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The 90's US One-Hit Wonders Rate! #12 - Y'all ready for this?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. @əʊæ, I don't think that I have ever agreed with you as much until this moment.
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  2. OOPS.

    (We can't agree on everything etc. etc.)
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  3. Seeing Sugar Ray mentioned in the commentary in the last elimination made me wonder why they weren't in this rate, but it turns out they actually did have more than one hit. Wouldn't have guessed.
  4. They have multiple amazing songs though! Sugar Ray are 90s summer, aside from the Eurobops of course.
  5. I just realised I was thinking of Crazy Town (I often get the two mixed up for some reason), who truly were a one hit wonder, although in 2000.

  6. On that note, I hope we get a 00s US One-Hit Wonders rate next

  7. Thought about it, but nah, if it does happen I won't be running it. I looked at some lists of potential entries, and... oof.

    Still, I'd happily participate if someone else ran it!
  8. I'm genuinelly curious who would come last, between Eamon, Afroman and Daniel Powter.
  9. Maybe one hit, but The Gift of Game is FULL of bops.

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  10. I have always despised How Bizarre and I can't even explain why. I just find it so incredibly annoying. Good riddance.
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  11. They'd all be resoundingly beaten out by Hurricane Chris. Oh, you don't remember his smash #7 hit "A Bay Bay"? Good.

    Although, come to think of it, "Laffy Taffy" is still fucking awful all around...
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  12. And I’m assuming Frankee will emerge as the glorious winner.

  13. But honestly, I stan this one.

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  14. I had never heard of A Bay Bay, and it is pretty awful. Laffy Taffy is honestly kind of a bop though.

    Speaking of ringtone rap one hit wonders, maybe Kylie Minogue collaborator MIMS made some points

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  15. Well they’d all get nil from me. Unless I’m allowed minus scores...
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  16. OK but I just looked up a list of 00s One Hit Wonders and was reminded of a bunch of jams for my summer playlists.

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  17. Afroman - "Because I got high" is a 10, possibly worthy of my 11.
    "Dirty rap songs" - does it qualify as a second hit or not?
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  18. I would suggest UK one hit wonders for the 2000s, but that would involve X-Factor, charity records and UK Eurovision entrants, so maybe not.
  19. FTW

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  20. Urgh at having to listen to any of that X factor-a-like garbage!
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