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The Alicia Keys Rate: WINNER REVEALED

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Heaven on Earth, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. @Heaven on Earth, at what pace are you intending to go for the remaining eliminations?

    With 106 songs left, this will take over three months to finish even if you're doing one a day - and if you do only one or two a week then the eliminations will take more than a year!

    As it's been three months since the reveals began, perhaps it's time to do two or three a day? Let me know if you want help (although of course I know @Sprockrooster is already helping).
  2. I started the America's Next Top Model rate on September 26th and have so far eliminated 293 models and 22 judges, the top 3 is due to be announced on Friday!
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  3. I have contacted Heaven on Earth again and will ask if I can kick out 10 till 15.
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  4. Sorry, y'all, it's been a stressful week. But, for once, I was actually thinking about this rate.

    December 31: I partied a little too much.

    January 1: I had a massive hangover.

    January 2: The hangover looked like child's play compared to the massive headache I got after dealing with my imbecilic co-workers.

    January 3: I'm feeling mighty powerful despite the minimal hours of sleep I've gotten over the last few days.

    107. Powerful
    AVERAGE: 5.952

    Are you sure about that, Alicia? It didn’t even break the top hundred.

    The second half of a tie, “Powerful,” is from the Extras section, more specifically, from the soundtrack of the second season of Empire. While I’ve never seen Empire, mostly as I don’t have Hulu and I cannot be bothered to deal with commercials anymore, I have heard good things about it, most of the praise being directed towards Queen Taraji (I stan her in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button so much). Of course, after the success of the first season, Alicia, making a smart business move for herself, at least on paper, guest starred on the second season as Skye Summers in a minor recurring role. As Skye Summers, she shared the screen with Jussie Smollett as Jamal Lyon. “Powerful” is a result of that onscreen collaboration.

    Let’s talk about “Powerful.” It’s slightly average, particularly when you take in consideration that it’s a made-for-TV song, but it’s only just slightly average. In fact, I may have slightly overscored it. Oops. I guess, it’s revealing itself to be less powerful with each passing minute. As is the case with Alicia Keys, the quality is definitely here. Her vocals seem nice and I especially like the referential throwback to “No One” with that bridge. But, like I said, it’s a made-for-TV song, and that is important to remember when discussing this song. Empire is an African-American-oriented show that actually showcases powerful African-Americans. As we know, present race relations in the United States is tense, to say the least. “Powerful” is a song that harkens for unity of races, to be as Martin Luther King, Jr. brilliantly phrased, “not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” You can tell the songwriters were definitely of the “I Have a Dream” speech as they mentioned King by name as well as Malcolm X.

    What I love so much about the power of music is it’s a great way to communicate with others. When you especially tackle African-American culture through musical means as African-American women, it’s been brilliantly captured such as by the Knowles sisters in recent years, to name two examples. However, whereas “Formation” and the “Tina Taught Me” interlude will probably go down as two of the important moments in black music history, this will not. Why? It’s undercooked, it’s simple, it’s not earth-shattering, and this is within Alicia Keys’s discography alone. It may make sense, though. @Sprockrooster (5), a person who has seen the show says, "Empire is a brilliant TV show, but their music does not translate to that level for some reason despite the big names involved. This is a bit out there." Though I do hope that some random person who happens to be watching Empire, and upon hearing “This is an era for change,” will actually be inspired. And, honestly, that’s all that matters. Sometimes context is truly everything. As @Epic Chocolat (9.5) says, "Don't know the storyline, don't care, musical highlight of the show."
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  5. Another 5, meh.
  6. It's... fine. I don't mind it and it sounds nice enough, but it doesn't hold a candle to her best songs.
  7. Funny you should say that.

    Because this absolutely is one of her best songs.

    I'll never forgive @soratami for this.

    But, @londonrain, at least he had the taste to not give "I'd Die Without You" a 1.5.

    You know what? FUCK YOU ALL.


    105. Unbreakable [Live]
    AVERAGE: 6.056

    Dear @soratami,

    First off, how dare you? Second off, how dare you? You think it’s a good idea to give your now-host a zero to one of his tens? Do you?

    Okay, I barely accept that I may be accused of a bias towards singles with this elimination, but I really enjoyed regardless of its single status. In fact, it was reached that status because it was quite good. @Sprockrooster’s boyfriend must agree with me. “This unplugged is randomly one of the five albums my boyfriend owned when we got together. He is not a music fan like I am and for some reason I never owned this album, so amazing he filled the library with some Alicia.” Yet Sprock only gave it a seven. “‘Unbreakable’ is a serviceable bop, but I am glad it was not upbeefed to appear on the next album. Keep as it is. Well done, everybody involved.” But, @soratami, do you really want to listen to the words of a person who gave Dua Lipa’s pop masterpiece that is “New Rules” a two? I didn’t think so. Although, while we’re talking about the potential release of a non-unplugged “Unbreakable” on an album, it was supposed to be on The Diary of Alicia Keys, but Alicia didn’t think it would fit well on said album. At least she calls it one of her favorites.

