The After School Discography Rate • FINISHED




Just in time

Grade: 8.169
Honor roll: 10×4 (@RUNAWAY, @Slice of Life, @Love Deluxe, @vague), 9.5×1 (@Attis), 9.25×1 (@eatyourself)
Drop-outs: 5×1 (@eyeline), 6.5×1 (@Vixen), 6.75×1 (@Cotton Park)
@Love Deluxe's score: 10
@vague's score: 10

5 ballots: #30, 9.000 avg.
10 ballots: #31, 8.500 avg.
15 ballots: #33, 8.400 avg.
20 ballots: #34, 8.263 avg.
25 ballots: #35, 8.220 avg.
31 ballots: #34, 8.169 avg.

"Just in time" is the fifth track from After School's first Japanese album, PLAYGIRLZ, released on March 14, 2012. The song's lyrics were written by Hanai, it was composed by Yusuke Itagaki, and arranged by Orito. "Just in time" was one of five songs re-recorded in 2015 for inclusion on After School's final release, BEST; the original version of the song was also included on the compilation.

In January 2012, "Just in time" was selected as the CM song for Samantha Thavasa's "Samantha Muse ALL STARS" spring 2012 campaign. The snippet used in the CM was also released as a ringtone on Recochoku, where it peaked at #57.

The After School members seem to have quite the affinity for "Just in time" as it has been performed a handful of times at various events, and it was somehow was one of the songs selected to be re-recorded in 2015, out of all the songs to choose from. In fact, in a blog post promoting the release of PLAYGIRLZ, U-ie stated "Just in time" was her favorite track on the album, saying, "I think it's a song that shows After School's cute side which is a little different from the usual image of After School." Juyeon also listed it as a favorite in a March 2012 interview with Oricon Style: "When I listen to 'Just in time' I get a lot of power. It's refreshing, bright, and so lovely. I personally love the type of melody of the song that we haven’t had until now."

(10) — "Absolute best album track from PLAYGIRLZ that should've gone at least Top 20. They really hit such a sweet spot for some of the Japanese tracks, where the topline of the song was centered solely around Nana's vocals, and this is one of them."

(10) — "The middle 8 here is a career highlight tbh. I find the melodies here so pretty and catchy. This has been a fave of mine pretty much since day one. Sad it didn't do better here, but I can't say I'm really shocked either."​

@Attis (9.5) — "It's so lovely and lightweight."

@eatyourself (9.25) — "I don't know who this guy Justin is but this bops! Very smooth and early 2000s somehow?"

@Wills (9) — "Not sure that I'm sold on this as a whole, but the instrumental (and especially that twinkling loop) is a thing of beauty."

@berserkboi (9) — "More boppiness! I am really into this era so far!"

@M24 (8.25) — "Such a good electronic ballad. The melodies in the verses and bridge are superb. It just needs a better chorus I guess, because it feels kind of basic."

@Macsun (8) — "The ease of how they slide into a cute concept from a slut drop one needs to be commended."

@roblognick (7) — "Sounds like an early SNSD album track to me. Which is cute!"

@Vixen (6.5) — "There's a decent song in there, but the song gets grating with time... I do like the bridge, however. Nice ad-libs on the last chorus too."​


If y'all haven't been keeping up with Mom is an Idol, Kahi's team won the first mission securing Kahi's spot as main dancer in the final group!!
@roblognick (7) — "Sounds like an early SNSD album track to me. Which is cute!"
Ohh you're right, I could hear SNSD singing this.

Anyway this is what I want from a sweet/refreshing concept ya know, it's pretty and sparkly and light blue and doesn't veer off into the twee and cloying. Honestly, I should have given this a 10, but after listening a few times for rating, the "twinkle twinkle twinkle" bits did feel a bit repetitive. Still, this song should have gone a bit farther. The "この展開 maybe 運命 you and me" line at the end of the chorus is so pretty, and I love Raina's "気付かない振りなんて 出来ない" too.



