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I'm pretty sure it was a bonus track only on "CD only" editions of "Dress to kill".

Ah makes sense. I haven't bought a CD in ages. Even with the proliferation of streaming services, CD exclusives are still a thing.

As much as they have several bangers....

PLAY Girlz is probably going to be my 11 too.
The Alpha and Omega to their entire discography. The foresight!
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Where do you even start with a write-up for Kahi when there's so much that can and needs to be said? As the self-appointed leader, main and lead rapper, main and lead dancer, lead vocal, center, face of the group, mentor, mother, surfer, IG baddie, and all-around social media influencer, Kahi's influence on not just After School but on kpop as a whole is something that can not be argued. Calling her one of the best dancers to come through Korea is not even hyperbole at this point, but a stone-cold fact. She was whipping the girls of After School into shape while 4th gen idols were still in diapers.

If it could be boiled down to one sentence, After School is Kahi's brainchild, her literal baby. From the earliest days, Kahi had her hand in almost everything when it came to the group - from the vision and aesthetics, to even hand-picking members for the group and molding them to their fullest potential. Nana and Bekah being the most notable fruits of her labor - coincidentally they're also her favorite pupils.

From a young age, Kahi had a passion for dancing. When she came to Seoul for part-time work in bars and clubs as a way to make money, she still used dancing as a means to entertain herself while working. One day she was dancing around at work and a composer approached her, literally asking, 'What are you doing here? Don't you want to be a dancer for real?'. This proved to be a lightbulb moment for Kahi, and was the catalyst for her dipping her toes into the entertainment industry as a backup dancer. Here Kahi probably experienced her most trying years, questioning if the entertainment industry was for her.

Raised by her grandparents, Kahi's dream career of being in the entertainment business was put to the test when she was forced to choose between visiting her ailing grandfather in the hospital or missing out on an already booked performance as a backing dancer for BoA. Too late for her to drop out, Kahi ultimately chose to attend the gig and her grandfather ended up passing away that same day. This event led Kahi to question if her decision to become a dancer was the right choice for her, later saying, "I wasn't even a singer, but I was living as a back dancer and I couldn't even be with my grandfather during his last moments. I hated myself so much, and I wanted to quit right away."

Eventually, after several years of working as a backing dancer for SM and YG artists, Kahi would get her next big break in the industry and make her debut in the girl group S.Blush in 2007, with the release of their one and only, "It's My Life". Son Dambi, who would later become her label-mate at Pledis, was also in one of the pre-debut lineups for S.Blush. This connection to Dambi is what ultimately lead Kahi to joining the then up-and-coming company Pledis, and was the catalyst for the launch of After School less than two short years later.

From the moment After School debuted in January 2009, Kahi hustled to get their name out there - performing on special stage after special stage, establishing herself with the GP as a top tier dancer on variety shows, curating covers and dances for After School to perform on broadcasts. Her foot never left the gas, truly the definition of tenacity.​


With the Pussycat Dolls as their conceptual template, After School was one of the firsts when it came to trailblazing the girl crush concept in the Korean mainstream. This influence was seen a year later when the top girl groups made a 180 shift to more mature and edgier concepts for that time such as Girls' Generation (Run Devil Run), KARA (Lupin), T-ARA (I Go Crazy Because of You).

Determination is Kahi coming in mainly as a dancer and rapper, and then willing herself into a lead (oftentimes main) vocal position through sheer power and training. Singing, Kahi would say herself, was not a talent that came easily to her, but through sheer force of will and hours of practice, she earned her position as one of the vocal pillars in the early years of After School. Kahi didn't just hold herself to an extreme standard, though; she also demanded the same passion and dedication from the rest of After School as its leader. Kahi holding her members to the same high standard she held herself to is also why the group was able to cement themselves as a high caliber performance group in Korea, able to flawlessly incorporate a wide range of concepts.

During After School's earliest years, when she had more creative control with the group, Kahi would have a hand in the writing of a couple of After School songs like "When I Fall", "With U", and "Someone is you". This is a talent that would continue into her solo career, as she also wrote the lyrics to her first solo single, "Comeback You Bastard", as well as three of the b-sides on her second mini-album, Who Are You?


Though it's sad that Kahi was only in After School for about 3 years, her influence was still felt even in her absence. After a couple of years of floundering about, trying to find some footing with concept and group identity, the remaining members held down the fort for AS and broke new ground in their most creatively fruitful years. 2012's "FLASHBACK" and 2013's "First Love" were a return to form that was missing since 2010's "Bang!" And their last album, Dress to kill, is highly regarded as their magnum opus.

There will never be another like Kahi, a pillar in the K-Pop industry and the backbone of an amazing legacy left by After School.​

Here are some of her highlights throughout the years:

Whew some life things got in the way these last few weeks and @vague got vocal nodes while he was recording background vocals for C-Real, but we is back! Also, the main page is finally updated in its final form.
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Excuse the potato quality photos ahead but I was browsing through my physical After School collection for this rate and I love how the photo booklet for New Schoolgirl is a school yearbook-styled members profile

(How cute is the AIR MAIL stamp on Bekah's profile)

And each subsequent physical release comes with an admission slip/profile for the new member