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Rambling girls
Eyeline (透視 / 투시)
Dressing Room
Love Beat
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Bang! (Japan Ver.)

Grade: 8.847
Honor roll: 10×8 (@Crisp X, @evilsin, @chrisjche, @Slice of Life, @Wills, @Mikl C, @eatyourself, @Remorque), 9.75×2 (@Conan, @KimLippington), 9.5×1 (@M24)
Drop-outs: 5×1 (@Attis), 7×1 (@Cotton Park), 8×6 (@eyeline, @berserkboi, @GeiPanda, @Vixen, @Oleander, @Love Deluxe)
@Love Deluxe's score: 8
@vague's score: 8.25

5 ballots: #36, 8.500 avg.
10 ballots: #30, 8.550 avg.
15 ballots: #24, 8.833 avg.
20 ballots: #20, 8.850 avg.
25 ballots: #18, 8.870 avg.
31 ballots: #20, 8.847 avg.

"Bang! (Japan Ver.)" is After School's debut Japanese single, released on August 17, 2011. Its lyrics were written by H.U.B. and Bekah, it was composed by Kim Taehyun, and arranged by corin. "Bang! (Japan Ver.)" was also later included on After School's first Japanese album, PLAYGIRLZ, in 2012, and both the original and a re-recorded version were also included on their final release, BEST, in 2015.

Starting in December 2010, rumors began circulating that After School was preparing to debut in Japan. On December 28, Pledis released a statement, that they were in discussion with various Japanese agencies confirming the group would be making their Japanese debut in 2011. A month later, on January 27, 2011, Pledis confirmed that After School would be making their Japanese debut in March. The March debut would end up being delayed due to the Touhoku tsunami, but a collaboration with Amuro Namie, "make it happen" (which is still in the rate), was released on April 27, rather than their own single as previously expected.​


On June 2, After School's official Japanese website updated announcing their first Japanese single would be released in August. A lot of 2011's timeline is a little murky in regards to Bekah, with her hiatus at the start of the year and then the announcement of her graduation coming in June, just weeks after this single's announcement. In fact, Bekah was even featured in the promotional photo uploaded to After School's Japanese website announcing the single's release. Ultimately, Bekah chose to graduate from After School before their official Japanese debut, but it's clear she was intended to be involved at least at one point. Based on the member's hairstyles, we can deduce that After School filmed the video for "Bang! (Japan Ver.)" in mid-to-late June, meaning Bekah was still a member of the group while they filmed the video for their Japanese debut without her.​


After School had their first Japanese live event, AFTERSCHOOL Japan Premium Party -Bang! Bang! Bang!- Live at AKASAKA BLITZ, on July 17. All 3,000 available tickets for the event sold out within one minute of going on sale, proving the demand for After School in the Japanese market. The entire show was filmed and was included on the deluxe CD+DVD edition of PLAYGIRLZ released the following year.​


Prior to the single's release, "Bang! (Japan Ver.)" received several promotional tie-ups. The song was featured in a series of commercials for the ico brand hair straightener, it was used as the ending theme to Japanese variety shows Futtonda and Gamers TV Yoasobi Sanshimai, and was also used as the August POWER PLAY song for the Happy MUSIC performance show. Additionally, After School teamed up with Hello Kitty to produce a series of limited edition merch sold through avex's web store, mu-mo, starting on September 12.​


The week of the single's release, After School performed at avex's annual summer concert series, a-nation. Their performance was so well received, it was said to have majorly boosted their pre-order sales in the days following the performance. Upon its release, the Bang! (Japan Ver.) single peaked at #7 on Oricon, selling 23,760 copies in its first week of release. It charted for twelve weeks and sold 42,363 copies in total, making it the 184th best-selling physical single in Japan for 2011.​


On the opening night of their PLAYGIRLZ tour, it was decided to introduce newly announced member Kaeun to the fans. She joined After School during the concert's encore for performances of "Let's do it!" and "Bang! (Japan Ver.)" after being taught the drums by Kahi while still a trainee. She wouldn't officially debut until the release of After School's fifth Korean single, "FLASHBACK", two months later.

