The After School Discography Rate • FINISHED

Old School vs New School . . .

"Shampoo" vs "Flashback" . . .

9.976 vs 9.952 . . .

which song has KPJ decided is After School's second best?





Grade: 9.952
Honor roll: 11×6 (@Attis, @SloMover, @Wills, @eyeline, @Hurricane Drunk, @Mikl C), 10×19 (@singabob, @junglefish, @RUNAWAY, @Crisp X, @evilsin, @ysev, @chrisjche, @Slice of Life, @yuuurei, @berserkboi, @KimLippington, @Macsun, @eatyourself, @M24, @BEST FICTION, @Vixen, @Oleander, @Love Deluxe, @vague), 9.5×1 (@Conan)
Drop-outs: 7.75×1 (@Cotton Park), 8.5×1 (@GeiPanda), 8.75×1 (@Remorque)
@Love Deluxe's score: 10
@vague's score: 10

5 ballots: #2, 10.000 avg.
10 ballots: #5, 9.900 avg.
15 ballots: #2, 10.067 avg.
20 ballots: #1, 10.075 avg.
25 ballots: #1, 10.050 avg.
31 ballots: #2, 9.952 avg.

"Shampoo" is the title track from After School's first Korean album, VIRGIN, released on April 28, 2011. Its lyrics were written by Won Taeyeon and it was composed and arranged by DAISHI DANCE. A radio edit of the song was also included on VIRGIN and a Japanese version was included on PLAYGIRLZ.​


On December 31, 2010, the same day that E-Young was announced as After School's newest member and made her debut on MBC's Gayo Daejun, Pledis announced that After School would be releasing their first full-length album the following March, a full year after the release of their last single album, BANG! E-Young recalled in a 2015 interview with BNT International how quickly she was inducted into the group: "I didn't know I was going to [join After School]. The company suddenly informed me that I would be joining. I was worried that I would be a burden to the other members. I felt that I needed to become a member who is needed within the team. I didn't want to hide behind the older members; rather, I wanted to shine in my own unique way."​


On January 17, 2011, Pledis announced that Bekah, who had been recuperating from an injury in Hawaii since summer 2010, would be returning to Korea to prepare for the group's impending comeback. However, while practicing the tap-dancing routine, Bekah re-injured her ankle and was forced to sit out of the "Let's Step Up" MV and its promotional performances.

Despite the group's busy schedule of tap rehearsals and preparing for their album, Pledis kept fans fed with solo and unit releases. On January 3, they announced that Kahi would be making her solo debut in February. The announcement led netizens to speculate whether Kahi would be graduating from the group. Two days later, Pledis assured fans that Kahi wasn't going anywhere and that After School's comeback would be their first release as a nine-membered group. Kahi released her mini-album and its title track, "Come Back You Bad Boy", on February 14. On March 23, Pledis announced that Orange Caramel would be releasing their first digital single, "Bangkok City", by the end of the month. Incidentally, both of these releases - as well as VIRGIN - would be postponed from their originally announced release dates.​


On April 16, Pledis announced After School's title track would be produced by Japanese producer DAISHI DANCE. DAISHI DANCE revealed on his Twitter account the song's original name was "AS LINER", and that he had written two different songs around the track's main synth line. The first was "Shampoo" and the second, "WIND LINER", was released on his June 2011 album, Party Line. "WIND LINER" has been remixed and re-released several times over the years; the closest match to After School's version is the PIANO MIX from 2018 which is gorgeous and I definitely recommend y'all give it a spin.​


"Shampoo" leaked onto Youtube and various P2P sites on April 27, the day before its official release. The group's fans worked hard to get the song removed from streaming sites and have the download links deleted. Pledis released a statement apologizing for the leak, saying, "We are sorry to cause any worries. This is an album that not just After School members, but all their fans as well, have waited a year for. It's a very precious album to everyone." Once the song was officially released, it raced up the real-time digital charts, reaching #1 on Mnet and Dosirak as well as #2 on Melon. The single ultimately peaked at #4 on the Gaon Digital Chart and sold 1,614,918 downloads in 2011, making it the 106th best-selling song of that year. The VIRGIN album peaked at #2 on the Gaon Album Chart and sold 31,869 physical copies in total; it is After School's best-selling physical release.​


