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The 90's Billboard #1's Rate (1995-1999): We've come to the end of our road.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. It still makes more sense than the chorus to The Ketchup Song.
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  2. I am a fluent Spanish speaker and can confirm that the Macarena is indeed trash.
  3. I have found a place where we can boogie to both!! Yes Sir!!
  4. WEll, there's also a lot of gibberish being sung in English so let's get them out first! (Looking at you, Mr. Smith)
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  5. As it happens, I do understand Spanish, but the idea that I would dismiss something as gibberish purely because it's in a foreign language is borderline offensive.

    I mean, the English verse starts "when I dance they call me Macarena/and the boys they say estoy buena" so that's probably your first clue that the Spanish lyrics aren't about to give Isabel Allende any sleepless nights.
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  6. The most baffling Spanish lyrics I have ever countered are still the ones to the Geri Halliwell rap in If U Can’t Dance by the Spice Girls.

    If you don’t understand Spanish, put it through Google Translate. It’s a trip.
  7. I agree, my mistake there.

    However we can also get rid of other English spoken gibberish first before coming for the Macarena, please!
  8. Gibberish would be a perfect description of the only song I've rated a zero, and I suspect it'll last even longer in the rate than Macarena does.
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  9. Mambo #5 >>>>>> Macarena
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  10. I have a lot of joy, a lot of joy
    Listen to the music, oh mother!
    Hey boy you do not have anything
    That scares that I play that still cock
    Oh do not touch me, oh, what an ugly dog!


    A trip indeed
  11. Geri's intro of Mi Chico Latino tough:

    donde esta el hombre con fuego en la sangre

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  12. The man with chlamydia!

    Jessica Mauboy sings the follow up!

  13. It was actually out by late '96, in Australia anyway.
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  14. Could you please try to include my commentary @Ironheade?
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  15. Me sowing the seeds of discord by awarding decent to high scores to many of the songs I knew people would want out ASAP



    Not Mambo #5 though, that can choke dddddd
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  16. I think I gave Smooth my 11 in that rate.
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  17. It ended up at #53...

  18. Kii at this tie and score!

    71. Ain't It Funny 6.66
    71. Get Busy 6.66
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  19. I'm not sure what to be angrier about; that I completely missed the 00s number 1 rate or that Get Busy finished SEVENTY FIRST.

    I've never even heard of the song in last place!
  20. Well, feast your ears on this

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