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The After School Discography Rate • FINISHED

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vague, Sep 7, 2021.

  1. I've actually questioned the inclusion of "8 hot girls" in the rate, but something does have to go first, I guess.
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  2. OK, hello Electroboyz! Downloading that right now.

    I also assumed it was a weirdly pitched After School member singing that though I had no idea which one. I scored it an 8 because it's a nice intro that could definitely be bulked out into a full length sensual jam. An intro song going out first though is great.
  3. It's actually a change of pace from the usual five ballots leaving us in the kpop rates though.
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  4. What do you mean?
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  5. Correct first elimination, though I don't think it's a bad intro, it does its job just fine. Also, first elimination with a 6.5 average? Talent!
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  6. Don't we usually get a couple of the lower-end-of-the-album-ballads as first eliminations?
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  7. Oh, you meant "ballads", not "ballots". Makes sense now.
  8. Damn autocorrect.
  9. [​IMG]


    Grade: 6.653
    Honor roll: 9.5×1 (@Oleander), 9×3 (@yuuurei, @Mikl C, @Vixen), 8×1 (@Remorque)
    Drop-outs: 1×1 (@Hurricane Drunk), 4×1 (@SloMover), 5×2 (@Ana Raquel, @eyeline)
    @Love Deluxe's score: 7.25
    @vague's score: 7.5

    5 ballots: #69, 7.100 avg.
    10 ballots: #69, 6.575 avg.
    15 ballots: #70, 6.350 avg.
    20 ballots: #70, 6.425 avg.
    25 ballots: #70, 6.350 avg.
    31 ballots: #69, 6.653 avg.

    "잘 지내고 있죠" (jal jinaego itjyo; you're doing well, right?), also known as "Nothing to complain of", is the ninth track from After School's first Korean album, VIRGIN, released on April 28, 2011. Its lyrics were written by Lee Jieun and Hwang Sungjin and it was composed and arranged by Park Duksang. "잘 지내고 있죠" is a unit song featuring members Jung-A, Raina, Nana, and E-Young.

    All three of the song's writers have worked with other KPJ faves: Lee Jieun has worked with AOA ("Bing Bing"), SISTAR ("GOOD TIME"), SF9 ("Fanfare"), T-ARA ("Reload"), and Weki Meki ("COOL"); Hwang Sungjin has worked with SECRET ("Do As You Please") and T-ARA ("TTL (Time To Love)"); and Park Duksang has worked with Orange Caramel ("Love Doesn't Wait") and T-ARA ("Because I know").

    [​IMG] (7.25) — "They were honestly on such a good ballad streak after When I Fall and With U, but lord this is DRAB. Should've given this a 6.5 teebs dddd. The rhyming also gives me songs that rhyme 'bad' with 'sad'."

    [​IMG] (7.5) — "Jung-A sounds gorgeous here, but this is just not a song that has ever really been able to hold my attention at all, unforch. This is far from their worst song, but I'm not sad to see it go already."

    @Vixen (9) — "Yeah you better SANG."

    @Macsun (8) — "Another typical KPOP ballad I usually find boring as hell. However great vocals by Raina, Nana and JungAh."

    @berserkboi (7.5) — "Pretty, if a little lethargic in places."

    @M24 (7.5) — "Their best vocals right here? Wow. Is it just Raina at the beginning of the chorus? I wish I liked the song more."

    @eatyourself (6) — "Great vocals, beautiful vocals."

    @Attis (5.75) — "Yeah you all sure can sing, next."

    @SloMover (4) — "I'm complaining about how shit the song is but at least E-Young gets an entire verse to herself."


    ~host note~ With much peer pressure from @Love Deluxe (a bully!), we have decided that, for organization's sake on our end, it would be easier if only one of us posted results going forward, and that task has fallen to me nn. However, our graphics and write-ups will still be done together as they have been. Furthermore, we have decided that our posting schedule starting next week will be Monday / Wednesday / Friday, due to our busy and sometimes conflicting schedules of school and work. Thank you so much for your patience with us!
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  10. Top notch graphics yet again! Loving this play on VIRGIN and 69! Dddd
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  11. Unsurprising but rude. That's a gorgeous song.
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  12. I gave this a solid 6. It's a nice enough ballads, and the girls sound quite good on it, but it's just not that exciting music wise, sadly.
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  13. The 8 I gave actually is a bumped up score from its initial 6.5, because gurl... They are sanging. Their performance absolutely sold it for me. Initially I wasn't very warm to their earlier vocals, but this one? Fantastic.