Ready to love

Grade: 8.331
Honor roll: 10×7 (@junglefish, @RUNAWAY, @Crisp X, @evilsin, @yuuurei, @Macsun, @Love Deluxe), 9.5×2 (@Slice of Life, @vague), 9×5 (@ysev, @chrisjche, @Wills, @Oleander, @Remorque)
Drop-outs: 4×1 (@eyeline), 5×1 (@Hurricane Drunk), 6×1 (@eatyourself)
@Love Deluxe's score: 10
@vague's score: 9.5

5 ballots: #18, 9.300 avg.
10 ballots: #19, 9.000 avg.
15 ballots: #21, 8.933 avg.
20 ballots: #28, 8.600 avg.
25 ballots: #33, 8.340 avg.
31 ballots: #33, 8.331 avg.

"Ready to love" is the b-side to After School's second Japanese single, Diva (Japan Ver.), released on November 23, 2011. The song's lyrics were written by Hanai and it was composed and arranged by Yasushi Watanabe.

Yasushi Watanabe has also worked on "SLOW LOVE" and Orange Caramel's "Lum no Love Song", "Cookie Cream & Mint", "Akai Kutsu", and "Suppai Budou".

In a November 2011 interview with Oricon Style, Juyeon described the song as "sad", and Nana described the ambiguous love story told in the song's lyrics as one that "makes you the most unsure. I'm unable to say my feelings, so while thinking in my heart that I want to clarify an ambiguous relationship, I think I would probably just let it continue to be vague."

(10) — "Seeing this and Just in time going out one after another on the leaderboard was painful! Deserved a spot on PLAYGIRLZ over a handful of tracks that ended up on there. For some reason I misheard the lyric in the chorus as 'candy sky', and I told @vague and he was like 'hmm you sure about that?', and so now it is canon that they are indeed singing candy sky!"

(9.5) — "The 'I wanna know tada / I wanna know kimi wo' bit of the pre-chorus is so jarring melodically to me and the only reason I didn't give this a full 10. That said, this song should not have left until well into the top twenty wtf! The middle 8 is out of this world amazing... a career highlight 4real4real."​

@RUNAWAY (10) — "who was expecting this SLAYAGE from a Japanese b-side?! This is honestly one of my favorite tracks of their entire discography. It's seriously flawless."

@Macsun (10) — "The 'baby doll' vocals is weird as shit but good god the production!
Nana/Raina on the bridge? Gorgeous!"

@Wills (9) — "The restraint going into the last chorus is a real 'hear God' moment."

@Attis (8.5) — "It slaps, also is it Nana in the bridge? She sounds phenomenal."

@berserkboi (8) — "Love the melody but some production quirks prevent a full score!"

@M24 (8) — "This could've replaced Tell Me, and that way I could make the argument that Playgirlz is almost just as good as Dress to Kill."

@SloMover (7.5) — "Another decent at best track that I have a strong attachment to because of the Japanese tour performance. The dancebreak that Kahi and E-Young kill <3"

@roblognick (7) — "That beat goes right through me, it's not a nice noise. Shame as it's not a bad basic pop song overall."

@Vixen (7) — "This being saved by yet another amazing bridge again... I swear they had something in their water when it came down to bridges..."​

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in the moonlight

Grade: 8.411
Honor roll: 10×6 (@Crisp X, @Attis, @ysev, @Slice of Life, @Macsun, @Cotton Park), 9.5×3 (@RUNAWAY, @SloMover, @BEST FICTION), 9×5 (@evilsin, @Ana Raquel, @chrisjche, @GeiPanda, @vague)
Drop-outs: 6×2 (@eyeline, @Hurricane Drunk), 6.25×1 (@Conan), 6.75×2 (@junglefish, @Mikl C)
@Love Deluxe's score: 8.5
@vague's score: 9

5 ballots: #36, 8.500 avg.
10 ballots: #25, 8.750 avg.
15 ballots: #18, 8.967 avg.
20 ballots: #30, 8.525 avg.
25 ballots: #31, 8.440 avg.
31 ballots: #32, 8.411 avg.

