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The 'ALIEN' Movies

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Deleted member 5343, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. The end of Prometheus was soooo good. and I feel they ruined it with Covenant’s storyline. I wanted more Noomi Rappace, more Engineer lore as the origins of humans and by accident (I guess?) the Xenomorph.

    I might be remembering it wrong because the last time I saw it was at the cinema, but we got a Fassbender evil twin wankfest. But also wasn’t there this planet with spores that infected people with Xenonorphs as well?

    And it all seems to escalate far too quick into the Xenonorph we know and the action felt very AvP2.

    I think I’d have to go with this order:
    1. Alien
    2. Aliens
    3. Prometheus
    4. AvP
    5. Alien 3
    6. Resurrection
    7. Covenant
    8. AvP2
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  2. Yeah I really loved the philosophical/spiritual bend of Prometheus but they completely ruined it with Covenant so I'm not surprised the whole thing didn't progress further. I blame weirdo fanboys who are too precious about their childhood favorites and want everything handed to them on a platter.
  3. Prometheus is visually stunning and I will always defend it. The C-section scene in particular is classic horror. As others have said, Covenant started really promisingly, but I didn’t like where it ended up. Prometheus set out to tell a more interesting story and I feel like Covenant’s direction was a disservice to both Prometheus and the Alien movies that follow chronologically.
  4. I don’t care for any AVP so my list would be.

    Alien 3
    Alien resurrection


    The whole franchise to me is about Ripley! I really wish between Aliens and Alien 3 we had some movie where they landed in some tropical jungle or used the story from the comic book Aliens Labyrinth with Newt, Bishop and Hicks included and maybe after that then lead on to what happens in Alien 3 but that’s just my fantasy, I remember I had a flying Alien toy as a kid and I wished they’d have use that design.
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  5. Not directly related but seems a good thread to mention the new Predator movie is apparently really good? Seems going for a historical setting was a bold swing that hit
  6. Yes it’s coming to Disney+ pretty soon. Looking forward to it.
  7. I was just thinking the same - How those vs films ever get budget is beyond me
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  8. So, where do they go with the Alien franchise now then?
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  9. Covenant was a case of trying to please both the “Prometheus was kind of interesting actually!” and the “Prometheus wasn’t ALIEN (1979) enough!” camps, and coming up with something less than the sum of its parts. Far from a bad film (from what I remember), it just wasn’t hugely compelling. Some very cool ideas and moments but not the depth of Prometheus nor willing to fully commit to outright Alien vibes (in the classic sense).
    I’ve listened to a few of the Alien-related Audible audio dramas, most of which connect to the original film/s, but tell new stories or spin off into their own thing. Largely though they return to the same themes and concepts, and I appreciate that Ridley Scott wanted to push beyond the formulaic in his return.
  10. They just need to leave it alone I think.

    I wish they'd retcon Covenant and do a Prometheus 2 and 3. Not outright Alien films, but nods to them, moments like the final credit scene in Prometheus which I know was fan service, but I loved. I want us to follow the Engineers. Earth isn't the only place they would have left their DNA. Definitely link to the first Alien film in someway. What Covenant wanted to do but nothing like it basically.

    Agree Charlize Theron's death should have been a red herring for the sequel.

    Anyways, all this talk has me watching Prometheus now and then I'll give Covenant another whirl. Maybe I'll love it!
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  11. Prometheus has some of my favourite visuals in a blockbuster.
  12. Those Audible radio dramas are so fun. And the voice actor they got to play Ripley is uncanny.
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  13. Covenant had me feeling like I was watching a video game sequence in some of its action pieces and they showed way too much of the alien too.

    I agree that potential Prometheus sequels would be much more interesting. I always though Noomi was a great lead. I never understood why they made Guy Pearce as an old man instead of just... hiring an older actor to play the role. He just looked like a person in old man make up. But the series had potential and Covenant just shat all over it.

    Aside from that I suppose it goes back to the classic reboot where they just introduce a whole new cast and tell a whole new story.
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  14. Prometheus was dumb but gorgeous. The worst part of it for me was it completely taking away the mystery of the Space Jockey. I would have at least rather have it be some kind of other creature then a humanoid looking thing.
  15. I'm not a fan of Prometheus. I think it would have been best remembered as a cancelled film with concept art released instead. The plot holes, poor character decisions and unraveling of many of the original film's mysteries have soured for me through the years since the film's release. I like it less and less as time goes on. Gorgeous visuals, though.
  16. Prometheus was visually stunning and had a positively STACKED cast (and I'll even give it a nod for exploring some "interesting" themes), but was ultimately just not a good Aliens movie (and that's not even mentioning much of the boneheaded plot decisions).

    If Ridley wanted to do his own Chariots of the Gods thing, he should have. But instead he petulantly insisted on pissing all over Cameron's contribution (evolution?) of the Alien mythos. ESPECIALLY with Covenant, which explicitly ret-conned out the existence of the Queen, thereby invalidating everything post-Alien.

    I'm not a Cameron apologist in the slightest, but...Aliens is unequivocally the best of the series. Scott may have told the better character piece, but Cameron built the whole world.

    1. Aliens
    2. Alien
    3. Alien3
    4. Alien Resurrection
    5. AVP
    6. Prometheus
    7. Alien Covenant
    8. AVP2
  17. Ridley Scott and James Cameron are pretty polar opposite in terms of how fast they churn out movies. Its a shame because I thought the former seemed to treat the Alien prequels as a real passion project as opposed to another bloated historical but alas.
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  18. I could never say Aliens is the better film. Both it and Alien are perfect, but I just have to hand it to the slow burn claustrophobia of the original.
  19. Yeah... I appreciate Aliens and all but saying it's the better film is something I could never get behind. I don't vibe too high with the hypermilitarized plot and characters. That's on Cameron and the way he draws his characters, same thing with Avatar.

    Prometheus moved the needle enough for the franchise to ask bigger questions and the promise of it all seemed bigger than just the one movie, that's why I loved it so much at first and Covenant, although very tampered by the time we got it, seemed like a cool way to expand on certain themes. I don't hate David, all the contrary, as I love Ash in the original and always thought an android with little to no care for human life was a terrifying concept.

    Lastly, and I know this is the epitome of unpopular opinions on Alien, I don't care much for the alien queen as a concept. I prefer them as bioweapons designed to adapt and fulminate a planet and its habitants.
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  20. I just do not really appreciate the idea that an frickin android from earth designed the way the xenomorphs... "evolved" because it made them lose some of their cosmic horror charm and then it was neither a film revolving around David's ideas about himself (it was not an exploration of the philosophical implications of it, unlike Prometheus re our origins - I at least felt there was a stark difference) nor was he the more interesting survivor from the first film. It all felt so unnecessary and throwaway. It was far more in line with the vs predator films than the original films or Prometheus... It was very:
    - "...but all those philosophical questions from Prometheus"
    - "yes, but there is action and they all die!"

    edit: I suppose an aspect of why I thought David's ideas/character were not as interesting/they didn't go as deep with those, is the fact that after figuring out how far he could go to "become a God" there is nothing to be invested in. No one else in the film matters or stands a chance. It's just a countdown to their death. Nothing more is revealed or changes about David. You see nothing meaningful in anything discussed or anyone's reactions to what's going on... The best you have is a knock-off Dr Shaw who is an inferior copy in everything as far as what she was able to provide to the story.
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