    And it hits the right emotional spots in me.

    Me, basically...

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  14. No shade to EYoung (she wasn’t given the opportunity) but the fact Nana held her own amongst Reina and JungAh shows how much effort was put into the vocals.
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  15. 8 Hot Girl IS kind of cringy, isn't it? I don't really listen to lyrics much, but BB does a lot of little cringy things, even though I love his sound.
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  16. I'm surprised this has gone so early! I guess we weren't stanning ballad school.
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  17. [​IMG]


    Grade: 6.703
    Honor roll: 9×1 (@berserkboi), 8.8×1 (@Macsun), 8.5×2 (@RUNAWAY, @Conan)
    Drop-outs: 4×3 (@Hurricane Drunk, @Cotton Park, @eatyourself), 5×2 (@SloMover, @eyeline), 6×7 (@Crisp X, @Attis, @Ana Raquel, @ysev, @chrisjche, @KimLippington, @Vixen)
    @Love Deluxe's score: 7.25
    @vague's score: 8

    5 ballots: #48, 8.000 avg.
    10 ballots: #59, 7.200 avg.
    15 ballots: #63, 6.933 avg.
    20 ballots: #62, 7.025 avg.
    25 ballots: #64, 6.732 avg.
    31 ballots: #68, 6.703 avg.

    "겨울 이야기" (gyeoul iyagi; winter story) is the second track from the second Pledis charity album, HAPPY PLEDIS 2012, released on December 1, 2011. Its lyrics were written by Kim Heesun and it was composed by Mikael Erlandsson and Claes Andreasson. "겨울 이야기" features three of Pledis' founding members: Son Dambi, Kahi, and Jung-A.

    "겨울 이야기" was originally an English-language song called "(I'm In Love With) Christmas Time", written by Mikael Erlandsson and Claes Andreasson, two members of the Swedish rock group Last Autumn's Dream. As far as we can tell, the English version of the song has never gotten an actual release. The Korean lyricist, Lee Heesun, only has two other writing credits: HELLOVENUS' "Romantic Love" and T-ARA's "Hurt". She has also released a handful of solo OST singles.

    [​IMG] (7.25) — "NOT the Play Girlz 2008 trio gone caroling! You can tell Pledis was really going through it this year, because all the songs on this release are unmastered and still sound like demos."

    [​IMG] (8) — "This is really cute, actually. These three look and sound so good together. I always wanted Pledis to give them a special unit or sumn. At least we have this and 'AMOLED', I guess!"

    @berserkboi (9) — "Festive in a fun way, hopefully it doesn't get tanked too badly!"

    @Macsun (8.8) — "Glad I'm rediscovering this. Adding this to my Christmas playlist. Gorgeous vocals by Kahi, Jungah and Som Dambi."

    @singabob (8.25) — "Is this one of the best K-Pop Christmas songs of all time? I think so."

    @Wills (8) — "Y'know as overtly festive Christmas songs go, this isn't bad!"

    @roblognick (7) — "A very generic sounding Christmas song."

    @M24 (7) — "It's so random that their two collabs with Son Dam Bi are this... and Amoled ddd you can't get any more different two songs. Anyway, I'm usually pro-Christmas (or at least not as much of an anti as the rest of PJ hehe) but this is so... average. I much prefer Love Love Love."

    @Vixen (6) — "Tired of those Christmas songs dddd...."

    @eatyourself (4) — "They have... a whole bunch of Christmas songs, and it contrasts a lot with their top-notch sonority."

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  18. Apparently I know my sistrens!

    We are fighting!

    Jokes aside - it was expected that this would flop hence I ensure I lifted my score a little as all I got was:

    (Sorry - I made these gifs recently, and they have sound somehow, have just been wanting to use them! Ddd)

    Top notch art as ever - icons @vague and @Love Deluxe!
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  19. My Grinch ass dragging all the Christmas tracks down... sorry gals!
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  20. I'll allow it since that's not their best Xmas song. But I'm watching y'all.
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