing Vivian out of a limo due to finding out she was taking drugs...
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  13. Pretty Woman is one of those "classic" (ie horribly popular) films of the 80s/90s which I have no great affinity for. I'm surprised I've even seen it, as a lot of those type of films I haven't got around to.
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  14. Ray


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  15. Julia Roberts was everywhere at time and that was part of the problem. Her overexposure overshadowed every film she was in. No matter what kind of character she portrayed, all I could see was “Julia Roberts, mega-popular 90s superstar and America’s sweetheart”. I can’t think of another actress who was hyped up like that.
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  16. I think what made me check out Pretty Woman was my best friend at the time told me Julia Roberts was the most gorgeous thing he'd seen in a while, so I was curious. But yes, she was everywhere in 1990-1992. Flatliners was great though.

    The Pretty Woman soundtrack was a strange beast...loaded with artists on the EMI/Manhattan roster, and a lot of exclusive tracks. Roxette, Go West, Robert Palmer, Peter Cetera, Jane Wiedlin and the surprisingly good Bowie remix of Fame (which I still prefer to the original).
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  17. Is that the "Glass Mix" (according to Wikipedia this is the mix on the soundtrack)? Is that the same as "Fame 90"?

    I don't have the soundtrack and only remember Go West and Roxette being associated with the film. I remember there being a Fame 90 but didn't realise it was on this soundtrack, or even promoted as such?

    Wikipedia lists these as the singles from the album:

    Show Me Your Soul Red Hot Chilli Peppers Feb 1990
    It Must Have Been Love Roxette May 1990
    King Of Wishful Thinking Go West Jul 1990

    It doesn't mention Fame as a single release - it charted in April in the UK. I assumed this was to promote a greatest hits (just checked - Changesbowie was released in March) and the video doesn't tie in with the film in any way, it's a classic retrospective type affair. I've never even heard the Red Hot Chilli Peppers song! Perhaps there was some kind of soft promo plan which peaked with Roxette?
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  18. I'm mostly happy with what's left, but MJ and Sinead are definitely the 2 weak links here for me.

    Seeing as no one answered, it's Aaron Dingle from Emmerdale.
  19. @Hudweiser he is beautiful. The character is played by Danny Miller.

  20. So! Let's round out the top 10, shall we? Fun fact - this song got seven 10's in a row at one point!

    Too bad that wasn't enough to save it.

    11. Emotions - Mariah Carey

    Average: 8.460
    Highest score: 1 x 11 (@KingBruno ); 16 x 10 (@Spiral , @Ray , @MollieSwift21 , @GimmeWork , @ohdenny , @londonrain , @Hurricane Drunk , @soratami , @iheartpoptarts , @tylerc904 , @Lost In Japan. , @CorgiCorgiCorgi , @Remorque , @Robsolete , @Petty Mayonnaise , @Jeffo )
    Lowest score: 1 x 4 (@DJHazey )
    Weeks at #1: 3 consecutive Hot 100, 4 consecutive airplay
    Year-End Hot 100: #22 (1991)

    Well, here comes the lead single for Mariah's second album, and it's time for a bit of a switch-up. No more of those staid adult contemporary ballads for our Mimi. Instead, for “Emotions”, she's riding with a couple of dance producers, Robert Clivilles and David Cole. Yep, that's right, people – C+C Music Factory! Of course, early 90's house was a genre that was very friendly to big booming diva voices, and Mariah seizes the opportunity placed before her with aplomb. She comes through with an exuberant, perky performance while never losing grip on her standard grandiose belting, and as ever with these sort of house divas, it's a joy to listen to. What isn't a joy to listen to, however, is just how much Mariah goes in with the whistle notes on this one. A bit too much, in fact, especially towards the end. I appreciate the enthusiasm in her delivery of them, but they do start to sound awfully shrill after a while. Thankfully, the beat more than makes up for that. What I like here is the pronounced disco influence, as it really makes the song. The funky single-note guitar riff that opens the song and the thumping house piano that makes up its backbone go together superbly (and makes for a cool nod to the genre that provided the roots of house music to begin with), and while the beat has a nice drive to it, it isn't overly loud or saddled with the WHOMP drum sounds that too many dance songs from this period were. And surprisingly for the group best known for such a loud and unsubtle banger as “Everybody Dance Now”, the instrumentation carries quite a few little subtleties that really help it out – the organ fills that take care of any gaps in the music, the hand drums in the pre-choruses that add a little sensuality to the thumping four-on-the-floor beat, the gospel-influenced backing harmonies that connect “Emotions” to Mariah's usual wheelhouse. C+C Music Factory may be no Giorgio Moroder, but I like these sort of 70's disco tributes in more modern pop in general, and this one will do me very nicely. Again, not top 10 material, but I'm happy not to have seen it go too early. (Or at least not before "Hero"...)

    KingBruno (11) - With “Emotions”, C + C Factory brings Mariah in a more excited and jovial melodic position than ever before. With pounding house keyboards and strong ‘70s disco influences, the track has a seething nu-disco composition. (I used to play bass for Jovial Melodic Position. We could have been huge.)

    mung_bean (9) - Mariah has a great track record for uptempos, and this is no exception. (As shown by her only top 10 entry being one!)

    japanbonustrack (7.5) - Lovely.

    ohnoitsnathan (6) - Not great, not awful.

    DJHazey (4) - Well, the song is again nothing I'm very interested in but the production sounds like something from GTA San Andreas's SF-UR radio station, so that will get it a few points. (Fair enough.)

    Hudweiser (5) - So did she copy Dina Carroll or vice versa? (No idea, honestly. Someone help me out here!)

    Empty Shoebox (5) - This is better from Mariah, a bit more dancey. Still relies too much on her vocal range, rather than anything good about the song itself.

    Filippa (6) - One of her best songs. But why to show off her range like that? Some notes she doesn’t sing but only squeaks anymore … Two points off because of that. (When you get in trouble and you don't know right from wrong... give a little whistle!)

    Rooneyboy (6) - No doubting she can sing but again I just can’t get into it. (Well, these next few guys could!)

    londonrain (10) - Absolutely incredible. How do you follow up a multi-platinum debut album with a string of #1 hits on it? Release this absolute classic. The big high note is sublime, and the MTV Unplugged version of this just reinforces how good the song itself is regardless of production or arrangement. (Which big high note? There's about twenty of them!)


    berserkboi (9.25) - Quite a tune! Despite me not being a fan of really high notes, this kinda rocks all these years later…

    Spiral (10) - Mariah's BEST 90s single. I live for the 12" Club Mix (features on The Remix compilation). It takes me to Church and I don't even like Jesus. (So how do you feel about Buddy Christ?)

    Ray (10) - Automatic 10, it’s in my Mimi top 5.

    iheartpoptarts (10) - One time I went to the Tokyo Dome and this was the only reason I’d previously heard of it. I found the Mariah plaque and everything. (If that dome hasn't been wrecked in a kaiju movie yet, the producers are missing a trick!)


    Unfortunately, due to being out all day, I don't think I'll have a writeup tomorrow, just the top 10 recap. At least we rounded out the top 10 before that happened! Would've been annoying otherwise...​
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