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Dreams Again!

Grade: 7.185
Honor roll: 10×2 (@Wills, @berserkboi), 9.5×1 (@Oleander), 8.5×4 (@evilsin, @Conan, @Mikl C, @M24)
Drop-outs: 4×2 (@Hurricane Drunk, @BEST FICTION), 5×1 (@SloMover), 5.25×1 (@singabob)
@Love Deluxe's score: 8
@vague's score: 8

5 ballots: #70, 7.050 avg.
10 ballots: #65, 7.000 avg.
15 ballots: #59, 7.133 avg.
20 ballots: #55, 7.388 avg.
25 ballots: #56, 7.200 avg.
31 ballots: #59, 7.185 avg.

"Dreams Again!" is After School's 2010 World Cup cheer song. It was released as the lead single from the repackaged version of the compilation album The Shouts Of Reds, United Korea on May 18, 2010. The song's lyrics were written by Kim Chanjin, it was composed by Kim Taehyun, and was arranged by Kim Taehyun and Park Duksang. U-ie does not feature on the song or in its music video due to scheduling conflicts with the filming of her drama Birdie Buddy.

Kim Taheyun, also known as Mordny, has other writing credits for After School, its members, and subunits, including "Bang!', Kahi's "Come Back You Bad Boy", and Orange Caramel's "Cried Uncontrollably". He has also written several other KPJ-approved bops, including 9MUSES' "Miss Agent" and T-ARA's "Wanna Play?", "Cry Cry", "I'M SO BAD", and "DAY BY DAY".

(8) — "'Yuri! Yuri! Yuri! Yuri!', everyone stream The First Scene by Kwon Yuri. When I tell you I wore this and KARA's We're With You tf out in 2010, KARA's soccer balls song definitely aged better than this though. NOT the iconically bad vocal editing having me wondering still if that falsetto line around 2:00 was sung by Jooyeon (well…), Lizzy, or Jungah."

(8) — "I do enjoy this song when I listen to... I just never listen to it."​

@Wills (10) — "The verses sound like grounds for an 11, but then that Rebecca & Fiona nightmare of a chorus pulls me right out. But then the bridge sounds like the clapping monkeys from Rhythm Heaven, so yeah, 10/10 seems fair."

@berserkboi (10) — "KIDZ UNITED BOP!!!"

@M24 (8.5) — "So much better than Kara's We're With You as a sports anthem! 'Your way, your way, your wayyyy'!!"

@Macsun (7.25) — "I'm a bad fan. Never heard this before! It sounds ok...I guess. Maybe that's why i never heard it?"

@eyeline (7) — "Had never heard this! It's a cute moment."

@eatyourself (6) — "World Cup songs always have something so off about them..."​

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we're losing a milestone single tonight . . .





Grade: 7.194
Honor roll: 10×1 (@RUNAWAY), 9.25×1 (@Macsun), 9×2 (@Cotton Park, @vague)
Drop-outs: 5×4 (@evilsin, @Ana Raquel, @SloMover, @eyeline), 5.5×1 (@eatyourself), 6×1 (@berserkboi)
@Love Deluxe's score: 7.5
@vague's score: 9

5 ballots: #50, 7.950 avg.
10 ballots: #62, 7.125 avg.
15 ballots: #61, 6.983 avg.
20 ballots: #65, 6.850 avg.
25 ballots: #60, 7.020 avg.
31 ballots: #58, 7.194 avg.

"일주일" (iljuil; one week), also known as "Week", is After School's fifth and final Korean digital single, released on February 21, 2014. The song's lyrics and melody were written by Brave Brothers, and it was arranged by Kokkiri Wangguk and Lee Jungmin. "일주일" was the third of ten singles released in Brave Brothers' 10th Anniversary Project, following Im Chanjung's "Even After (I got hurt)" and 4minute's "Gain weight".

"일주일" debuted at #48 on the Gaon Digital Chart with just one full day of sales, and rose to its peak position of #40 the following week. The song has sold a total of 109,125 downloads since its release. It also debuted and peaked at #35 on Billboard's K-Pop Hot 100 chart based solely on its download and streaming numbers from Naver as well as its airplay on Korea radio.

It's a nice little full circle moment that After School's first and last Korean singles were both written and produced by Brave Brothers.

(7.5) — "I think we found our last place finisher for the KPJ Brave Brothers rate!"

(9) — "I initially gave this a score of 7 but it grew on me exponentially during the voting period. I've really come to love this song this year. Jung-A sounds gorgeous on the chorus; Brave Brothers always knew how to utilize her vocals so well."​

@Macsun (9.25) — "Great hearing another Brave Sound song from them. JungAh melancholy tone work so well with the production."

@roblognick (8) — "The Brave Sound guy really sets this up for failure, but it's actually pretty catchy when he eventually shuts up."

@Vixen (7.75) — "I find Brave Brothers to be so embarrassing... I do, I do..."

@M24 (7.5) — "This flew past me the first times I listened to it. It's actually not as boring as I thought it was. It could do with a bigger chorus for sure though."

@berserkboi (6) — "Nice but a bit limp!"

@eatyourself (5.5) — "Cute but annoying."

@SloMover (5) — "I get that it this is a weird commemoration special digital release kind of thing but it's a bit lame for a ASxBS track."​



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I will defend myself and say that my 10 was for an edit someone posted on here a long time ago (I think it was Ceir??) that removed Brave Brothers completely, and yes I have never EVER added the official version to my library.

Also 4minute's song Only gained weight is fucking BRILLIANT and is one of their best ever songs, so everyone should check that one out too.



