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The After School Discography Rate • FINISHED

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vague, Sep 7, 2021.

  1. I might need it, as I'm a bit overworked with uni these days. I'll try to be on time, though.
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  2. Yes omg I will try my absolute best to get this done in time, but I also might need to be annoying and ask for a small extension ;;; Please pester me about it a lot! Guilt is my best motivator!
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  3. [​IMG]

    If it could be said that Kahi was the backbone of After School, then Jung-A was the heart of the group and the glue that held it together. Contrary to Kahi's more disciplinary approach, Jung-A was After School's resident mom, known for being the person who members would confide in. Jung-A, in her own words, "worries so much that she even takes on other people's worries". She, along with Juyeon, are the only members to remain with After School for its entire run.

    Jung-A, much like Kahi, had a long history trying to break into the entertainment business before finally joining After School. Training for eight years before her big break, Jung-A also worked as a backing dancer and joined two short-lived girl groups in her bid for stardom. She first joined SZ in 2000 as a replacement member during the recording of the group's second album, but SZ would ultimately disband before Jung-A would officially debut as a member. The second group, KIS FIVE, however, did manage to put out one single, "Show Time", in 2005 before disbanding shortly thereafter.

    After her two brief forays into girl group-memberdom, Jung-A would then go on to work as a back-up dancer for Son Dambi during "Bad Boy" promotions. Jung-A and Kahi made their unofficial debut as After School in December 2008 at the 2008 SBS Music Festival, where they performed "PLAY GIRLZ" with Son Dambi, and ~broke the internet~ with the infamous Kahi boob grab.

    The underutilized and often underappreciated MAIN vocalist of After School, Jung-A was known for her husky, emotive vocal tone in the group. Her self-stated goal as an entertainer was not just to be a great singer, but also "a singer who gives emotions." During her tenure in the group, Jung-A was chosen as the representative After School member to feature in the 2009 project single "Snow Village" alongside K.Will, Brown Eyed Girls, et al. She was also the first member to release a solo OST, "You're Cute" for the MBC drama Pasta in 2010. On After School's first full album, "VIRGIN", Jung-A was chosen to record a solo song, "My Bell", one of my personal favorites from the album.


    Following Kahi's graduation in June 2012, Jung-A was appointed the group's next leader. Fitting with her motherly image, Jung-A's leadership style was distinctly different from Kahi's. With Kahi at the helm, the group sometimes felt like Kahi and Friends, but when Jung-A became leader, the group began to feel more like a unified unit. It's become a bit of a running joke at this point how much Kahi was in the center and how many lines she got, but fellow members and fans never complained because she rightfully earned her position as the group's cornerstone. Jung-A, on the other hand, Pledis never even batted an eye toward, despite being the first member recruited by Kahi, and one of the oldest. At the end of the day, Jung-A never complained; she seemed legitimately just happy to be there… if that ain't grace and beauty.

    After Jung-A's contract with Pledis expired in January 2016, she has mostly stayed out of the spotlight. In June 2016, she made her solo debut on "Spring Summer", a duet with rapper J-STAR. Shortly after that, she began working as a celebrity stylist, most notably working with Brave Girls and ELRIS. On April 28, 2018, Jung-A married her longtime boyfriend, professional basketball player Jung Changyoung. The couple had their first child, a son, on October 24, 2019, and Jung-A is currently pregnant with their second, a daughter they plan to call Jennie, after the BLACKPINK member.

    Despite being the group's main vocalist - and, later, its leader - Jung-A often took a backseat in the group. With the addition of Raina in late 2009, Jung-A's vocal time was greatly reduced in most of the group's title tracks for several years. Even when she became the group's leader in 2012, she never used that position as an opportunity to push herself into the spotlight, rather letting the newer, younger members have the opportunity to shine. To put it simply, in a group full of "main characters", Jung-A knew that being the levelheaded mediator fit her best. Jung-A, it seems, was just happy to sing; she didn't need to be the center of attention.

    Here are some of her highlights throughout the years:

    How are y'all coming along with your ballots? The deadline is on Monday and we've got three ballots rn nn. An extension is inevitable at this point, so how long do you think you guys will need? Please let us know!
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  4. I only have the songs that are not on the Apple Music playlist left to rate so I should be able to send my ballot before the deadline!

    Oh and…
    I love this song fff
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  5. @Slice of Life I’m just starting, going to need an extension please. I won’t do this rate justice with just my numbers and a short excerpt. I’m trying to go all out!
  6. Another week would be amazing for me, I have a first pass done but want to give the full list one more go!
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  7. If I could have until Friday that’d be great.
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  8. I just remember how sad and defeated but still soldiering on JungAh was with that horrendous mushroom hair.
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  9. The VIRGIN album comes with a coupon for a free churro and coffee at Pledis boss's shortlived cafe


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  10. There’s something about Jung Ah that just fills me a peace and tranquility.
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  11. She really does have that aura and vibe about her. Everything from her looks to her voice. She’s a gift!
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  12. Thanks for the extension! I think I should finish it by next weekend. It depends on uni, of course, but I will try my best!
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  13. My progress has been thwarted by the fact that I've caught some kinda bug and listening to music makes my head hurt a lot, I'll try to get this in on time but I may be right on the deadline. Sorry :(
  14. I'm currently finishing my scores and I have a question. Is there a particular reason we have both the original and the 2011 recording of "When I Fall" in the songlist and not the other re-recorded songs?

    EDIT: Okay, so most Japanese versions are on the list, but not 'Shampoo". Do we rate the one we like the most or both?
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  15. so, basically, we thought "When I Fall (2011 New Recordings)" was different enough from its original version to merit inclusion, but the other VIRGIN rerecordings are barely different and we didn't wanna clog the song list up with 17 versions of each song nn. same for the Japanese versions we included; "Bang!", "Diva", and "Because of you" all got new arrangements, while "Shampoo", "FLASHBACK", and "Rip off" all have the same arrangement in both Korean and Japanese. that's also why we opted not to include the 2015 rerecordings with Kaeun from BEST as individual songs to be rated.

    here are all the versions with alternate versions or rerecordings. you're free to rate whichever version you prefer!
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  16. It is really fitting that once she became the leader (and Kahi left), After School shifted musical direction slightly and moved towards a more sultry vibe.
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  17. Got it! Thank you for an elaborate explanation. Please expect my scores tonight.
  18. Submitted.

    VIRGIN 7,900 (10x2, 6x1)
    PLAYGIRLZ 9,300 (10x5, 8x2)
    PLAYGIRLZ 9,000 (10x3, 6x1)
    First Love 8,583 (10x2, 6,5x1)
    Dressed to kill 8,363 (10x2, 6x1)

    Let's do it!
    And even after all these years, I still can't believe they covered "Love Machine".
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I'm confused by....several things here.
  20. Oop, the second "PLAYGIRLZ" is "FLASHBACK", of course. What's the other thing?
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