The After School Discography Rate • FINISHED

As Christmas songs go, this is actually quite great, but... I was listening to this and I just wasn't totally there for it. They sound lovely, but the songs like a dime in a dozen.

I was just kind of...


Fantastic artwork though! You're both doing a fantastic job.




Grade: 6.774
Honor roll: 10×1 (@RUNAWAY), 8.5×1 (@berserkboi), 8.25×1 (@Remorque)
Drop-outs: 4×2 (@Conan, @Hurricane Drunk), 4.5×1 (@SloMover), 5×3 (@Ana Raquel, @Cotton Park, @eatyourself)
@Love Deluxe's score: 7.75
@vague's score: 7.5

5 ballots: #60, 7.800 avg.
10 ballots: #68, 6.825 avg.
15 ballots: #66, 6.783 avg.
20 ballots: #66, 6.763 avg.
25 ballots: #69, 6.600 avg.
31 ballots: #67, 6.774 avg.

"손목시계" (sonmoksigye; wristwatch), also known as "Watch", is the fourth track from After School's fifth Korean maxi-single, FLASHBACK, released on June 20, 2012. Its lyrics were written by Kim Hyuna, it was composed by Park Jungwook (MOT), and arranged by Kim Jaehyun and Choi Ilho.

None of the songwriters have particularly KPJ-friendly credits to their name, mostly getting work with ~real~ artistes and on OST tracks. Kim Hyuna, however, has written songs for IZ*ONE ("YOU & I") and Kwon Eunbi ("Eternity"), and Kim Jaehyun has written songs for APRIL ("Knock knock") and SHINee ("Wish Upon a Star").

(7.75) — "Sounds like something that Girls' Generation-JTS (JessicaTiffanySeohyun) would've eaten up in 2008 for some random drama Yoona was in. I have no strong feelings towards this but I'm just glad that in the end, the better ballad from the Flashback album won!"

(7.5) — "uhm Lizzy sounds really pretty on this!"​

@berserkboi (8.5) — "Very pretty little soft moment!"

@M24 (7.5) — "I much prefer Timeless to this. The strings are lovely though. The chorus feels a little christmas-y, or am I trying to rationalize my balladphobia?"

@SloMover (4.5) — "The whiplash of going from Flashback and Eyeline to this..."​

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Lucky Girl

Grade: 6.831
Honor roll: 10×1 (@RUNAWAY), 9×2 (@berserkboi, @Remorque), 8.25×1 (@eatyourself)
Drop-outs: 4×1 (@SloMover), 5×3 (@Attis, @eyeline, @Cotton Park), 5.5×1 (@Conan)
@Love Deluxe's score: 7.25
@vague's score: 7.5

5 ballots: #62, 7.700 avg.
10 ballots: #65, 7.000 avg.
15 ballots: #67, 6.767 avg.
20 ballots: #67, 6.725 avg.
25 ballots: #66, 6.700 avg.
31 ballots: #66, 6.831 avg.

"Lucky Girl" is a bonus track from After School's second Japanese album, Dress to kill, released on March 19, 2014. It was only available on the limited edition CD-only version of the album sold through their Japanese label's online store, mu-mo. The song's lyrics were written by KAJI KATSURA and it was composed by Mats Tarnfors and Marica Linde.

KAJI KATSURA is a prolific Japanese lyricist who also wrote the lyrics for After School's "BROKEN HEART", "rock it!", and "in the moonlight", as well as Orange Caramel's "Shanghai Romance (Japan Ver.)", "Aing♡ (Japan Ver.)", "Cookie Cream & Mint", "Akai Kutsu", "Nemureru Mori", "Suppai Budou", and "Ryuusei to Pierce".

In an interview with Oricon Style in March 2014, Lizzy selected "Lucky Girl" as her recommended song from the Dress to kill album, saying, "When you listen to it, you'll get an image of a lot of pastel pink-colored flowers blooming as the season changes to spring."

(7.25) — "She's so lucky, she's a star."

(7.5) — "There are some catchy bits to this but altogether it doesn't really add up to a satisfying listening experience."​

@berserkboi (9) — "I really enjoy the You Can't Hurry Love-ness of this!"

