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The amazing Edward Woodward...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by sifr, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. Dead at 79.

    This is a shitty day. An incredible actor, always committed and brilliant, whether it was 'Callan', The Wicker Man, 'The Equalizer', Hot Fuzz or 'Over Her Dead Body' a series no-one else seems to remember the BBC showing but me, he was always wonderful to watch.

    I *nearly* got to meet him this year - his daughter was getting married and they wanted my dad to film the wedding, but he already had a booking for that day and couldn't/wouldn't go back on it just because something infinitely cooler had come along. Had that not been so, they would have come to the house for a meeting, and I would in all probability have met the man himself, and I would really like to have done so.

    My mum however, did end up behind him in the queue at the Plymouth Sainsbury's twice during the 1990's and said he was lovely. I'm sure he was.

    Edward Woodward 1930 - 2009.
  2. That might be the nicest eulogy I've ever read.

    A very sad day indeed.
  3. Aww! That's so sad.

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