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The 90's Billboard #1's Rate (1995-1999): We've come to the end of our road.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. I'll get married to You Da One and be done with it
  2. Ray


    I went through the list and in case I ever get married again I'll invite my dumbest ex (or two? so they can hook up afterwards?) and play "The Boy Is Mine".
  3. Yes I know that Sting said it was about the obsession with a lost lover and the jealousy that follows in the aftermath ...

    But don't you guys realise that exactly this feeling is one of the strongest feelings at all? And the one feeling that the girls are told aiming for? Each and every girl (at least in my age) was told to say no to make herself more interesting that the guy experiences how much he loves her. This is exactly the desperate feeling that is baited by this behaviour. And the guy is expected to not accept the "no" but to keep on fighting that he can find the girl that's worth it.

    I know this is ill. And I truly think you are completely right.

    But this psychic conditioning is the reason why so many women believe it's really about love and it's about fighting for the love and it's right. And then it's true love and so it gets played at all the weddings.

    It's really simple, I guess ...
  4. Really? We were never told that in my part of the world growing up. I think the boys were though, they could never understand a no answer.
  5. Never thought of that @Filippa but you are right about that sick psychology, so many things we are questioning now that were just the norm back only a couple of decades ago..
  6. Also I have decided if I ever get married, it will be to The One by Kylie (Feeemasons mix) - he'll deal!
  7. So! I'm in Cornwall until Sunday, so entries will be on lazy time. But I'd mostly written this one before I got here, so let's go.

    Let's flip the track, bring the old school back!

    44. This is How We Do It - Montell Jordan


    Average: 6.792
    Highest scores: 2 x 10 (@A$AP Robbie , @unnameable )
    Lowest scores: 1 x 1 (@Spiral )
    Weeks at #1: 7 consecutive Hot 100
    Year-End Hot 100: #10 (1995)

    Now, this is a good song for me to write up at this time. Why? Well, it's a song I don't need to do too much contextualizing of. And it's from an artist who was big, but not quite among the top tier of pop success in the 90's, and who has a pretty interesting Where Are They Now to his name besides. An excellent one for me to do while I'm on holiday and don't want to write too much, in other words. Oh yeah, and it's a massive bop, so that should help me knock 'em out.

    The funny thing is, “This is How We Do It” doesn't sound like much on paper. It's a fairly basic party jam with pretty silly and shallow lyrics (then again, anyone expecting anything deep on a song like this is probably not thinking very hard). But what really elevates “This is How We Do It” is the sheer sense of fun and unrestrained joy it has, like everybody involved was just partying all over the studio. Oh yeah, and because Montell and his wingman Oji Pierce pulled out all the stops with the production. The beat is just incredible, a tight-as-anything dancefloor groove with so much strutting, funk-laden feel that it's almost like an actual drummer was playing, and the crisply echoey tone of the snare, layered with handclaps, only enhances it. Somehow, it sounds much bigger than it probably actually is - massive, even. While the beat and that bumping bassline definitely take the lead, with not too much in the way of melodic instrumentation and what there is mostly being pushed to the back, the light instrumentation does work. Whether it's a few flutters of distorted electric piano, some quick record scratches, the glimmering fragments of synth keys that give the chorus a subtle lift, they all do their purpose of pushing that relentless beat forward, and providing a little extra jolt of electricity whenever they appear. It's simple, efficient, and it just plain works, just because of how groovy and shamelessly upbeat and catchy it is. Montell's vocals have the same attitude to them, with his lightweight tone that skips joyously over the beats, and his exuberant delivery (the best example of which comes in the lead-up to the second chorus - “IF YOU WERE FROM WHERE I'M FROM!”). Yeah, as I said, the lyrics are pretty goofy, but Montell delivers them for all he's worth, and they're done with a light-hearted wink and a nod that means I can't get mad at them, and still manages to sound effortlessly cool, and exactly like the sort of guy you'd want to party with. Plus, there's the song's X factor – the call-and-response chanted vocals on the chorus, which is already catchy to begin with, but that just sends it straight into the stratosphere. If you don't want to yell along with those, with a big stupid grin on your face... well, you might want to check for a pulse.

    Aside from that, “This is How We Do It” is a superb portrait of where R&B was at the time, and yet has held up surprisingly well. Both in musical production and attitude, it draws extensively from rap (catch Boyz II Men singing about OG macks and wannabe players), and yet it still retains a link to the R&B of the first couple of years of the 90's, which was more focused on the hard-hitting, danceable groove than the generally slower and more atmospheric fare of the decade's later part. It also has a bit of history behind it, as the first R&B single to come from Def Jam. Therefore we can say that it is, in its purest sense, hip-hop soul, and one of the most successful fusions of the two that we'll see here – one that has a real mission to, as Montell says, “flip the track, bring the old school back”. Because, yes, this is our second song in the rate that's heavy on the Slick Rick samples; this time around, it's “Children's Story” (my personal favourite song of his, for the record) getting the 90's-friendly updating treatment. The bridge consists entirely of interpolated rewritten lyrics, and Montell even imitates Rick's distinctive mid-Atlantic accent. I would put this in the same bracket as “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss” the last time around: it is a little bit lame how heavily reliant on its samples this song is, but you know what, I can deal with it, because of how well they're flipped (and “Children's Story” was based heavily on a sample of Bob James' “Nautilus” anyway). Plus, the bridge is a fun little shout-out to his inspiration, and a fine example of that same tradition of Slick Rick homages that I mentioned in the writeup for “Hypnotize”. So, yeah. “This is How We Do It” is not the most sophisticated or clever song on the block, nowhere near it. But you know what it is? A massive banger. No, Montell isn't quite the creator of the Ultimate Party Song – Andrew W.K. will forever remain the owner of that title - but you know what, Montell took a fair whack at it. Great stuff.

    unnameable (10) - This really stood the test of time. (Somehow, it hasn't aged at all! Pretty incredible.)