Around the time of VIRGIN's release, Pledis CEO Han Sungsoo opened a churro and coffee cafe, coffeechu. Han used After School to promote the cafe and even included a coupon for a free After School-themed meal inside copies of the album. Additionally, some of the promotional photos for the album were taken inside the cafe and the members also promoted it on their social media accounts. The cafe closed in 2015.​


"Shampoo" would ultimately end up being Bekah's final release as a member of After School. Fans have long speculated that Bekah was pushed out of the group ahead of their impending Japanese debut, but in a Q&A on her YouTube channel, she revealed that it was actually her own decision to graduate. Shortly after her graduation, though, Bekah did allude on her now-defunct Tumblr that issues with Pledis were a contributing factor for her to leave the group, saying, "When they tell you that you're not enough. That you quite don't meet their standards yet. Fuck it. You don't need that kind of negativity." Bekah also recently revealed that she wrote her own verse for "Shampoo", despite not being credited for it.​


We've spoken before about how After School never really had a signature sound to their music. They did, however, have a steady throughline in their presentation: , their presence. At the start of their career, Kahi confidently stated, "We don't try to look lovely, cute, or girly in our performances. Instead, we try to look stylish and cool." As amazing as "Shampoo" is - and it is so amazing - it feels almost antithetical to After School's original mission statement in many ways. That's not to say groups can't evolve their image or change their sound and, if anything, "Shampoo" showed that After School could try on various hats and pull them all off. Each comeback saw radical changes in their concepts, their sound, and even their members. "Shampoo" was the start of After School showing their softer side, and this softer presence carried over to their Japanese debut and all the way through their eventual rebrand with "Flashback". It's fitting for a group as chameleon-like as After School that the top two songs in this rate showcase them at both their loveliest and their sexiest.

(10) — "I feel like the chorus could have been so much more? But I couldn't fathom giving this anything less than a 10. I could listen to Lizzy sing anything, I think she has the most malleable voice in the group, and can sound completely different from one song to another."

(10) — "God, that piano melody is so dreamy. This was yet another 11 contender for me, and a small part of me still wishes I'd gone with this song. This instrumental is one of the all-time greats in kpop for me and I wish we'd gotten a proper instrumental track released for this. 'WIND LINER' is close enough, but it's not exactly the same nn."​

@Attis (11) — "I'm gonna argue this song is even more emotional to me than Because Of You. The usage of strings and piano are similar, but more amplified and better produced here.

But the main star of this song are the members. I think this is the song where they finally find the balance to give spotlight to every member and boy they do shine. Kahi and Bekah continue their amazingness, Nana showing how all-rounder she was with her rap line, and Raina & Jungah finally can showcase their vocals again, delivering one of the greatest bridge in the world

Maybe there is some nostalgia factor too in giving my 11 to this. I still vividly remember listening to this for the first time alongside the MV and boy do I cry dd. Added with the fact that this was the last time they perform with this golden line-up, it felt so crushing to see Kahi and Bekah must go and eventually Pledis mismanage and squander their chances to continue their success. I love them and still sad to see their potential can't be reached. I hope the members find their own peaces and successes in their life."

@SloMover (11) — "Absolutely no question that Shampoo is my 11 pointer as it's my favourite K-Pop song of all time. The melody is beautiful, the lyrics are weird but beautiful when you get past the metaphor, and the song is immaculately produced - there's not a single misplaced beat or unnecessary synth. It's perfection in my eyes."

@Wills (11) — "It was a tough call between this and a few other tracks here, but Shampoo ended up drawing me back more than anything else. Maybe it's just because I can't imagine any current groups putting out anything that sounds remotely like this, making it seem especially vital."