@Macsun (7.75) — "Sounds like a track that could have been on a CardCaptor Sakura OST."

@Wills (7.5) — "My brain is so feeble, I can actively dislike a song and all it takes is one good organ line to gaslight me into thinking it's not so bad."

@singabob (7.25) — "This song is not bad but it just sticks out like a sore thumb on this album. It just doesn't fit the vibe for me."

@M24 (7.25) — "It's a good thing this was just included as a bonus track in the album. It simply doesn't really fit the vibe, it feels a lot more cutesy than what they were going for with Dress to Kill."

@Attis (5) — "Throwaway rubbish."

@SloMover (4) — "What a way to ruin the flow to such a cool album nn."​

we're losing our first single today . . .





Grade: 6.847
Honor roll: 10×1 (@yuuurei), 9.5×1 (@junglefish), 9×2 (@ysev, @Conan)
Drop-outs: 3×3 (@eyeline, @Hurricane Drunk, @eatyourself), 5×3 (@evilsin, @chrisjche, @Cotton Park), 6×6 (@Crisp X, @Attis, @SloMover, @KimLippington, @BEST FICTION, @Vixen)
@Love Deluxe's score: 8
@vague's score: 8

5 ballots: #50, 7.950 avg.
10 ballots: #62, 7.125 avg.
15 ballots: #60, 7.050 avg.
20 ballots: #60, 7.113 avg.
25 ballots: #63, 6.770 avg.
31 ballots: #65, 6.847 avg.

"LOVE LOVE LOVE" is the title track from After School's special Christmas-themed single album, Happy pledis, released on December 7, 2010. The song's lyrics were written by Raina and it was composed by Anders Dannvik and Krististian Lagerstr. Former Pre-School Girl Yoo Ara, who later debuted in HELLOVENUS, provided backing vocals on the song. "LOVE LOVE LOVE" was remixed by FRAKTAL in 2011, and that version was included on the HAPPY PLEDIS 2012 album the following year.

"LOVE LOVE LOVE" peaked at #4 on the Gaon Download Singles Chart and at #8 on the combined downloads and streaming Gaon Digital Chart, and its parent album, Happy pledis, peaked at #2 on the Gaon Album Chart. A portion of the album's sales was donated to the Save the Children organization.

The Happy pledis album project was announced by Pledis as a surprise gift to the company's artists' fans just days before its release on December 1, 2010. Initially announced as the first in a trio of releases from After School, Son Dambi, and Orange Caramel, Happy pledis ended up being the only single album to be released in the end. Pledis would, however, continue releasing Christmas-themed charity albums annually for the next two years: the HAPPY PLEDIS 2012 single album featuring their roster of artists and several trainees in 2011, and "Dashing through the snow in high heels", a digital single featuring Orange Caramel and NU'EST, in 2012.

Pledis also announced alongside the album details that Bekah would not be participating in this special album, saying, "Bekah was unable to participate in this album because she is on break at her home in Hawaii. After moving to Korea to train and debut as a singer, Bekah hasn't been able to return home for the past 3-4 years, which is why we let her go this time. She will be in Hawaii for the next one or two months." In 2011, during promotions for After School's first full album, VIRGIN, Bekah revealed the real reason she had returned to Hawaii was to recuperate from a leg injury.

Raina, who had previously written the lyrics for two songs ("Still..." and "In this Place") on Orange Caramel's second mini-album, also wrote the lyrics for "LOVE LOVE LOVE". During a press conference for the album's release, she said, "I have a lot of interest in writing lyrics ... Whenever I have the opportunity to participate in the lyric composition, I try my best to help. I hope one day I'll be able to write the lyrics for one of our title songs. I want to be directly involved." Raina would continue writing lyrics for After School's b-sides and several of her solo releases.

(8) — "There were 2 genuine shocks I witnessed as the leaderboard was filling out - one was the gag of a song that didn’t even make Top 30, and the other shock was Love Letter defeating Love Love Love. How could y'all let this happen??"