    Let’s talk about what makes this not a zero, to say the least. From the moment that she chants “Clap your hands, everybody/Clap your hands/Come on, keep it going,” it’s a treat. While I suspect that you saw the “[Live]” part at after the “Unbreakable” part and simply refused to keep an open mind, it actually works really well. For you see, it’s reminiscent of a jam session. “Clap your hands, everybody” really fits into this. Now we move to the song. Okay, I’ll be honest. If it was like this during The Diary of Alicia Keys, it wouldn’t be a ten. But the wonderful thing about the fact that this is live is that “Unbreakable” in all its simplicity really works. From the namedropping of five iconic African-American couples, though the Bill and Camille Cosby is a bad reference in hindsight, and one iconic fictional African-American couple, James and Florida Evans from Good Times, to the relatively unfleshed lyrics, it just works for a concert singalong. But the lyrics we do have are some of her best, to be honest, like “And we got to stay tuned/’Cause there’s more to see (unbreakable)/Through the technical difficulties/We might have to take a break/But ya’ll know we’ll be back next week/I’m singing this love is unbreakable.” I mean, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN. Clever, metaphorical, and absolutely true. A songwriter for the ages. When will Bob Dylan? Alicia deserved the Nobel Laureate for that alone.

    But, seriously, @soratami, is there seriously nothing redeeming about this one? Like not even a two? I plead you to consider this opinion. It wasn’t even heavily played enough for you to hate this with a fiery passion with “No One.” I hope you will live with the fact that before your zero came along, this had an average of 6.813.

    With potential love if your opinion changes with the tide,

    @Heaven on Earth

    P.S. Now that I’ve been playing “Unbreakable” for the write-up, I can’t stop playing it. Help. Not you, @soratami.

    P.S.S. Poor Unplugged. It was never going to do well, but it didn’t deserve this.
  8. I have an 8.5 out before the top 100? REALLY?

    Disastrous. (Although I've never understood why she namedrops Ike and Tina. I wouldn't use them as a good example of a loving couple...)
  9. I said before but I'm just not here for live songs, and with such a long list and short amount of time to vote, it's not like I could spend ages on each song, so...

    Hope we can stay friends, like Eve and Alicia

  10. I think she was using them as a fighting couple, though it was mostly Ike who did the fighting.

    Oh, I guess you don't like concerts, then. Shame.
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  11. Want to know the top 90?

    I am tossing out 15 tonight!! Or maybe even more (depending on the specific songs)
  12. Yas
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  13. I only have the averages and song order so I cannot include highest scores/lowest scores or commentary. Depending on the song I can add what I know about it. But we can discuss that (or post yours) when I revealed the songs.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Thank you for picking this up, Sprocky!

    I can help with this from next Tuesday onwards if you need me to. Let me know if you need me to put together writeups for any of the later eliminations.
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  15. As for now I am pending to have @Heaven on Earth to do the top 11 (a tie at #10) and if he/she can start on this in advance it would be lovely so we can have a proper finale with writeup and all.
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  16. So, first a round-up and an opportunity to introduce the colour scheme. I will present a what is left after every batch of songs I post. The colours represent the albums or extra's, so you can get an idea what album is getting knocked down or is surviving easily. The colours are based on a prominent colour from the album artwork.

    AS I AM

    ROUND-UP 118-104
    #118 - [4,750] - Don't Give Up (Africa)
    #117 - [5,357] - De Novo Adagio (Intro)
    #116 - [5,429] - The Beginning (Interlude)
    #114 - [5,500] - Kill Your Mama
    #114 - [5,500] - She Don't Really Care_1 Luv
    #113 - [5,563] - Another Way To Die
    #112 - [5,643] - Ghettoman

    From now on @Heaven on Earth took over so the averages are not adding up for a small part.
    #110 - [5,523] - Prelude To A Kiss
    #109 - [5,611] - Every Little Bit Hurts
    #108 - [5,746] - Not Even The King
    #107 - [5,778] - Waiting For Your Love
    #105 - [5,952] - That's What's Up
    #105 - [5,952] - Powerful
    #104 - [6,056] - Unbreakable [LIVE]