    A$AP Robbie (10) - This still goes off.

    Mike (9) - Evergreen R&B bop.

    Rooneyboy (3) - Doesn't do anything for me. (I regret to inform you that this is not how we do it.)

    saviodxl (4.5) - It sounded like a joke from the beginning. (Oof. Cold as ice.)

    iheartpoptarts (9) - I know the entire first verse to this somehow, which is pretty good considering I was like 7. (Because it always felt so good in your hood back then, of course!)

    əʊæ (7) - I usually fail to enjoy male vocals but it turns out my standards are not that high after all. (Nah, just means you have a good eye for bops!)

    Hudweiser (6) - Montell's got a timbre to his voice that I can't deal with, but the percussive elements for the win here, reminding of my go-to 90s RnB bop - Jade's 'Every Day of the Week'. (Eh, not the best voice in the world, but it really does work here.)

    japanbonustrack (7.5) - It sounds big, must've been hot back then and...I have absolutely no idea what this is about. (Let me sum it up for you: WHEN IT'S TIME TO PARTY WE WILL PARTY HARD.)

    berserkboi (7.5) - A bop but too much strong competition here for a higher score. (I scored it a point higher than you... but frankly, I sort of agree.)

    Filippa (3) - Not my song. The chorus is quite catchy but the rest is boring. (See, I can see that for quite a few other songs here... not this one, though. DAT BEAT.)

    ohnoitsnathan (5) - Another non-descript mid 90s r&b jam that of course the US would lap up. (They did that a lot, didn't they?)

    Empty Shoebox (3) - This just seems so basic and lazy. It's listenable, but nothing more than that.

    K94 (9) - That dreck remix that creeped up recently almost ruined it but luckily it’s a stone-cold, bulletproof, BOP. (Ah yes, that one. Another fine example of putting a donk on things that don't need to be donked.)

    londonrain (8.5) - A '90s party favourite. I have a soft spot for the Mis-teeq cover (Heh, I kinda figured. - Ed.), but really this is a bop whoever sings it.

    DJHazey (9) - Memories of songs like this one setting the tone for middle school dances are running through my head. I can picture myself walking into the gym with this playing and scouting out the scene. Undeniable bop. (Too bad I couldn't do that, because my middle school dances were in the ringtone rap era. Pray for my soul.)

    WowWowWowWow (9) - A party anthem for the ages, I can’t imagine a time that this song wouldn’t absolutely bring the house down if it was played somewhere. I guess Montell used all his good ideas in this song, since he never really came close to this again (from what I’ve heard of him) – although Get It On Tonite was a respectable effort. (It was that. I'll agree with you that he never matched this, though.)


    Ooh, I'm praying because (This is how He does it)
    Lord Jesus saves us like nobody does (This is how He does it)
    Y-H, W-H (This is how He does it)
    I'll never come wack on a gospel track (This is how He does it)

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  9. Yeah you're right.

    And certainly my parents didn't tell me that. But my father said don't call a boy, wait till he calls you. If you wan't to be attractive don't be too eligible say no the one or the other time ... If a man really loves you he will call again and he won't give up on you so easily.

    Didn't your father tell you something like that?
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  10. I got literally no advice on romance from my parents. I had to make do with what my friends at the time said.
    Theirs was 'Oh, you get told this. That's completely wrong. Never do that' for most things if I remember correctly.
  11. Oh this is lovely! I love England. I visited Cornwall only as a kid but I have very good memories. Getting a cake each morning because I didn't like the salty butter for example ...
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  12. I am loving these discussions about our upbringing as we revisit old hits. Thanks for bringing this rate to us @Ironheade - again, fabulous job!
  13. The absolute STATE of this elimination.
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  14. I'd like to explain a bit more. I think I was 5 years old when I was in Cornwall so forgive me that the cake is really the best part of my memory.

    But apart from the cake (I wouldn't eat in the morning today) and the salty butter (I really like today) I do love England and Scotland and Ireland (South and North) and Stockholm. I will visit all the other places in the UK, North-Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and maybe the Baltic states because I really love the parts of North-Europe I've already visited as well as East-Canada. But maybe we'll have to go to Hawaiii again because last year it was such a perfect holiday ... And there's always Australia and New Zealand ...

    So these are my favourite holiday-destinations in the next few years ..
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  15. This Is How We Do It is a bop. But yeah, Misteeq>>>
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  16. 1 - Be a “Creature Unlike Any Other"

    2 - Don't Talk to a Man First (and Don't Ask Him to Dance)

    3 - Don't Stare at Men or Talk Too Much

  17. Ya'll have overlooked the best version
  18. You're my hero.
  19. Mis-teeq's version is pretty great. The AlunaGeorge cover, on the other hand, is TERRIBLE.

    I really thought this would go a lot further, but I don't think it was mentioned in the thread by anyone until its elimination, which is rarely a good sign. Oh well.
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