(8) — "NOT some fan making a version of this that completely edits out Kahi's rap and replaces it with Bekah's original. Similarly to how I feel about Diva JP, this doesn't retain the same essence as its Korean predecessor, but that new outro production is excellent. Can't tell if I prefer the absence of the Mario & Luigi talking intro in this version or not!"

(8.25) — "The original Korean version is one of my all-time favorite songs, and this version just doesn't quite live up to it for me. It's a nice bonus, but I very rarely listen to it on its own."​

@Wills (10) — "I wanna say this loses some of the charm of the original, but it's honestly a masterpiece in any language."

@eatyourself (10) — "This Timbaland moment!"

@KimLippington (9.75) — "Bekah's presence is missed but a hit's a hit! I love the urgency those strings add to the song."

@M24 (9.5) — "I admit I had to do a side by side comparison of the two versions on Youtube to spot the differences. I think I prefer the korean version's production, that one feels a lot more energetic. Particularly in the chorus, the second half has a melodic riff that this japanese version gets rid of. I'm not sure if I'm explaining myself, probably someone more knowledgeable about music can explain it better than I can. Anyway, the lyrics do sound a little better in japanese, or at least I love the scandal bit. The MV is much better here too. I give it a 9.5, because it's still a bop but not as good as the original."

@Ana Raquel (9) — "Why does every japanese version sounds better than the korean one????????"

@roblognick (9) — "Really good reinterpretation. Kung kung kung to DONG DONG DONG is iconic. But the original still beats it."

@Macsun (8.75) — "I like the spruced up production, again the lack of Bekah hurts it a bit. Kahi's granny persona rears its ugly head again."

@SloMover (8.5) — "Again, I love how they took one of their signature songs and gave it a remix to suit the J-Pop a bit more. Kahi's rap in this is not good, though."

@berserkboi (8) — "Nice enough but not an absolute best here!"

@Vixen (8) — "It's definitely inferior to the original, imo."

@Attis (5) — "Oh hell no, this is the worst remix lmaooo How the hell you gonna take the best part of the song like that?"​

we're losing a ~title~ track tonight . . .

it also received an 11 . . .




Dress to kill

Grade: 8.863
Honor roll: 11×1 (@Remorque), 10×6 (@Attis, @SloMover, @yuuurei, @eatyourself, @GeiPanda, @Oleander), 9.75×2 (@singabob, @vague)
Drop-outs: 7×3 (@junglefish, @Hurricane Drunk, @Cotton Park), 7.5×2 (@Wills, @berserkboi), 8×5 (@Crisp X, @evilsin, @roblognick, @chrisjche, @Slice of Life)
@Love Deluxe's score: 9.5
@vague's score: 9.75

5 ballots: #26, 9.100 avg.
10 ballots: #23, 8.850 avg.
15 ballots: #27, 8.700 avg.
20 ballots: #23, 8.738 avg.
25 ballots: #25, 8.670 avg.
31 ballots: #19, 8.863 avg.

"Dress to kill" is the second track from After School's second Japanese album, Dress to kill, released on March 19, 2014. Its lyrics were written by Reika Yuuki and it was composed and arranged by Jon Levine, Pam Sheyne, and Ross Golan. Coincidentally, years earlier, After School were chosen to model for the clothing brand Dress To Kill in their F/W 2009 campaign.

In the lead-up to the Dress to kill release date, After School's official Japanese Facebook page posted a series of "director's notes" for each track on the album. For "Dress to kill", the director stated, "The first song to open the enchanting world had to be this song. The structure of the song gives a sense of risk and apprehension as if we are watching a spy movie. The track is unique and the song matches the album title 'Dress to kill' perfectly. Except for the chorus, they sing whispery during the whole song to make the listener feel their endless allure. In sharp contrast to the rest of the song, their emotional vocal in the chorus gives this song depth. The lyrics in the pre-chorus, 'cross your legs, beckon me closer / stroke my hair and blow your breath in my ear gently', describe every movement extensively and almost makes you feel it's happening before your eyes."

While promoting Dress to kill, After School discussed the meaning of the album's title, with Nana telling KanFun magazine, "It means to dress up to gain people's attention ... This time we challenged ourselves with dance songs from various genres. 'Dress to kill' also originally means sexy and powerful, and After School is determined to catch our fans’ eyes with various dance songs."