Someone is you

Grade: 7.226
Honor roll: 10×2 (@yuuurei, @vague), 9.5×1 (@Oleander), 9×1 (@SloMover)
Drop-outs: 5×2 (@singabob, @eyeline), 5.5×2 (@chrisjche, @KimLippington), 6×4 (@evilsin, @Ana Raquel, @Macsun, @Cotton Park)
@Love Deluxe's score: 8.75
@vague's score: 10

5 ballots: #54, 7.900 avg.
10 ballots: #59, 7.200 avg.
15 ballots: #58, 7.233 avg.
20 ballots: #59, 7.163 avg.
25 ballots: #59, 7.090 avg.
31 ballots: #57, 7.226 avg.

"Someone is you" is the second track from After School's special Christmas-themed single album, Happy pledis, released on December 7, 2010. The song's lyrics were written by Kahi, and it was composed and arranged by Daniel Barkman and Jorgen Ringqvist. The Happy pledis single album debuted and peaked at #2 on the Gaon Album Chart, and a portion of its sales was donated to the Save the Children organization.

Daniel Barkman and Jorgen Ringqvist also wrote Orange Caramel's first digital single, "Bangkok City". "Someone is you" is one of many songs Kahi wrote the lyrics to during her career; others include After School's b-sides "When I Fall" and "With U", as well as her debut solo single, "Come Back You Bad Boy", and three of the b-sides on her second mini-album, Who Are You?, "Hey boy", "Sinister (feat. Bekah)", and "Slow".

(8.75) — "NOT the random choir coming in at the bridge, Raina said Celtic Woman who?! Lizzy sounds good on her 6 words, my favorite After School voice for sure."

(10) — "One of my fave b-sides. I've listened to this probably 100x more than 'LOVE LOVE LOVE' tbh. The melody is so pretty to me and they all (mostly) sound great here. The only downside is that this was released when Pledis was treating Jung-A like she was on Juyeon / U-ie's level and not giving her many lines. An absolute disgrace tbh!"​

@SloMover (9) — "This Leona Lewis rip-off is lowkey one of my favourite songs from After School ddd."

@berserkboi (8) — "Like it belongs on the Love Actually soundtrack!"

@M24 (8) — "So much better than the A-side, super pretty. I mean, the strings,the choir like harmonization, Raina's ad libs in the middle-8. I should score this higher but I can't score all the songs so high, can I?"

@Vixen (8) — "What can I say, I love me a good ballad with good vocals..."

@Attis (7) — "Has potential to be great ballad, but the added male sing-along is so bad."

@Macsun (6) — "Another first for me.. Unfortunately really forgettable. Probably won't go back to this."​

an untouched album is losing its first song today . . .




Tell me

Grade: 7.250
Honor roll: 10×2 (@RUNAWAY, @yuuurei), 8.5×1 (@Macsun), 8×7 (@Crisp X, @evilsin, @Slice of Life, @BEST FICTION, @Remorque, @Love Deluxe, @vague)
Drop-outs: 4×1 (@Conan), 6×3 (@roblognick, @eyeline, @Vixen), 6.25×1 (@singabob)
@Love Deluxe's score: 8
@vague's score: 8

5 ballots: #57, 7.850 avg.
10 ballots: #55, 7.425 avg.
15 ballots: #56, 7.283 avg.
20 ballots: #58, 7.225 avg.
25 ballots: #55, 7.230 avg.
31 ballots: #56, 7.250 avg.

"Tell me" is the eleventh track from After School's first Japanese album, PLAYGIRLZ, released on March 14, 2012. The song's lyrics were written by Kanata Okajima and it was composed by Yusuke Itagaki. "Tell me" was one of five songs re-recorded in 2015 for inclusion on After School's final release, BEST.

In a Japanese blog post promoting the release of PLAYGIRLZ, Raina chose "Tell me" as her favorite song on the album, saying, "['Tell me'] makes my heart feel inspired... This song brings out that sort of feeling."

"Tell me" also holds the distinction of being the final song Kahi performed with After School on the final date of their first Japanese tour, closing out her graduation ceremony, on June 17, 2012. Kahi's graduation encore was included as a bonus feature on the tour's Blu-Ray release.

(8) — "While I loved this when it came out, the Wii theme music instrumental is not giving in 2021 unfortunately."

(8) — "It's cute and the lyrics are sweet, but it's not one of my top faves from the album. I don't think it should've been the first out, though."​

@RUNAWAY (10) — "this song makes me feel ALL the emotions <3 Their live version on the Japanese tour, especially Kahi's graduation performance gives all of the feels and I'm crying 5ever just thinking of it. It's such a beautiful song, and I hope it doesn't get tanked because it's a midtempo/ballad."

@berserkboi (7.5) — "Cute!"

@M24 (7.5) — "The weak point of the album (and maybe of the whole two japanese albums). It's cute but it doesn't stand out in any way. There are lovely harmonizations here though."

@eatyourself (6.75) — "The bass on this is very pretty."

@Ana Raquel (6.5) — "The sore thumb on the album but still a cute girl."

@roblognick (6) — "Another cute SNSD sounding track."​


Since this is a fairly significant song related to Kahi's career, it feels like the right time to mention she's booked a new gig appearing on Mom is an Idol, a new variety show set to air on tvN soon.

Also worth noting, today is the 12th anniversary of the release of the group's first #1 single, "너 때문에 (Because of you)"! Let's celebrating its birthday by streaming it all day, shall we?