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The 90's Billboard #1s Rate: 1990-1994 - AND WE ARE DONE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Ever since it was pointed out to me that "Emotions" is a complete rip-off of the song "Best of My Love," that's all I can hear... and I prefer "Best of My Love." (Let's all give it a good score in the 60s-00s Girl Band Rate!)
  2. Preferred order (which will bear no resemblance to the actual order):

    10. I Will Always Love You
    9. Dreamlover
    8. Nothing Compares 2 U
    7. I Have Nothing
    6. Black Or White
    5. The Sign
    4. Vogue
    3. Escapade
    2. That's The Way Love Goes
    1. My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)
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  3. My favourits are long gone but I would like Madonna, Whitney and Janet to be in the top 3! which probably means that they will leave immediately ...
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. @Sprockrooster

  6. En Vogue/Janet with TTWLG and Sinead top 3 please!
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  7. Ace of Base needs to go yesterday, and both Whitney ballads can leave ASAP thanks.

    The rest.....pretty good!
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  8. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    1 Escapade
    2 Vogue
    3 That's The Way Love Goes
    4 My Lovin'
    5 Dreamlover
    6 I Have Nothing
    7 Nothing Compares 2 U
    8 I Will Always Love You
    9 Black Or White
    10 The Sign
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  9. Black or White really needs to go next. It really spoils a half decent top 10.
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  10. Yeah, those damn male vocals.
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  11. Oh yes. Hadn't realised that. Still, get gone Black or White.
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  12. I'm okay with that top 10.
  13. Let's be real here, the best male-led songs in the rate left yonks ago.
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  14. So absolutely right!
  15. Emotions is only 11! Disgusting!!
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  16. Emotions stalling at 11 was the only thing that stopped this prediction - written a month and 28 eliminations ago - being exactly right. Damn you Mariah!
  17. I think my two favourites left are the two Whitney songs? Which are absolutely not going to win.

    In other news, I'm sitting in a café in Adelaide at the moment which is playing a Valentine's Day playlist that I'm fairly certain might just be the playlist of this rate on repeat. So far I've noticed Save the Best for Last, I Have Nothing, All the Man I Need, The Power of Love and Rush Rush. No Mariah yet sadly...
  18. Ray


    I would have left after three of those max. Sorry you had to go through this. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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  19. I'd love the big pop girls to all get shafted and for Michael to snatch the crown.

    Failing that, En Vogue or Ace of Base please.
  20. I'd like them to go in this order

    10. Nothing Compares 2 U
    9. Black Or White
    8. That's The Way Love Goes
    7. I Will Always Love You
    6. The Sign
    5. I Have Nothing
    4. Escapade
    3. Vogue
    2. My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)
    1. Dreamlover
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