In that same interview, both Jung-A and E-Young listed "Dress to kill" as their favorite song on the album. For Jung-A, it was because "the lyrics are sung in a whispered voice." She then added, "While recording this song I tried to whisper sexily. We recorded several versions of it. It's a bit embarrassing (laugh)." E-Young chose "Dress to kill" because she "got praised as the best when recording this song ... especially my whisper voice (shy laugh)." E-Young also chose "Dress to kill" as her favorite song in an interview with Kanryu, because "I was able to finish the recording process smoothly. Whenever I listen to this song I'd remember that and it would lift my mood."

Upon its release, the Dress to kill album peaked at #33 on Oricon, selling just 4,252 copies in its first week of release. It charted for two weeks and sold 4,813 copies in total.

(9.5) — "We love a spiritual successor to Dressing Room. The specific brand of sinister that this and Dilly Dally possess, excellence!"

(9.75) — "One of their spookiest-sounding songs, and I love it. When the album first came out, I had a whole horror-themed music video for this planned out in my head. I litcherally remember nothing else about the idea tho nn."​

@Attis (10) — "This absolute masterpiece. It's just so cool, unnerving, glamourous, sexy and everything in between."

@SloMover (10) — "I love the demonic energy of Dress to kill."

@singabob (9.75) — "I wanted them (and still do) to film a music video for the song. It's such a conceptual song. Nana's vocals really suit the vibe of this song."

@M24 (9.5) — "Sexiest song ever by a kpop group? Whew, I don't think they could get away with these lyrics in a korean album... 'Come on over to my so sweet box', 'I'm gonna punish you, who teases me'. Regardless, the production is so good too! There's such a smooth transition between the chorus and the verses, that it feels like a whole movie soundtrack experience. Why wasn't this the single? I like Heaven and Shh but they're not as good imho."

@Macsun (9.25) — "Telling intro showing how this project will turn out. Unfortunately where Raina, JungAh or even Lizzy could have had punchier lines, production was the focus. It sounded so experimental to me when i first heard it, especially for Afterschool."

@eyeline (9) — "A stunning dark, pulsing bop!"

@KimLippington (8.75) — "Kim Petras needs to run AS their money for this Turn Off the Light blueprint."

@roblognick (8) — "There's a bit in this song which makes my brain think of Gaga's Poker Face."

@berserkboi (7.5) — "Nice albeit a little forgettable."​




Yes No Yes

Grade: 8.887
Honor roll: 10×10 (@RUNAWAY, @Crisp X, @ysev, @Slice of Life, @Macsun, @Cotton Park, @eatyourself, @GeiPanda, @Love Deluxe, @vague), 9.5×1 (@eyeline), 9.25×2 (@singabob, @KimLippington)
Drop-outs: 6.5×3 (@Wills, @Conan), 7.5×1 (@Vixen), 7.75×2 (@Mikl C, @BEST FICTION)
@Love Deluxe's score: 10
@vague's score: 10

5 ballots: #12, 9.550 avg.
10 ballots: #16, 9.100 avg.
15 ballots: #15, 9.033 avg.
20 ballots: #19, 8.888 avg.
25 ballots: #17, 8.960 avg.
31 ballots: #18, 8.887 avg.

"Yes No Yes" is the seventh track from After School's second Japanese album, Dress to kill, released on March 19, 2014. Its lyrics were written by Kanata Okajima; it was composed by Andreas Öberg, Kanata Okajima, and Kevin Charge; and arranged by Hide Nakamura and Kevin Charge.

In the lead-up to the Dress to kill release date, After School's official Japanese Facebook page posted a series of "director's notes" for each track on the album. For "Yes No Yes", the director stated, "This track aims for a UK soul sound. However, if we recreate an old vibe, this track could sound out of date so we had a hard time arranging it. Should we make the rhythm ground beat or US urban taste? Should the hat be 808? Should the bass be synth bass or electric bass? What is the best choice? Should strings be simulation or real? This kind of process makes me realize how lucky I am to be a producer. It was produced around the same time as 'Shh', so the lyrics follow a man's point of view, similar to 'Shh'. Kanata Okajima, who wrote the song and did the chorus, balanced the whole song well for us."

