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The After School Discography Rate • FINISHED

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vague, Sep 7, 2021.

  1. Whew i just turned mine in. I feel like my averages are going to be too high…
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  2. It's shocking how many genuinely great ballads they have.
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  3. Bekah was just on a YouTube show.

    she herself decided to leave for her mental health. The constant dieting was also a factor.
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  4. Finishing up my ballot now. MY GOD, I forgot how truly life-changing the Dress to Kill album is - literally full of 9s and 10s. So daring and experimental.

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  5. I think the production on DTK is amazing but it lacks the identity and the charm of their Kahi stuff.
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  6. [​IMG]

    hello again~ quick reminder that you have just under 13 hours left to get your scores in before the deadline!

    @Love Deluxe and I were just talking and realized we hadn't posted any leaderboard tea at all the whole time voting has been open omg?? we're currently at 27 voters (with 20 ballots in the spreadsheet) so we'll give you all just a little bit of tea to hold you over until eliminations start this week~
    • as of 20 voters, the song in first place has an average of 10.075 right now, and it's the third song to hold pole position since voting has started
    • the song in last place has an average of 6.425
    • the songs in first and last place are both from the same release
    • there are currently sixteen songs with a 9+ average and eight songs below a 7 average
    • there are currently seven singles and three b-sides in the top ten
    • all but two songs in the top ten have received at least one 11
    and that's it! the top five scores are incredibly close right now and keep switching positions with each new ballot, so every score matters!
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  7. Me resisting the urge to give make it happen my 11.

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  8. Sounds like a "FLASHBACK" type of thing, hmm...

    Lovely write-ups for the girls, by the way! So informative.
  9. I'd say Virgin easily.
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  10. Definitely Virgin. The later releases had better bsides, even the ballads greatly improved.
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  11. I know I should wait until its elimination comes to talk about it, but ever since I rated this and got to know a lot of stuff I didn't, especially the Dress To Kill album, I haven't had a calm night of sleep. The song incessantly pulling on my wig is 'Shh'. I never expected to hear such a retro-sounding synth-heavy song from a K-pop act, let alone from one of the biggest girlgroups in the history of K-pop. I know it's a Japanese track and whatnot but it sits among the very best K-pop songs I've ever heard. It's giving Kraftwerk, it's giving The Knife, it's giving Depeche Mode and I need someone to pinch me. The whole album is exquisite but this one kills the gay. It would fit in f(x)'s 4 Walls album and make the other songs sound a bit dated.
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  12. M24


    I sent my scores yesterday, and I'm so excited for this to start! I genuinely enjoyed every song in this discography, even the ballads were starting to click in the more I listened to them, particularly thanks to Raina's voice (who I guess would be my bias if they were still around ddd).

    I'm not sure if it makes any sense to post my averages, because I was very nice with my scores, but here they go:
    Virgin 8.222222
    Playgirlz 8.825
    Flashback 8.8125
    First Love 8.708333
    Dress to Kill 8.772727

    As @Macsun said, their bsides improved a lot, particularly in their last two releases. I actually think that, rather than Virgin or Flashback, the songs in first and last place could be from First Love. Because the intro "8 hot girl" is kind of the worst thing here as the girls are not even in it (as far as I could tell). And I could see First Love being number one (though it wouldn't be my first choice).
  13. Definitely, I didn't wanna say it cause I felt like it'd spoil the results, cause 8 hot girls is far and away the worst thing in this rate, there is no way it's not last.
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  14. Is it though? (I actually scored it high dd)
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Dilly Dally could also be number 1 with Lady Luck coming last!
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  16. Not with the way I stanned Lady Luck.
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  17. COME EEN ALL MA FUNKY MAN *mashes next button*
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  18. hello~ voting is now closed! we were waiting on a few score corrections, but everything is sorted and ready to go now, so...

    allow me to introduce you to our 31 students~


    the care and effort you guys put into your ballots and commentary (!!) is so appreciated!! we'll do our best to honor After School's legacy with this rate and to give you all a good time at the same time. we still have a lot of work to do behind the scenes, but the first elimination will be coming tomorrow! thank you!!!!!​
  19. This is so cute, I can't stand you talented people.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

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