"in the moonlight" is the ninth track from After School's second Japanese album, Dress to kill, released on March 19, 2014. Its lyrics were written by KAJI KATSURA; it was composed by Andreas Oberg, Maria Marcus, and Julimar Santos; and arranged by Maria Marcus.

In the lead-up to the Dress to kill release date, After School's official Japanese Facebook page posted a series of "director's notes" for each track on the album. For "in the moonlight", the director stated, "This track was completed through trial and error to have a hint of spice in an album that could sound dark overall. Compared with the recent dance music with a major eighth note feel, this witty track had a vibe that reminded me of acid jazz back in the day with the accent on minor keys. The combination between a Jazz fusion-style bass riff and a jazz funkish guitar cutting through feels nostalgic and present. The lyrics are written by KAJI. It was a success to make the theme 'Space', so the song didn't become just a light love song."

In a 2014 interview with VANITYMIX, Raina chose "in the moonlight" as her favorite track from Dress to kill, saying, "It starts with the phrase 'Dancin' in the moonlight' in the beginning and sounds cool. I fell in love with this song instantly the first time I listened to it." However, because she has no loyalty, she turned around and highlighted "Yes No Yes" as her favorite in another interview, so what is the truth dot jif.

(8.5) — "As long as I get through the intro, then it's smooth sailing for this song - but most times the intro is too jarring for me, especially coming after the understated Heaven in the tracklist. The way the second chorus has extra production flourishes compared to the first is masterful though."

(9) — "I think I overscored this a bit. Most of the song is really nice, but those 'dancin' in the moonlight~' bits throughout are so fkn grating!!!!"​

@Attis (10) — "My personal favorite from this album, it's just so funky and even more funkier through the end."

@Slice of Life (10) — "the production ahdjdjdkdkdkdks this is real music!!!!!!!!!! if iu released this, it wouldve been a 10 week gaon number 1."

@Macsun (10) — "The final song in the Jazz trilogy and they saved the best for last!. Love the harmonies in this! Another rare instance of the vocals being focused on with some personality thrown in. AMAZING TRACK!!"

@SloMover (9.5) — "In my fantasies, In The Moonlight would've been repurposed as a Korean comeback title track."

@M24 (8.5) — "It's not among my favorites of the album, the 'dancing in the moonlight' hook is not that catchy for me. However, I very much enjoy the chorus and Raina's 'cruising all night long' part. For that, I give it 0.25 more points than Spotlight, my least favorite of the album."

@berserkboi (7.5) — "Cute bop albeit not the most melodious! Ddd"

@roblognick (7) — "The intro to this is not nice, but it gets better."

@Vixen (7) — "After School definitely went to the same 'bridge' school that SM groups have gone to!!"​

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I have always said and will continue doing so that Andreas Oberg is a guitar genius. "in the moonlight" is so hypnotic and infatuating, I was this close to giving it a 10.

I'm not ready to see my other favorites going before some of the other "Dress to kill" cuts.
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Grade: 8.476
Honor roll: 10×6 (@RUNAWAY, @SloMover, @Conan, @Macsun, @Mikl C, @eatyourself), 9.75×1 (@singabob), 9.5×1 (@BEST FICTION)
Drop-outs: 4×1 (@Vixen), 5.5×1 (@chrisjche), 6×1 (@Ana Raquel)
@Love Deluxe's score: 8.75
@vague's score: 8.5

5 ballots: #23, 9.150 avg.
10 ballots: #32, 8.425 avg.
15 ballots: #36, 8.183 avg.
20 ballots: #33, 8.313 avg.
25 ballots: #27, 8.580 avg.
31 ballots: #31, 8.476 avg.

"밤 하늘에" (bam haneure; in the night sky) is the title track from After School's fourth Korean single album, RED, released on July 20, 2011. It was written and arranged by Brave Brothers and features uncredited vocals from Electroboyz member Maboos. "밤 하늘에" is performed by the subunit After School RED, made up of Kahi, Jung-A, U-ie, and Nana.