After previously stating "in the moonlight" was her favorite song on the album, Raina told KanFun magazine that she also liked "Yes No Yes", saying, "I really like the melody. It suits my preference."

(10) — "Was an 11 contender for me. There's no other song in their discography that sounds like this one. The song being 80% whispers, the jazz-lite interlude, it's everything I would want from them but also nothing I ever expected from them at the same time. The Shh-Yes No Yes-Heaven run on Dress to kill might be one of their strongest."

(10) — "The verses >>> the chorus, but the whole song is a serve in every way. Wish they'd performed this on tour."​

@Macsun (10) — "Love the jazzy vibe to this. Non offensive, mellow track. Love the production."

@Cotton Park (10) — "Easily one of my favorite of After School's slick Japanese releases."

@eatyourself (10) — "Hmmmm yessss so smooth."

@roblognick (9) — "Love the sultry whispered vocals in this."

@SloMover (9) — "I love the classy sensual jazziness of Yes No Yes. A really interesting change of pace for such an electronic album, but does not alter the overall vibe of the album at all."

@M24 (8.75) — "It feels like the second half of the album is completely different from the first four songs, isn't it? More R&Bish. I quite like it."

@berserkboi (8) — "I appreciate how '90s R&B this is! Enjoy something different!"​





Grade: 8.903
Honor roll: 10×10 (@RUNAWAY, @Slice of Life, @Wills, @eyeline, @Macsun, @eatyourself, @GeiPanda, @BEST FICTION, @Oleander, @Love Deluxe), 9.5×2 (@singabob, @vague), 9×7 (@Ana Raquel, @ysev, @SloMover, @yuuurei, @KimLippington, @Cotton Park, @M24)
Drop-outs: 4×1 (@Hurricane Drunk), 8×5 (@Crisp X, @evilsin, @roblognick, @chrisjche, @Vixen), 8.25×4 (@Attis, @Conan, @Mikl C, @Remorque)
@Love Deluxe's score: 10
@vague's score: 9.5

5 ballots: #13, 9.500 avg.
10 ballots: #22, 8.875 avg.
15 ballots: #16, 8.983 avg.
20 ballots: #17, 8.975 avg.
25 ballots: #21, 8.830 avg.
31 ballots: #17, 8.903 avg.

"Triangle" is the fourth track from After School's second Japanese album, Dress to kill, released on March 19, 2014. Its lyrics were written by Kyasu Morizuki; it was composed by Mim Nervo, Liv Nervo, T-SK, and Kim Taesung; and arranged by Hide Nakamura and T-SK.

In the lead-up to the Dress to kill release date, After School's official Japanese Facebook page posted a series of "director's notes" for each track on the album. For "Triangle", the director stated, "The snare rhythm in the pre-chorus caught my ear first. Usually, rhythm is formed with constant timing. However, towards the end of the pre-chorus in this track, the rhythm is not a constant eighth note. To break the timing purposely, it gives listeners some tension, then the rhythm returns to a consistent beat in the chorus to relieve the listener from stress. I experienced a real thrill breaking the standard format of existing music."

(10) — "Lizzy has my favorite vocals out of the entire group but her raps are all hilarious to me, the unintentional comedy they hold. This is the lesser of their 2 dub-step tracks for me, but what a chorus this one has!"

(9.5) — "I'm kinda shocked but Juyeon sounds rly good on this."​

@Macsun (10) — "The last minute of this is stellar with that amazing build up to the final chorus."

@eatyourself (10) — "This sounds like Princess Superstar - Perfect. Another 10."

@singabob (9.5) — "This song is just bonkers – so unpredictable and exciting. Whenever I hear this song, I feel like I'm kept at the edge of my seat."

@M24 (9) — "The verses are a blast, the chorus takes a bit of getting used to. I don't think it hits as hard as the ones in the first two songs. Having said that, it's still a bop and I like Raina's 'don't know why' part the best."

@berserkboi (8.5) — "Back to bops!"

