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The 90's Billboard #1's Rate (1995-1999): We've come to the end of our road.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. I can confirm. I've never heard it. I don't want to either.
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  2. No real surprise here. I'm starting to wonder if we see an exodus of the guitar-driven male stuff before the R&B/hip hop tracks.
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  3. In my country, I think this has been more played than Lullaby.

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  4. One thing, that ratio of tens : zeroes already?
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  5. That's the one Will Smith song I don't mind going, but not this early.
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  6. This Wild Wild West hatred is a bit much.
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  7. Yesssss I love this rate and I also love the temporary alliances that emerge.
  8. You’re lucky. I had to suffer through The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me (Is You) being played absolutely everywhere and then... that song happened.
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  9. I expect All Star will go pretty soon but otherwise I expect the male R&B/hip-hop cull is closer than you think!
  10. I own the Lullabye cd single. Loved it at the time, still enjoy it. #gonetoosoon
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  11. I know that one. Let me just say 'UUUURRRRRRGGGHHH'.
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  12. All Star should last another ten cuts at least.
  13. Exactly. So in comparison I can’t really muster up much hatred for Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman. I’d rather Bryan was making bland ballads like that than the likes of I Wanna Be Your Underwear.
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  14. They started dating when she turned 19 and he managed her throughout her entire teenage years. If you don’t find that creepy I don’t know what to say.

    “Angélil—who mortgaged his own home to launch Dion's career—managed his future wife for about five years before they started developing feelings for one another. "Maybe at 17, 18 years old, my feelings started to change for him," Dion told Access Hollywood in 2013. "I kind of saw him differently." They began dating when Dion was 19. Angélil, meanwhile, was 45.”
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  15. 'All Star' is amazing and Smash Mouth are one of those pure fun 90s bands that everyone should just bop to, like Sugar Ray except not quite as good.
  16. I don't even stan for Smash Mouth but if All Star goes before The Anus Song then something is seriously wrong with this rate.
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  17. Does anybody pay that much attention to Puff Daddy lyrics though? I swear I've never noticed that before in my life.
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  18. Wait, she was 19? Okay, that I did not know.

    (Didn't Tom Daley start dating Dustin Lance Black when Tom was 19 and Lance was 39, though? And Don Bachardy started dating Christopher Isherwood when Don was 18 and Christopher was 48.)
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  19. Replace "Georgian" with "British" and this is literally James Blunt.
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  20. If you take away the terrible lyrics and the terrible singing, what are you left with, though?
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