@eyeline (11) — "This is IT for me! Still one of my favorite all time K-Pop songs. It reminded me of Because of You in a lot of ways and yet was also so different. There is such a softness to this song that I found and find so refreshing. I love the video because you get to really absorb the lusciousness of the instrumental (even though poor E-Young should have had Raina's role in it)."

@singabob (10) — "Another contender for my 11 – It is such a different sound but it still feels very After School. The synths and strings are just gorgeous. I smile whenever I listen to this song and giggle whenever I'm reminded that Raina was chosen to star in the music video as the new, awkward member even though Eyoung was an actual new member."

@junglefish (10) — "Blessed time in K-Pop when Afterschool and Rainbow somehow got Daishi Dance to produce their singles. Incredible song and a strong contender for my 11! I like that it shows off their more emotional side but it's not as... in your face as Because of You."

@berserkboi (10) — "What a wonderful build this one has!"

@KimLippington (10) — "This is beside the point but the man in the MV is so fine.....Daddy! Daddy! Watch me twirl!"

@Macsun (10) — "THE CHILLS... I always get after just listening to the preceding track Let's Step Up. Such a great contrast in sound. What else can be said about Shampoo just an overall superbly produced track. The verses, Nana and Bekah's rap, the saccharine and beautiful middle 8 by JungAh and Raina, the definitive raps of Kahi and Uie. Ugh! One of the best pop gems ever recorded."

@eatyourself (10) — "I can't understand hearing this song and not giving it an instant 10. Are you even gay?"

@M24 (10) — "The instrumental synth melody makes me feel nostalgic for some reason! I love songs that have that transcendent quality. The chorus is an earworm, and it's what ultimately helps that incredible instrumental shine."

@Vixen (10) — "Okay so I used to think this was SLIGHTLY overrated, in the sense that it was a solid 8 that everyone was claiming to be a 10, but is a 10."

@Ana Raquel (9) — "It started to grow on me quite recently. I never disliked it, but it was a 7/10 at best, but now it's starting to become wow this is so powerful to my heart."

@roblognick (9) — "What is it with K-Pop songs about shampoo? This one is my favourite of them all though."

@Cotton Park (7.75) — "I always loved this video but wondered why there was no actual shampooing? Maybe there was and I forgot."​

which means the winner of the After School discography rate is . . .




(Refresh to find your bias!)


Grade: 9.976
Honor roll: 11×4 (@junglefish, @Conan, @Oleander, @Love Deluxe), 10×21 (@singabob, @Crisp X, @evilsin, @Ana Raquel, @roblognick, @ysev, @chrisjche, @Slice of Life, @yuuurei, @eyeline, @berserkboi, @KimLippington, @Macsun, @Mikl C, @Cotton Park, @eatyourself, @GeiPanda, @M24, @Vixen, @Remorque, @vague), 9.5×2 (@SloMover, @Hurricane Drunk)
Drop-outs: 9×3 (@RUNAWAY, @Wills, @BEST FICTION), 9.25×1 (@Attis)
@Love Deluxe's score: 11
@vague's score: 10

5 ballots: #1, 10.200 avg.
10 ballots: #1, 10.025 avg.
15 ballots: #4, 9.917 avg.
20 ballots: #2, 9.988 avg.
25 ballots: #2, 9.970 avg.
31 ballots: #1, 9.976 avg.

"Flashback" is the title track from After School's fifth Korean maxi-single, FLASHBACK, released on June 20, 2012. It was fully written and arranged by TEXU. A Japanese version of the song was included as a CD-only bonus track on the group's second Japanese album, Dress to kill.​


We wouldn't be able to write this 500 page (double-spaced) thesis on "Flashback" without first addressing the elephant in the room: the departure of After School's backbone, Kahi. To put it mildly, losing Kahi was a real blow to the After School brand. The group was synonymous with her - and for good reason! After School was her baby. She was the driving force behind the group's concepts and she even hand-selected the initial line-up. U-ie put it best when she told the Korean Herald in 2012, "Kahi's loss is overbearing, but we have tried very hard to fill in the gap and worked extremely hard." Kahi's graduation could have easily ended the group. But it didn't. The remaining members rallied together and, as U-ie said, worked extremely hard to continue the legacy she created.​