After the success of Orange Caramel throughout 2010, Pledis' CEO, Han Sungsoo, felt more comfortable launching more subunits from After School, which lead to the creation of RED and BLUE. He felt the units would help showcase each member's "jewel-like" charms and individuality. We already gave a more in-depth breakdown of the formation of the RED and BLUE units in the "원더보이 (Wonder boy)" write-up, which you can read here.

As also mentioned in that write-up, the original rumor for the subunits included one called A.S. Originals, which was to feature Kahi, Jung-A, Juyeon, Raina, and Nana. Perhaps giving credence to that original, rumored plan is this graphic that appeared on Pledis' website describing the RED subunit with "Originality".​


RED and BLUE were given contrasting concepts and were engaged in a friendly rivalry while promoting. RED was given a "sexy and intense" concept, while BLUE was intended to convey a "fresh and youthful" concept. BLUE ultimately out-charted RED on the Gaon Album Chart, peaking at #18 while RED peaked at #21, but "밤 하늘에" out peaked "원더보이 (Wonder boy)" on the Gaon Digital Chart, reaching #9 versus BLUE's #15 peak. RED ultimately performed better overall than BLUE with both their single and album sales (and in this rate nn), with "밤 하늘에" selling 1,514,202 downloads in 2011, making it the 117th best-selling song of that year, and the RED single album selling 12,085 physical copies in total.

The "밤 하늘에" MV was delayed nearly a week, only coming out on July 26. Fans speculated this delay was due to the MV being reshot as nothing from the MV teaser ultimately made it into the actual video. The day after the video's release, however, Pledis announced both units would be ceasing their promotions in order to focus on their Japanese debut the following month.​


And, of course, because no Pledis release can go off without a hitch, Kahi had a close call on the MV set where she almost got into a motorcycle accident. According to the Pledis, while filming the MV, Kahi came close to crashing into a truck on set, but her quick reflexes helped her to avoid being gravely injured. Pledis released a statement saying, "The bike, weighing over 300 kg, left her with small abrasions, but she successfully completed the shoot after a short rest." The rest of the shoot was incident-free, thankfully, and according to Pledis was a "happy filming trip that the members enjoyed and had been wanting for a long time."

While RED didn't face any plagiarism accusations in the way that BLUE did, @Love Deluxe and I discovered that there's a resemblance between the outfits RED wear on their album covers and the outfits the Pussycat Dolls wear in their "Bottle Pop" music video (which Kahi had previously performed on Music Bank in 2009). We're not saying the outfits are a direct copy or anything, but they definitely feel... inspired by PCD, to say the least. Additionally, After School got lucky that their Coachella-inspired "Californian Hippie" outfit phase was back in 2011 and didn't generate any controversy at that time. We'll leave those outfits to Vanessa Hudgens nn.​


In 2012, Nana would go on to join another Brave Brothers-produced, red-centric unit, Dazzling Red, also consisting of SECRET's Hyosung, SISTAR's Hyolyn, KARA's Nicole, and 4minute's Hyuna, for the 2012 SBS Gayo Daejun year-end music show.

(8.75) — "I remember at the time of this dropping, there was a really vocal handful of fans that were confused the song didn't end up being as 'girl crush' as advertised. I have a lot of fond memories with this era, mainly because Nana as an idol reached a new apex. Just looking at the way she moves in the live stages, mawma the star quality dripping from her finger tips! Also, how happy must Kahi have been that her unit happened to be all her fave members dddd."

(8.5) — "The MV has not aged well nn but the song has only gotten better with time for me. Wasn't the biggest fan of this when it was first released, but it's definitely a classic now. I highkey prefer the production used in the MV teaser than what we ultimately ended up with tho dddd."​

@Macsun (10) — "Another great classic BOP. Kahi and Nana trading verses while JungAh and Uee blending everything together. One of Kahi's best raps."

@singabob (9.75) — "This song is close to perfect – only thing that ruins it slightly for me is Brave Brothers' (I think) sex noises in the background."

@Cotton Park (9.25) — "Clearly, the Red won this experiment. Maybe just at my house. Maybe Brave Brothers helped. He pretty much grunts and pants through the whole thing. Not complaining, per se."

