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The 90's Billboard #1's Rate (1995-1999): We've come to the end of our road.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. Let's hope Something About The Way You Look Tonight does substantially better!
  2. I think it lasts a fair bit longer, but I don't expect to see it in the top 50.
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  3. Imagine thinking of Elton only as the man who once shaded Madonna.

    The man is a legitimate gay icon and is doing a heck of a lot more in terms of LGBT rights, HIV prevention and care, and generally supporting LGBT talent than most of our PJ faves.

    That doesn't change the fact that this song is far below his best. (As I mentioned before, I don't blame him at all for that.)
  4. I thought Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me deserved a better placing than it got in the first half, for what it's worth.
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  5. You are all heartless. It's official.
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  6. I may have given this song a 8,5 just for my love of Diana Fashion Icon. Sorry guys, I was blinded by her beauty!

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  7. Sorry was gone last week to miss the start. Catching up now and so far I'm not bothered by the eliminations even tho I lost a 10 in Candle In The Wind...

    let's be honest this is the 90's so I have way more 10's than I probably should..
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  8. O, Canada.

    On the Canadian Singles Chart, "Candle in the Wind 1997" / "Something About the Way You Look Tonight" spent three years in the top 20, with 46 non-consecutive weeks at the top spot.
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  9. Also I learned a new word thanks to my incessant googling today, regarding Candle in the Wind, it’s considered a threnody!
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  10. If memory serves, The Boy Is Mine broke its run in the early summer of 1998. Ridiculous.
  11. The Boy Is Mine deserves that, though.
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  12. Remember when we did the 00s rate and you guys pretended like turn-of-the-century teen pop wasn't the peak of everything ever? That was unfortunate.
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  13. Something's out of order. People in the corners, Don't you see it? Can't you feel it?
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  14. As if North America was cool enough to have anything from A*Teens chart at all, let alone get a #1.
  15. Outside of the N-Sync and Christina songs I'm not seeing much on the list that would fit the category.
  16. You. I like you.

    Congrats, you picked the correct winners!
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  17. I'd have scored Girlfriend the highest of those four (I guess five if we count Lady Marmalade), though whether you can still categorise a Neptunes-produced track with two Nelly verses as 'teen pop' is probably a valid question.
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  18. It's okay if a boyband does it.

    (Oh, and I quite like Nelly. He can be a part of my bubblegum world. I mean, he did open for New Kids on the Block.)
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  19. Anyone backing Avril in any multi-artist rate automatically has amazing taste. Though, I'd be struggling with "do I give her a 10 because it's her or give Girlfriend the real score of a 7?"
  20. Didn't Dancing Queen chart after being in the film 'Miss Congeniality' with Sandra Bullock?
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