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The 'ALIEN' Movies

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by spillett, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. Here comes the Alien Cinematic Universe!!
  2. I enjoyed Prometheus and I think all the Alien films (think the third was my least favourite). So I'm looking forward to more and more films as long as they add to the legacy rather than damage it.
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  3. I really liked Prometheus as well, can't wait for the follow up. I only made it to half way through Alien 3 in the main series, but the first two are obviously masterpieces.
  4. I still hold a massive grudge against Alien3 for taking some fantastic ground work and shoving it up a dogs arse in the first five minutes. Aliens really was a phenomenal film.

    The series is approaching Terminator levels of stigma, and the next one really needs to be amazing for it to be put back on track, let's hope the studio don't go down the road of hiring directors with actual imagination only to fit them with leashes and muzzles.
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  5. I loved Prometheus for going back to the universe and especially in homaging the first film. I enjoy the first 4 (obviously it was diminishing returns). AVP I forgot existed, mercifully.
  6. Alien 3's extended cut is really quite amazing, it doesn't fix all the wrongs imposed by the studio on released cut, but the extra scenes are hella worthy of a viewing. Infact it's my second favourite in the series, between the first and second, I just love how dark and horrible it all is. Shame in Fox for not trusting in Fincher's vision.
    I did enjoy Prometheus a lot to boot, so I'm happy for both series to continue, and entwine.
  7. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Moderator

    I loved Prometheus and didn't get the fanboy evisceration at all. I can barely remember the original franchise, so perhaps the problem was that it stood up too much as a movie in it's own right. Still, the "unanswered questions" that seemingly drove people nuts just left me gasping for a sequel, which I think was part of the point.
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  8. I think the director of District 9 (and, erm, Elysium) will be directing Alien 5.
  9. So much for steering away from the Alien franchise with Prometheus then...

    But I'm cool with this. I really enjoyed Prometheus for what it was, and I think it was suitably open-ended. Fan theorising can be fun, and since when did everything have to be so spelt out and black and white? Where some saw plot-holes I saw "open to interpretation" if I'm being honest...

    I think the Alien origin will be an interesting story, given that it's one of the best sci-fi creations of all time, and God knows where they'd have gone with the story otherwise. And of course it's going to look magnificent.
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  10. BTG


    The only problem I had with Prometheus was the fact that we lost Charlize and we're stuck with Noomi Rapace.
  11. Super awesome that the sequels and off-shoots are going in two directions from the original. I can't think of another franchise that's happened with.

    It goes thusly:

    Alien >>>>> Aliens > Alien Resurrection (based on one viewing) > AVP Requiem > Prometheus > Alien 3 > AVP
  12. So apparently Alien 5 takes place where Aliens left off. The director says the first two are "the ones he cares about." I have no idea what that means because most interesting things about all four movies seem sort of incidental? Anyone who just writes off Resurrection must be a bit stupid anyway.

    Neil Jordan is my dream director for an Alien film.

    Has anyone else read this incredible book? It's mostly just a close reading, and has a very casual thesis, but it's worth it.

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  13. I heard it's more that they like the idea of 'picking up where Aliens left off' as opposed to dismissing Alien 3 and Resurrection. I've heard rumours about them wanting to pull back some of the cast from Aliens and maybe have the movie set in a similar world (so perhaps less Space-based and more planet-based?)
  14. Uno


    I was disappointed with Prometheus. Not nearly as fun when compared to the other installments.
  15. I like Aliens the most.

    I think I've only seen Aliens 3 once, is that the one where the dog dies? I hate when dogs die.

    I enjoyed Prometheus and I'm looking forward to the sequel, just disappointed there will be no Charlize Theron.
  16. So Prometheus 2 is now called Alien: Covenenant...
  17. Read the brief synopsis. Seems like the prequels will be a trilogy. Fassbender will be starring in this one. Will there be another Alien movie in the current/future timeline with Sigourney?
  18. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Moderator

    That article takes his quotes out of context. Nothing he says suggests that Covenant is the start of a NEW trilogy, but the second film in a tetrology or 4 part prequel to Alien.

    So not that complicated at all.
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