@roblognick (8) — "Sounds a bit like one of those radars scanning for Aliens by the end."​




make it happen

Grade: 8.984
Honor roll: 10×7 (@junglefish, @Attis, @berserkboi, @Macsun, @Mikl C, @BEST FICTION, @Vixen), 9.75×1 (@singabob), 9.5×5 (@Ana Raquel, @ysev, @eyeline, @Conan, @KimLippington)
Drop-outs: 7.25×1 (@eatyourself), 7.5×2 (@chrisjche, @GeiPanda), 7.75×1 (@Remorque)
@Love Deluxe's score: 8.75
@vague's score: 9

5 ballots: #17, 9.350 avg.
10 ballots: #15, 9.175 avg.
15 ballots: #16, 8.983 avg.
20 ballots: #15, 9.113 avg.
25 ballots: #16, 9.040 avg.
31 ballots: #16, 8.984 avg.

"make it happen" is the third track from Amuro Namie's collaboration album, Checkmate!, released on April 27, 2011. Its music and lyrics were written by DOUBLE, Jörgen Elofsson, Erik Lidbom, and Bonnie McKee and it was arranged by Jörgen Elofsson and Erik Lidbom. "make it happen" won Best Collaboration at the 2012 Japanese MTV Video Music Awards.

Following Pledis' January 2011 announcement that After School would soon be debuting in Japan, it was announced on February 16 that they would be featured on Amuro Namie's upcoming collaboration album, Checkmate!, to be released on March 23. A short MV teaser for the song was released alongside the announcement as well. The full MV was aired on Japanese TV on February 21 and the song was released as a downloadable ringtone on February 23.

Due to the Touhoku earthquake and tsunami on March 11, the release of the album was postponed until April 27. On April 20, "make it happen" was released as a promotional digital single exclusively through Chaku Uta, a Japanese cellphone service. Following its release, "make it happen" debuted and peaked at #10 on the RIAJ Digital Track Chart. "make it happen" also charted at #73 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 following the album's release. Checkmate! debuted at #1 on the Oricon Album Chart, selling 252,889 copies in its first week. It charted for 52 weeks and sold 495,719 physical copies in total, making it the sixth best-selling album in Japan for 2011.

While promoting the album, Namie relayed the story of After School joining her on the track in an April 2011 interview with Ray magazine: "I've always been interested in the K-pop dance scene. Everyone is unique, and it's interesting. After School was on a list of K-pop artists my staff gave me [to feature on Checkmate!], and it was a quick decision to choose them because I'd just watched U-ie in the drama You're Beautiful and really liked it (laughs) ... They were very polite." Namie went on to add that she had taken a ceremonial photo with the whole group following the filming of the "make it happen" MV, as well as one with just U-ie since she was such a big fan of You're Beautiful.​


While promoting "Bang! (Japan Ver.)", when asked about their collaboration with Namie, Nana revealed that she'd been a big fan since she was a child and was honored to meet her. In an interview with MTV, Kahi revealed, "We were surprised when Amuro Namie asked us to join her new collaboration album. The Japanese staff came to Korea and we recorded the song with them, and then we went to Japan to shoot the music video ... She's a real pro and was very cool."

In October 2011, After School were once again asked about the collaboration in a STEADY magazine interview; Kahi said, "Being able to work together with Amuro-san, a favorite of mine, is an unforgettable experience. We were able to let people in Japan know about us, too. I'd like to definitely meet her again", and Nana added, "The overflowing energy from her small body was amazing. I've been idolizing her since I was little."

(8.75) — "I can't believe I got to witness this collab in my lifetime. The duo lines in the intro actually match together so well vocally, imagine how camp a Lizzy and Kahi sub-unit would be."

(9) — "This hasn't quite held up for me the way a lot of their material from this time frame has, but it's a classic and still bops... I mean the fact that an After School x Amuro Namie collab even exists is... beyond."​

@berserkboi (10) — "More latter day bopping!!"

@Macsun (10) — "What a great collab. It's all about the MV though. The girls dancing their asses off while Namie simply sits on her throne is iconic."

@singabob (9.75) — "Such a banger."

@roblognick (9) — "Such a fantastic chorus. Sounds very dated though now."

@SloMover (9) — "Iconic and legendary."