"Flashback" ushered in After School's final new admittee, Kaeun. We rarely got to hear from Kaeun in her 2+ years in the group. Years later, however, we are finally starting to hear little tidbits of her experience in the group. In an August 2021 Q&A celebrating the second anniversary of her YouTube channel, Kaeun answered fan questions about her time in After School. When asked about how she found out about her debut news, she shared that she wasn't directly told about her admittance; instead, Pledis staff hinted that if she followed a certain procedure she would be able to join the group. Kaeun said she thought to herself, "If I work hard, I'll be able to debut soon." She also iconically cited the "Flashback" stage outfits as the worst styling, stating, "The fringe on the clothes were trampled on, kicked, and tangled while dancing." She even compared herself to a "withered vegetable" when wearing the tan-colored version of the stage outfit. The group as a whole has referred to the costumes as "dust cleaners". They kind of look like the car wash machine, too, if we're being honest! The most interesting takeaway from Kaeun's video was her reaction to her "Flashback" debut stage. As we have previously stated, Kaeun made her unofficial debut during the opening night of the PLAYGIRLZ 2012 TOUR; she has cited this performance as "so much fun", and seemed to view this as more of a highlight than her actual debut stage with "Flashback". Kaeun details not remembering anything about debuting with “Flashback”, and that her thoughts during that time were, "Wait, that's it? The debut stage is over?"​


Following the drop of the first round of "Flashback" teaser photos on June 10th, netizens noticed that Nana seemingly had different colored heels than the rest of the members. Netizens believed this was a hint that Nana was chosen as the new leader of After School. Pledis' immediate response to these rumors was to neither confirm nor deny them; instead, they simply stated, "You'll all be able to find out when you watch their comeback stage on the 21st." (This was, of course, yet another lie from Pledis, because their comeback stage gave no indication of who had been chosen as the group's second leader.) The fact that Kahi had wielded a golden drum during "Let's do it!" performances in 2010 seemed to give some credence to these speculations. In retrospect, we can see that there was no such gold heel and that it was merely the light in the photo reflecting onto Nana's heels. You can see a comparison of two photos from the same exact shoot here.​


After the "golden heel" speculations had ceased, Pledis finally made an announcement that Jung-A had been temporarily named leader of the group. However, her new position was a temporary substitute to fill Kahi's shoes. Pledis stated After School's other members would also be in contention for the leader position, and that "details are still going through discussions, but Jung-A's got the highest chance." The fact that Jung-A wasn't the immediate choice for leader, simply based on her age and seniority within the group, shows how deeply wrong things were in Pledis' camp. Pledis insinuating that they were shopping around the idea of giving the title to other members was disrespectful to the member who had been with the group since its inception. Luckily, Jung-A announced that she was officially chosen as After School's new leader on a July 17th episode of Strong Heart.​


"Flashback" was choreographed by Kyle Hanagami, known for his work with the likes of Red Velvet, BLACKPINK, and Girls' Generation. After School was one of the first K-Pop groups to work with him. Idol groups using point choreography was losing steam at the time of its release, but "Flashback" made headlines for its "panorama dance" that can be seen at 2:39 in the music video. If you really want a kii, watch Lizzy attempt to complete the entirety of "Flashback" donning her Sunday brunch platform sandals in the dance practice video.​


While not quite being the multi-week, chart smashing hit that it deserved to be, "Flashback" received its fair share of accolades. As far back as "Shampoo" promotions, the members talked about wanting to achieve an all-kill again, and with "Flashback", they finally got their wish. Upon its release, "Flashback" achieved an instant all-kill on Korea's major digital music charts. The single ultimately peaked at #14 on the Gaon Digital Chart and sold 1,044,540 downloads in 2012, making it the 159th best-selling song of that year. The FLASHBACK maxi-single peaked at #3 on the Gaon Album Chart and sold 16,885 physical copies in total. Additionally, Billboard ranked "Flashback" #6 on their list of the 20 Best K-Pop Songs of 2012. Newly appointed leader Jung-A shared feelings of regret about the timing of the single's release, and that she had "given up hope" of the group winning first place on music shows. "뱅(Bang)!" was the last time After School had won first place on a music show. They have gotten close multiple times since, but they always seem to have terrible luck when it came to the timing of their comebacks.​