(8) — "This has grown a lot on me over the years. I'll always prefer 'Someone is you' to this, but it's pretty sold in retrospect. (and 'LOVE LETTER' is 1000000x better so y'all made the right choice there!!)"​

@junglefish (9.5) — "Yeah, fuck the Christmas haters, I love this song."

@berserkboi (8.5) — "Very festive! Was this a Xmas record?"

@roblognick (8) — "Has a bit of an Orange Caramel feel, this, doesn't it? Which might explain why I really like it!"

@Macsun (8) — "Cute bop ditty."

@M24 (7.75) — "Grinches probably tanked this one right after hearing the christmas bells. It's kind of cute though! Nothing special, but good enough for an xmas single."

@Attis (6) — "It's pretty cute for a christmas song, but there is no way I would let Christmas song represents their discography."

@SloMover (6) — "Well... At least this was for charity."

@Vixen (6) — "Nawt a Christmas single...."

@Cotton Park (5) — "no no no thanks."

@eyeline (3) — "Hard pass."

@eatyourself (3) — "I hate Christmas music."​





Grade: 6.887
Honor roll: 10×1 (@Vixen), 9.5×1 (@Macsun), 9.25×1 (@RUNAWAY)
Drop-outs: 3×1 (@SloMover), 4×2 (@roblognick, @Hurricane Drunk), 5×3 (@Attis, @Ana Raquel, @Conan)
@Love Deluxe's score: 7.5
@vague's score: 7.75

5 ballots: #63, 7.650 avg.
10 ballots: #70, 6.475 avg.
15 ballots: #68, 6.683 avg.
20 ballots: #68, 6.700 avg.
25 ballots: #68, 6.650 avg.
31 ballots: #64, 6.887 avg.

"화장을 하다 울었어" (hwajangeul hada uleosseo; crying while putting on make-up), also known as "Make up & tears", is the sixth track from After School's sixth Korean maxi-single, 첫사랑, released on June 13, 2013. The song's lyrics and music were written by BUMZU (aka Kye Bumjoo) and it was arranged by JIYONG & BUMZU (aka Park Jiyong and Kye Bumjoo). "화장을 하다 울었어" is a duet between the group's two main vocalists, Jung-A and Raina.

In the press release for the 첫사랑 maxi-single, Pledis had this to say about the song: "Singer and producer Kye Bumjoo produced the song '화장을 하다 울었어', which is a Jung-A and Raina duet. The song-making process session has taken almost a year, and the lyrics express a girl's heartbreak of breaking up and that the sorrow of bitter love should be cleansed by tears."

(7.5) — "Gorgeous bridge, and Timeless lives to see another day!"

(7.75) — "This took a year to write?! HOW??? There's barely a melody here omg. Vocals are pretty, of course, but that still doesn't make this particularly thrilling to listen to."​

@Vixen (10) — "It's a gorgeous ballad, teebs!"

@Macsun (9.5) — "Coming in right after the dance steak of the previous tracks always made this song sorta anticlimactic. However for a ballad it's one of their best. Fantastic vocals by JungAh and Raina."

@Wills (9) — "Finally a ballad with some stakes!"

@berserkboi (7.5) — "Not one of their stronger ballads but still very good!"

@M24 (7.25) — "Raina and Jungah's vocals are out of this world, damn. It's very OST-like, which makes it pleasant to listen to."

@eyeline (6) — "The only low point on a killer mini album!"

@roblognick (4) — "Beautiful voices, beautiful voices."​

: 3×3 (@eyeline, @Hurricane Drunk, @eatyourself), 5×3 (@evilsin, @chrisjche, @Cotton Park), 6×6 (@Crisp X, @Attis, @SloMover, @KimLippington, @BEST FICTION, @Vixen)
Y'all the second you hear the slightest hint of jingle bells in a song:

LOVE LOVE LOVE is AS' best Xmas song but it's also just a fun and sweet little song overall. Sorry you don't have an ounce of love or joy in your 3-sizes-too-small hearts!

Anyway, Make up & tears really is a pretty song with stunning vocals, but somehow it just doesn't stand out, I guess, to me, so I docked a point.