@eyeline (9) — "I was low key floored by how good this way and how amazing this sub-unit all looked! (We'll just forget the terrible headdress moment. Awful even back then :( )."

@GeiPanda (9) — "Nana's prechorus, Nana's prechorus, Nana's prechorus, ∞."

@Attis (8.5) — "Reminds me too much with 2NE1 I Don't Care."

@berserkboi (8.5) — "Some parts are really great though others are a tiny bt on the painful side..."

@M24 (8.5) — "Hmm this one doesn't convince me much. There are parts of the song that I like, but I feel like overall it succeeds in spite of the production rather than because of it. It feels more like a midtempo affair to me, one that never really lifts off. That's why I don't understand why they are dancing that much in the MV dddd. I'm giving it an 8.75 though, because I enjoy listening to it when it comes on (even if I don't see myself seeking it out when this rate is over)."

@roblognick (8) — "Everyone sounds very Nana on this and Nana herself sounds hyper-Nana! I think this song has wormed its way into my brain - I really didn't like it at first."

@Vixen (4) — "Honestly, kind of terrible! :S"​

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40 Timeless ━ 7.952
39 When I Fall (2011 New Recordings) ━ 7.992
38 HOLLYWOOD — 8.016
37 When I Fall ━ 8.024
36 아몰레드 (AMOLED) ━ 8.032
35 원더보이 (Wonder boy) ━ 8.048
34 Just in time — 8.169
33 Ready to love ━ 8.331
32 in the moonlight — 8.411
31 밤 하늘에 (in the night sky) ━ 8.476



「New Schoolgirl」

나쁜놈 (Bad Guy)


아몰레드 (AMOLED)

아몰레드 (AMOLED) (with Son Dambi)


「너 때문에」

너 때문에 (Because of you)
When I Fall



Let's do it!
With U


Happy pledis

Someone is you



Let's Step Up
Play Ur Love
Dream (feat. Pre-School Girl Yoonjo)
시간에 기대어 (Depend on Time)
잘 지내고 있죠 (Nothing to complain of)
Funky Man (feat. Pre-School Girl Kyungmin)
My Bell
When I Fall (2011 New Recordings)



원더보이 (Wonder boy)

밤 하늘에 (In the night sky)



겨울 이야기 (Winter Story)



Rip off
Rambling girls
BROKEN HEART feat. Jung-A, Raina, Nana, E-Young
Diva (Japan Ver.)
Just in time
Gimme Love
Because of you (Japan Ver.)
Miss Futuristic feat. Kahi, Juyeon, U-ie, Lizzy
Bang! (Japan Ver.)
Tell me


「Lady Luck / Dilly Dally」

Lady Luck
Dilly Dally



Eyeline (透視 / 투시)
손목시계 (Watch)



8 hot girl
첫사랑 (First Love)
Dressing Room
Time's up
Love Beat
화장을 하다 울었어 (Make up & tears)



일주일 (Week)


「Dress to kill」

Dress to kill
Crazy Driver
Yes No Yes
in the moonlight
rock it!
Lucky Girl






Dream Girl
Dreams Again!

make it happen (with Amuro Namie)
Take me to the place
Super sexy
Ready to love

What ten songs don't deserve to reach the top twenty? Tell us!!!
fans that were confused the song didn't end up being as 'girl crush' as advertised
/raises hand
The song is fine, I just always wanted it to be something different than what we got.

What ten songs don't deserve to reach the top twenty?
Well I have one 6 left that can get tf out any time now. Other than that it's all 8s, 9s and 10s for me so I'm just preparing some mild hexes for anyone who tanks my faves.
Excellent, bye-bye Night Sky! Not that it was the worst thing here, but it never should have outlasted Wonder Boy.

Next on my personal chopping block:
  • Diva
  • 첫사랑 (First Love)
  • Dress to kill
  • Crazy Driver
  • Yes No Yes
  • rock it!
  • make it happen (with Amuro Namie)