As far back as December 2011, many of the members expressed a desire to return to a sexier concept. Raina, in particular, said, "I actually want to stand out more. I want to start showing off the potential I've kept hidden inside." By the time they released "Lady Luck", it was clear the members were sick of the "cute" image and had even mentioned how embarrassing that concept made them feel. If there is one overarching theme that permeated the "Flashback" era, it was the idea of After School going back to basics. As a song, "Flashback" has a dual meaning: the lyrics speak of wanting to go back to a previous love, but they also work as a metaphor for After School wanting to go back to their early days. Or, as Jung-A said. "'Flashback' means that we are trying to go back to our initial image when we first debuted. We're trying to do music that is more acceptable to fans of all ages." As if they couldn't have made it more obvious, the members were FED UP with acting cute and doing soft concepts, and were yearning to return to something with more grit.​


As "Flashback" is far sexier than any of their initial concepts, it's not exactly a return to the group's roots per se, but it was a return to the powerful, in-your-face stage presence they had been known for up until "Shampoo", when things had started to noticeably soften. The edge After School initially had started to smoothen out, and that was the catalyst for the group's identity crisis that had come to a head in 2012. Pledis wasn't taking risks with After School anymore but were instead just taking legitimate gambles with their concept and sound. "Flashback" brought that edge back to the group - and not necessarily an edge as in "edgy", but just that raw performance style they gave us during "AH", "Diva", and "뱅(Bang)!". "Flashback" wasn't perfect, but it was a much-needed refresh for the group. This line-up came back with a vengeance and showed that they could still hold the fort down, even in the absence of their commander-in-chief.

(11) — "A rebrand has never been as pleasing as this one in my decade+ of following K-Pop. I think many refer to Flashback as a return to form but following their career closely throughout the rate, it does feel more like a rebirth. Although I think Shampoo would fare better as the sole representation for After School in a winner's rate, I can't complain that my 11 won! It was a hard pill to swallow losing Kahi in 2012 because After School's most formative years are directly and sometimes solely defined by her. But there was something so rootable about the way this line up had an air about them that they had something to prove. They were moving as a unit, and the playing field completely opened up for other members to shine. Lizzy opening the song is such a unique choice and not something you'd think would happen in the previous line ups. If there was a singular K-Pop dance that I could do front to back without any mistakes it'd be this one, it's been 9+ years but it's still ingrained in me."

(10) — "This whole package was so sleek and sexy, but still playful and fun. I was a little underwhelmed by this song when it first came out, but it's become one of my favorites in the years since its release. Also, I was obsessed with the random performances where Nana was missing and E-Young got to cover some of her lines."​

@singabob (10) — "Amazing amazing amazing song. The performances for this remain as one of my favourites. It really shows that even without the gimmicks, After School can still serve. Their confidence and their sexuality are just unmatched in this industry."

@roblognick (10) — "Friggin love this so much. Perfect. From the spoken-ish intro through to the iconic choreography."

@chrisjche (10) — "I used to know almost all the choreography for this. A perfect girl group EVERYTHING!"

@eyeline (10) — "I had so many doubts about a post-Kahi After School but wow did they slay this!"

@berserkboi (10) — "I think we have found our winner!"

@KimLippington (10) — "Whew! What a way to kick post-Kahi AS off."

@Macsun (10) — "Gorgeous song Gorgeous video. Live performances of this was always stunning (Nana always modeling in the background), Raina and Nana at the end of the middle 8..ughh."

@eatyourself (10) — "An EDM classic."