    So we ended with the first album out (Unplugged), but with two tracks that sounds more drastic than it is. Songs In A Minor, The Diary and Element of Freedom all being the only ones untouched. But will they stay that way?
  17. Why is Girl on Fire yellow though? I'm not getting that one.
  18. THE NEXT ONES TO FALL: 103-91

    #103 - [6,063] - As I Am (Intro)
    #101 - [6,079] - The Thing About Love
    #101 - [6,079] - Doncha Know (Sky Is Blue)
    #100 - [6,095] - Saviour
    #99 - [6,143] - Illusion of Bliss
    #98 - [6,167] - We Are Here
    #96 - [6,190] - Nobody Not Really
    #96 - [6,190] - I Won't (Crazy World)
    #94 - [6,222] - Lessons Learned
    #94 - [6,222] - Better You, Better Me
    #93 - [6,254] - Never Felt This Way (Interlude)
    #91 - [6,286] - 101
    #91 - [6,286] - Feeling U, Feeling Me

    So, the Element of Freedom is the only one to stay untouched until top 90. Mostly As I Am takes up a beating and a bit deserved if you would ask me. Doncha Know is a bit excluded from this narrative. Feeling U, Feeling Me is definitely the biggest loss from me. It sits on such a perfect place on the Diary and the lush and smooth vibe Alicia is serving is massive.

    Well, Red was taken by As I Am, so I had to go with a fiery colour (isnot it orange by the way). I am open for an other suggestion?
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  19. TOP 90

    'Piano & I'
    'How Come You Don't Call Me'
    'Rock Wit U'
    'A Woman's Worth'
    'Jane Doe'
    'The Life'
    'Mr. Man'
    'Never Felt This Way (Interlude)'
    'Why Do I Feel So Sad'
    'Caged Bird'
    'Lovin' U'
    'Rear View Mirror'
    'Juiciest [Mixtape Version]'
    'I Won't (Crazy World)'

    'Harlem's Nocturne'
    'If I Was Your Woman / Walk On By'
    'You Don't Know My Name'
    'If I Ain't Got You'
    'Dragon Days'
    'Wake Up'
    'So Simple'
    'When You Really Love Someone'
    'Feeling U, Feeling Me'
    'Slow Down'
    'Samsonite Man'
    'Nobody Not Really'
    'Streets Of New York'

    'Unbreakable [Live]'
    'Every Little Bit Hurts [Live]'

    AS I AM
    'As I Am (Intro)'
    'Go Ahead'
    'No One'
    'Like You'll Never See Me Again'
    'Lesson Learned'
    'Wreckless Love'
    'The Thing About Love'
    'Teenage Love Affair'
    'I Need You'
    'Where Do We Go From Here'
    'Prelude To A Kiss'
    'Tell You Something (Nana's Reprise)'
    'Sure Looks Good To Me'
    'Waiting For Your Love'
    'Another Way To Die'
    'Doncha Know (Sky Is Blue)'

    'Love Is Blind'
    'Doesn't Mean Anything'
    'Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart'
    'Wait Til You See My Smile'
    'That's How Strong My Love Is'
    'Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)'
    'Love Is My Disease'
    'Like The Sea'
    'Put It In A Love Song'
    'This Bed'
    'Distance And Time'
    'How It Feels To Fly'
    'Empire State Of Mind (Part II) Broken Down'
    'Through It All'
    'Pray For Forgiveness'
    'Stolen Moments'
    'Heaven's Door'
    'Lover Man'
    'We're Almost There'

    'De Novo Adagio (Intro)'
    'Brand New Me'
    'When It's All Over'
    'Listen To Your Heart'
    'New Day'
    'Girl On Fire'
    'Fire We Make'
    'Tears Always Win'
    'Not Even The King'
    'That's When I Knew'
    'One Thing'

    'The Beginning (Interlude)'
    'The Gospel'
    'Pawn It All'
    'Kill Your Mama'
    'She Don't Really Care_1 Luv'
    'Illusion Of Bliss'

    'Blended Family (What You Do For Love)'
    'Work On It'
    'Girl Can't Be Herself'
    'More Than We Know'
    'Where Do We Begin Now'
    'Holy War'
    'In Common'

    'Gangsta Lovin''
    'My Boo'
    'Don't Give Up (Africa)'
    'Empire State Of Mind'
    'Better You, Better Me'
    'It's On Again'
    'We Are Here'
    'We Gotta Pray'
    '28 Thousand Days'
    'Back To Life'
    'That's What's Up'
    'Place To Call My Own [AK Version]'

    Tomorrow the TOP 75 will be revealed!
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