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The Aces - Under My Influence

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, May 18, 2016.

  1. Still haven't heard the album, but Volcanic Love took over my brain for the day
  2. 'Put It On The Line' is an absolute gem. What a delightful album.

    I want a UK tour pronto.
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  3. Put It On The Line is an instant favorite for me too, what an album
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  4. Guest member

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    I'm going to wait until it's up on Spotify next Friday (the Kacey Musgraves and Hayley Kiyoko records will keep me busy until then anyway), but judging from your reviews it won't disappoint.

    Hopefully this thread will finally get its well-deserved bump by next weekend.
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  5. Put It On The Line is THAT track! Wow

    This and You Are Someone Else are the top albums the year so far. A really solid effort
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  6. Taking a break from Hayley's album to finally get into this. It's a cute debut but I still think they have ways to go in terms of finding their own sound. They sound like too many other bands.

    "Stay" in particular sounds like it ripped off the guitar riff from this:
  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

  8. Strong Enough is my jam today, what an album!
    I need more love in this thread now the album is officially out, where all the HAIM's first album fans at?
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  9. Queens of making every song sound the same.

    I mean, it's good, but it's just one big mush of the same vocal arrangements, strummy guitars and punchy drums. I'll listen more to see if anything else apart from Volcanic Love and Last One sticks out.
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  10. This is very similar to Fickle Friends in the sense that the songs are much better individually, but as an album they all blend together with few distinctive moments. However, the songs themselves are excellent. I like Strong Enough and Holiday quite a bit.
  11. The closing track is absolutely gorgeous.
  12. The album version of Stuck is actually an improvement on the single/EP version.
  13. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I'm obsessed. Listened to it going to uni today and gosh, it's so good. I agree that it kinda all mixes together as an album, but the tracks by themselves are amazing.
  14. Yeah, the album version of Stuck, with the heavier bassline, makes the song sound even better. It's punchier, while the original one was... lighter? (Both amazing though)
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    So yeah, this album is InCreDiBle.

    "Last One", "Stay" and "Put It On The Line" are my favourites of the previously unreleased tracks so far.

    And as noted by some already, the album version of "Stuck" really is a triumph. What a little more bass, a new vocal take and a few extra ad-libs/lines can do to a song!

    Strong contender for AOTY here.
  16. Waiting for this to be delivered, on the verge of sitting right in front of the letter box. I am obsessed with Just Like That
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  17. You say you want a holiday
    I know just how to be your escaper
    But you don't do anything, give me anything
    And I can't be wastin' time if it's fake

    There's nothin' that I can do
    I just wanna be close to you
    I'm surrounded and so confused
    I just wanna be close to you

  18. I'm so happy for them. Gah, this album is an absolute triumph after the long wait. Wall-to-wall pop perfection.
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