@M24 (10) — "So sexy, both the song and the MV (probably their best)! The verses and that middle-8 in particular (the ode to Madonna... whew) are so amazing, that the chorus seems like a lesser affair in comparison. It's still good enough so as not to drag the whole thing, and I especially love Raina's epic 'come into my world' part before the final chorus!"

@Vixen (10) — "A CLASSIC! When I think of After Schoo, this is like the 4th song that comes to mind after Bang, Shampoo and Virgin. It's just so 'them', but also manages to take their sound into something a little sleeker than their early cheap electro."

@SloMover (9.5) — "All eight girls knew they had to prove to everyone that the group wasn't over with Kahi's graduation, and they absolutely knocked it out of the park with Flashback. The comeback performances are amongst my favourite K-pop performances of all time, they all had an unshakeable determination and confidence that was electric to watch."

@Attis (9.25) — "It's definitely a banger and that breakdown gives all the cigs life, but the instrumentals sound a bit empty?"​


The rate isn't over yet! Stay tuned for some stats and round-up posts in a few days. x​
Yknow… despite me being a drop-out (art imitating life!) with my 9, Flashback is a thoroughly deserving winner: what a way to usher in this act of their careers.

This rate was such an absolute joy to follow – the thought and care poured into every detail really made this a premium AAA KPJ experience. @vague and @Love Deluxe I‘ve said it before, but you two are ludicrously good at this.

And best of all – it kept drawing me back to where it all started: the music. By which I mean, they’re gonna wind up in my top 5 artists two years in a row: officially in my hag era!
Yeah I had no idea that Flashback was so loved but not a bad winner! Shampoo is still my favourite K-Pop song of all time and as much as I love it, I can see how it’s not representational enough of AS as a group to win the rate.

I mentioned it in my commentary but I adore this performance - you can see that the girls knew how important this performance was for them as their first without Kahi and whew did they deliver.

It got a bit weird in the middle (kinda like AS actually nn) but absolutely iconic rate @vague and @Love Deluxe !
One of the top 5 songs was the closest contender for my 11 after Rambling girls and I would be very happy to see it win

So yeah I'm ecstatic over this result! After its elimination earlier I mentioned that Dream Girl was the first After School track I heard, but Flashback was the one that truly made me a diehard fan. It had me from "nae maeum imi dan-ger" and I was obsessed; I had it on repeat daily and I was mesmerized by the MV. I even clumsily tried to learn the moves via the ubiquitous dance covers of it back then ww To this day it's one of my favorite AS songs and one of my favorite Kpop songs overall, and I really warred with myself over whether or not to give it my 11, but in the end I went with the song I wanted to help more over one I figured would do pretty well regardless, and I'm fine with that. I'm just so happy Flashback won!

Thank you so much for hosting such a beautiful rate @vague and @Love Deluxe! There certainly were some interesting opinions here, but regardless I really enjoyed going back through AS' music and history and remembering why I was and always will be an After School fan.


Happy pledis + HAPPY PLEDIS 2012
7.093 avg.

48 LOVE LETTER — 7.597
57 Someone is you — 7.226
65 LOVE LOVE LOVE — 6.847
68 겨울 이야기 (Winter Story) — 6.703


01 @yuuurei — 9.250
02 @vague — 9.000
03 @berserkboi — 8.875
04 @junglefish — 8.438
05 @Conan — 8.250
06 @Wills, @Mikl C, & @M24 — 8.000
07 @Oleander — 7.938
08 @RUNAWAY — 7.813
09 @Love Deluxe & @GeiPanda — 7.750
10 @Macsun — 7.638
11 @ysev — 7.625
12 @Slice of Life — 7.375
13 @Remorque — 7.063
14 @Attis — 6.875
15 @singabob — 6.813
16 @SloMover & @Vixen — 6.750
17 @Crisp X, @roblognick, & @BEST FICTION — 6.500
18 @evilsin — 6.375
19 @Ana Raquel — 6.125
20 @KimLippington — 6.000
21 @chrisjche & @Hurricane Drunk — 5.625
22 @eatyourself — 5.250
23 @Cotton Park — 5.188
24 @eyeline — 4.250​

Extras / Misc.
7.662 avg.

