The Animals of Farthing Wood - 30 years

I suppose it was a bit repetitive to have to put the Weasels and Owl on side-quests for much of the third series to allow the rat invasion storyline to work and then find an excuse to remove Kestrel as well who would be the other significant natural predator of rats. So I can understand not having her around for plot reasons but she was still a fairly major character in the series.
I need to rewatch this. Some memories that live rent free in my mind:

That dramatic crossing of the river in the first series.

At some point do a load of white deer charge at some poachers?

The fight between Vixen and the blue female fox when Vixen bit her ear off, I remember watching that when it first aired and screaming with delight at the telly. Probably my first ever yaaaas moment.

Bold's death.
I was obsessed with this show as a child but yes, it was traumatic, from the moment Fox went into the river I was in bits on a weekly basis.
I had some of the video releases and magazines, I don’t think I finished the series as the last thing I remember was Mole dying and I just couldn’t handle that one as he was my favourite.
That dramatic crossing of the river in the first series.
With this floating mass of shite that takes out Badger and Fox

More scarring cliffhangers than the Man Pie one in The Silver Chair
(God, the BBC have a lot to answer to)
Remember that fox hunt episode that just seemed to go on forever. I wasn't a fan of Fox when the show started until this one, when he ran back to cross paths with Vixen. And of course, Adder being the Queen.
The shrike scene was so scarring because the shrike seemed to absolutely revel in murdering other living things, it was horrible.

Bold's death was also awful and thematically a bit suspect I always thought. For a show aimed at kids the only message you could take from Bold's story was 'stay in your lane kids, never try anything because you might fail and die'. It was weird.