@M24 (8.75) — "I really like this. In particular, the string instrumentation in the verses, that's my favorite part. I'd give it a higher score but I'm not sure what is After School's contribution to the song (is it just the 'turn the lights on/off' part along with the interjections?), and it would be weird to let it go too far. Anyways, I should really get into Namie Amuro's music, from what I've heard she has quite a few bops in her name. Too bad there's already been a rate here in PJ, right?"​


Have you guys seen Kahi n them's cover of aespa's "Next Level" from Mom is an Idol yet???


Oh, and also, we're losing a huge milestone single tomorrow so prepare yourselves.




Grade: 9.065
Honor roll: 10×14 (@singabob, @junglefish, @RUNAWAY, @Attis, @roblognick, @chrisjche, @SloMover, @Hurricane Drunk, @eatyourself, @GeiPanda, @BEST FICTION, @Oleander, @Remorque, @vague), 9.5×2 (@Conan, @Love Deluxe), 9×5 (@evilsin, @ysev, @Slice of Life, @eyeline, @M24)
Drop-outs: 5×1 (@Vixen), 7.5×2 (@Wills, @Mikl C), 8×5 (@Crisp X, @Ana Raquel, @yuuurei, @berserkboi, @Cotton Park)
@Love Deluxe's score: 9.5
@vague's score: 10

5 ballots: #7, 9.900 avg.
10 ballots: #10, 9.450 avg.
15 ballots: #9, 9.333 avg.
20 ballots: #14, 9.138 avg.
25 ballots: #15, 9.080 avg.
31 ballots: #15, 9.065 avg.

"Diva" is After School's first digital single, released on April 9, 2009; it was later also included on their second single album, 너 때문에, released on November 25, 2009. It was written, composed, and arranged by Brave Brothers. "Diva" was released before the Gaon Chart was established on December 27, 2009, so the song's chart and sales data are largely unavailable. What we do know is that "Diva" peaked at #1 on Bugs! four days after its release and was the 22nd most popular song on Melon for 2009. It has since gone to become one of their signature songs in Korea, and still remains their most popular song on Melon with over 2.3 million unique listeners as of May 2021.

On April 2, 2009, Pledis announced that a new member would be joining After School for their next single. They teased that this mystery member "is known by many people", and "talented in both singing and acting." On April 6, Pledis released the song's MV teaser and announced the new member would be U-ie a.k.a. Kim Yujin, who had recently appeared on the MBC variety show Introducing Star's Friend alongside Wonder Girls' Yubin. In Play Girlz!, After School's essay book released in June 2010, U-ie recounted how she found out she would be joining the group: "One day, the unnies were all sitting down together when the director called for me, told me to sit, and then told us, 'The next song is going to be on the second single album, and now we'll be doing it with Yujin.' When I heard that, I had a goosebump! That song was 'Diva'." Pledis struck gold by adding in U-ie, their very own Yoona or Sohee, hand selected for the Korean GP to fall in love with. The addition of new members, however, also meant the line distribution was spread thinner. Juyeon once said, "Every time we add a new member, I feel like my existence in the group shrinks." Being the group's main vocal at the time, Jung-A got the high note for "Diva", but little did she know this would be her last. In fact, Raina even snatched that part from her for the Japanese version.​


2009 was one of the busiest years for After School, in larger part due to their extended promotional cycles. "Diva" promotions began the very day it was released and lasted through mid-June. On top of that, they had variety show appearances, festival performances, interviewed Lady Gaga, released "Dream Girl", prepared for the release of "아몰레드 (AMOLED)" in July, and had four- to five-hour-long practices daily to ensure their choreography remained perfect. It's no wonder that the members were exhausted during this time - even to the point of hospitalization, in Soyoung's case. Though, trooper that she is, she only missed one promotional performance and was back on stage by the next day (but then she ended up leaving the group three months later nn). On top of all this, they even prepared a few special performances for "Diva", including a special intro version that Bekah has cited as one of her proudest moments in the group, and also invited Son Dambi, who was in the midst of her own promotional tour, to join them for one performance.