16 make it happen — 8.984
36 아몰레드 (AMOLED) — 8.032
46 Dream Girl — 7.677
47 SHINE — 7.621
58 일주일 (Week) — 7.194
59 Dreams Again! — 7.185
62 Take me to the place — 6.944


01 @Oleander — 9.036
02 @RUNAWAY — 8.929
03 @Macsun — 8.821
04 @vague — 8.464
05 @yuuurei & @Mikl C — 8.429
06 @junglefish — 8.357
07 @evilsin & @berserkboi — 8.214
08 @Conan & @Remorque — 8.107
09 @Cotton Park — 8.036
10 @ysev — 8.000
11 @Ana Raquel — 7.929
12 @Love Deluxe — 7.857
13 @KimLippington — 7.821
14 @Slice of Life — 7.786
15 @M24 — 7.750
16 @Wills — 7.714
17 @BEST FICTION — 7.607
18 @GeiPanda — 7.357
19 @eatyourself — 7.179
20 @roblognick — 7.143
21 @Attis — 7.036
22 @chrisjche & @eyeline — 6.857
23 @Crisp X — 6.714
24 @Vixen — 6.643
25 @singabob — 6.357
26 @SloMover — 6.143
27 @Hurricane Drunk — 5.643​

7.707 avg.

02 Shampoo — 9.952
10 Virgin — 9.298
39 When I Fall (2011 New Recordings) — 7.992
51 Let's Step Up — 7.395
52 Funky Man (feat. Pre-School Girl KyungMin) — 7.387
55 Play Ur Love — 7.355
60 Dream (feat. Pre-School Girl YoonJo) — 7.153
61 My Bell — 6.992
63 시간에 기대어 (Depend on Time) — 6.895
69 잘 지내고 있죠 (Nothing to complain of) — 6.653


01 @RUNAWAY — 8.900
02 @berserkboi — 8.600
03 @vague — 8.525
04 @Oleander — 8.500
05 @Mikl C — 8.475
06 @junglefish & @Slice of Life — 8.400
07 @eatyourself — 8.350
08 @Attis — 8.300
09 @Macsun — 8.275
10 @Love Deluxe & @BEST FICTION — 8.225
11 @yuuurei & @M24 — 8.200
12 @Remorque — 8.150
13 @ysev — 8.100
14 @Crisp X — 8.000
15 @evilsin — 7.900
16 @KimLippington — 7.875
17 @Vixen — 7.775
18 @roblognick — 7.600
19 @singabob — 7.350
20 @GeiPanda — 7.275
21 @Conan — 7.225
22 @Wills — 7.000
23 @chrisjche — 6.750
24 @Ana Raquel — 6.850
25 @SloMover — 6.500
26 @Cotton Park — 6.400
27 @eyeline — 5.900
28 @Hurricane Drunk — 4.700​

New Schoolgirl
8.056 avg.

14 AH — 9.105
45 PLAY GIRLZ — 7.685
53 나쁜놈 (Bad Guy) — 7.379


01 @eatyourself — 10.000
02 @junglefish — 9.500
03 @Conan & @Macsun — 9.167
04 @M24, @Oleander, & @vague — 8.833
05 @Love Deluxe — 8.750
06 @RUNAWAY — 8.583
07 @berserkboi — 8.667
08 @ysev — 8.500
09 @Slice of Life & @yuuurei — 8.333
10 @Mikl C — 8.083
11 @singabob, @evilsin, & @SloMover — 8.000
12 @roblognick — 7.857
13 @chrisjche — 7.833
14 @BEST FICTION — 7.750
15 @Crisp X & @Cotton Park — 7.667
16 @KimLippington — 7.583
17 @Wills & @Remorque — 7.500
18 @Attis — 7.333
19 @Ana Raquel — 7.167
20 @Hurricane Drunk — 7.000
21 @eyeline — 6.833
22 @GeiPanda — 6.667
23 @Vixen — 5.000​