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The 90's US One-Hit Wonders Rate: #6 - ASTRONOMICAL!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. How Bizarre beating What's Up? is actually bizarre.... Like a classic vs. a throw away bop.. I just don't get it???....dddd
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  2. I was expecting What's Up to be in the top ten. I get that people might not care for Linda's voice (and it does verge on nails down the blackboard territory here) but that certainly doesn't explain How Bizarre beating it!
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  3. And here I am horrified to see 'What's Up' get so far!

    (To be fair it doesn't look to have been that big in Canada so maybe it was more of a thing elsewhere, I don't know.)

    It's the Cibola remix and I tried to find another one but all I get is potentially sketchy websites! Can the internet not delete the 90s pretty please?
  4. And the rival dance version out of Germany too! (It was no where near as popular as the DJ Miko though.)

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  5. Wow, sad that the OMC story didn’t end so well. I loved the Flexifinger In My Face Remix. It was by same guys as the Trouser Enthusiasts but they used the Flexifinger name for a few of their poppier 90s mixes.

  6. Well I'm glad this one still exists! A tiny bit of Eurodance in there somewhere.
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  7. I couldn’t find the whole Cibola mix online either (and saw what you meant on the sketchy websites when I was looking lol) but I did find this compilation of Cibola remixes on SoundCloud that includes it. I tried to add a time code to the link but if it doesn’t work, “How Bizarre” starts at about 4:14 in.

  8. Thank you!!!

    The only other one I remember from way back when is Brian McKnight but the Crush one is AMAZING.

    You've also got the "How Bizarre" remix on this compilation circa 46:58

    Cibola also continued the boptasticness of this Cynthia track:
  10. Haha, I loved Crush! I wasn’t a massive Cibola fan but they did do some great stuff. Weirdly, the other mixes I remember offhand that I liked a lot (Mikalia “So In Love With Two,” Texas Tornados “Little Bit Is Better Than Nada,” and Billie Piper “She Wants You) aren’t on YouTube either. :-(
  11. That is mostly my top 10 from what is left...
  12. Okay, they need a compilation now.

    This is it! I have this! Yay Canada.
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  13. [​IMG]
  14. Yeah my 11 is in that list @DJHazey hahahaha
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  15. OK but waiT @ me just learning that one part of Cibola is also one part of Al B. Rich and one part of MYNT!

  16. More fun than the original.

    (hopefully Linda Perry doesn't read our thread)
  17. Well I didn't tank anything, full disclosure that Groove got a 4 from me, but everything is else is 6+.
  18. I mean, if you make a "go away" list consisting of almost half the songs, it's quite likely that a bunch of people's 11s are gonna be in it!

    (Mine isn't.)
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  19. It's only that bad because this rate has had a bad case of "lets get rid of Hazey's favorites". Especially lately. "One of Us" and "What's Up?" are Top 5 material.
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  20. I'm pretty sure Groove Is in the Heart isn't going anywhere soon.It's a dancefloor classic!
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