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The 90's US One-Hit Wonders Rate: #6 - ASTRONOMICAL!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    1 Crush
    2 Groove Is In The Heart
    3 You Get What You Give
    4 Lovefool
    5 Bittersweet Symphony
    6 Criminal
    7 Show Me Love
    8 What Is Love
    9 Your Woman
    10 Sleeping Satellite

    That top 5 is pretty interchangeable for me but yes a pretty solid top 10!
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  2. So my 11 made it into the top 10? Yes, I like that!

    Haddaway and Fiona out next please.
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  3. 10. Sleeping Satellite
    9. Criminal
    8. Your Woman
    7. Groove Is In The Heart
    6. What is Love
    5. Show Me Love
    4. Lovefool
    3. Bittersweet Symphony
    2. Crush
    1. Get What You Give

    Any of the top 5 winning would be great, as they're in my personal top 8, but anything outside of the last 3 would be a good ending to the rate.
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  4. Too bad about Bitch. It's actually one of my absolute favorite 90's songs and in my top 3 out of the remaining songs. But #11 is still very respectable!
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  5. This one!

    It sounds a bit Smash Mouth because apparently Meredith Brooks is 90s forever. Good times.
  6. Party Up is one of the best songs on Metamorphosis.
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  7. Not a bad top ten. Without checking my scores and therefore probably contradicting myself I think I’d like Lovefool to win.

    See it leave at #10...
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  8. So glad this top 10 is bitchless, I’m pretty sure I scored it lower than anything left. They all range from pretty decent to amazing now which makes me yay!

    Also while I completely concur with your feelings about Dr. Phil, don’t deny Jennifer Love Hewitt’s musical legacy @Ironheade

  9. The only two songs I really want gone are Groove Is in the Heart and Show Me Love, the rest of the songs could win and I wouldn't be upset about it.

    Also I realized that I'm probably the only person who gave @Ironheade's 11 a 10, he gave a 10 back to my 11. Literally not everyone has that. Taste supporting taste.
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  10. The Verve, and especially New Radicals making it to the top 10 is a bit ???, but the remaining 8 are all great.
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  11. Good thing they didn't, whoever they are and instead New Radicals cruised into the Top 10 like they should've.
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  12. Of the Top 10, the songs I have strongest feelings towards as far as winning are Crush, Criminal, and You Get What You Give.
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  13. Oh, I might have gotten the name wrong because of New Young Pony Club or something. Goes to show how little I'm here for them/that song I guess.
  14. I clearly overscored New Radicals.
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  15. And we can't even blame the Fine Young Cannibals since they weren't in this rate! (And apparently had another #1 single besides "She Drives Me Crazy." Who knew?!)
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  16. Oh, I guess this sounds vaguely familiar.
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  17. Oh I might have been thinking of them too. I'm not really familiar with their music, but my father always said Fine Young Cannibals were his least favourite band ever.
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  18. 2014

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    Your Woman is the biggest ????? for me in this top 10 teebs.
  19. #10 up tomorrow, guys!

    The one that a lot of people really think was hanging on too long in this top 10? Yeah, it's going. I'm not sure I'm happy about it, though...
  20. I hope it's either of the acts I mentioned earlier, but I fear it might be Groove Is In The Heart...
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