Like we've already said, in the years since its release, "Diva" has become one of After School's signatures song in Korea. It has received countless covers from other idols, including SHINee's Key, WJSN's Seola, NU'EST's Ren with PRISTIN, and HELLOVENUS, among others. Even former After School members like Juyeon and U-ie have continued to perform it on variety shows years after their graduations. Bekah, in a 2020 Q&A on her YouTube channel, also called it her favorite song to perform. "Diva" was one of two songs After School performed during their 2021 reunion on MMTG. Jung-A and Juyeon voted to perform it, but were outvoted by Kahi, Bekah, and Raina, who were in favor of performing "뱅(Bang)!" instead. Thankfully, though, "Diva" won the vote cast by the show's viewers, thus allowing After School to perform both songs on the show.

While "AH" made a splash by shifting the paradigm of what girl group concepts could be, you can tell that Pledis hesitated on whether or not to continue down that road for the longevity of the group. Ultimately, Pledis read the room and saw what kind of releases were gaining traction with the Korean GP at the time. Off the back of Girls Generation's "Gee" blowing up in January 2009 and KARA's "Honey" following in February 2009, Pledis pivoted to transition After School in a cutesier direction - but still with an After School twist. Instead of emulating the power and sex appeal of the Pussycat Dolls again, "Diva" showed After School in a more youthful and approachable light. In retrospect, this was perhaps one of the best decisions made by Pledis (shock horror!) because "Diva" is now considered one of After School's defining songs. "Diva" wasn't quite the runaway hit for After School, but it set a lot of groundwork for their eventual commercial peak with their next comeback, "너 때문에".

(9.5) — "Jooyeon this entire era ate Minnie + Mickey Mouse UP! I feel like my 9.5 is more of a nostalgia score since I have a lot of fond memories attached to this era but, it still bops."

(10) — "I'm so salty this didn't make top ten tbh. I don't even know what to say. The 9+ average this got is a slight balm, I guess."​

@singabob (10) — "The song that cemented me as a Playgirlz. I love how unabashed and confident the song is."

@junglefish (10) — "Typical Brave Brothers racket. I adore it in all its trashy glory even though I prefer the Japanese version, which manages to sound a bit more refined."

@RUNAWAY (10) — "Korean version for the win! Bekah's rap is all kinds of iconic."

@Attis (10) — "Trashy banger, that chorus is just pure fun."

@roblognick (10) — "I wonder what everyone at the gym thinks of me when I dance to the chorus in front of the mirror? I can't not do that dance, it's just catchy. Also Kahi telling me she's the master of piss is just the most iconic. misheard lyric."

@SloMover (10) — "ICONIC. The 90s rave/trance influence made Diva a little dated on release for me but in the most charming way... I mean, it's essentially Alice DJ's Better Off Alone through a K-Pop filter. But DIVA is just such an upbeat stupid fun time."

@eatyourself (10) — "They say 'only give 10s to what you think should win' and I honestly think Diva deserves to win.

@GeiPanda (10) — "This is one of those songs that would start blaring from your phone in a quiet af library after your headphones accidentally disconnect, and everyone turns to stare at you in disbelief. Not speaking from personal experience (...). Still, what a fantastically camp bop. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a grown-ass man dancing and singing 'diva, diva, diva!' in my bedroom right now."

@eyeline (9) — "Everybody scream! Such a rush from start to finish! I keep highlighting Kween Kahi and Bekah but they just bring so much flawless energy to the raps. Legit got chills during their recent reunion performance!"

@M24 (9) — "It's obviously a bop, but the japanese version is a bit more pristine, so I'm giving that one a slightly higher score. Kahi's rap is fire here, though. I thought it was Bekah's but I guess poor girl didn't last long if she was already out of the group by the time they recorded this song. I quite liked the MV too, more than the japanese version. It's simply the girls having a fun day, which is completely different from kpop's mvs these days which are all about the visuals and aesthetic (not complaining, I love that too, but these kinds of simple mvs are not bad either)."

@Macsun (8.75) — "Their first foray into their 'cute' concept but has that grit with Kahi and Bekah on the raps. An anthem through and through and totally infectious."

@berserkboi (8) — "A big bop though I prefer most of the other tracks so far!"

@Vixen (5) — "It's more grating than it is catchy... That is my opinion!!"​