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The Apprentice 2014 (UK) - Series 10

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. The way James treated Bianca (before her ridiculous mistake) was extremely uncomfortable.
  2. Sanjay is clearly gay.
  3. I think they're all horrible. Except for Roisin. She would probably win the show back in the days when Alan needed an apprentice, but with the business partner can be efficient and brilliant, but if you have a crap business plan, or Alan dislikes your business plan - you're fucked!
  4. I can't work out whether he's gay or hyper metrosexual.
  5. I agree, and he comes across as a bully to me as well.
  6. What kind of Year 9 comment?
  7. Well his Twitter account's banner pic is two chaps holding hands in Speedos leaping off the side of a boat. (I take one of them to be him but the angle of the shot is from behind).

    He's just so...cute.
  8. A lot of his pictures have #gay on them too...

    He went to Meat Liquor in Leeds where a friend of mine works, whaaat.
  9. Sanjay is gay. I've met him a few times as he's friends with a lot of people I know.
  10. Introduce me.
  11. "This world is as big as our oyster!"

    Definitely my favourite quote of the season.
  12. SBK


    James is so annoying. Fascinated by straight roads??? Errr

    Big Dawg? Really. At least the other teams drink looked like a drink and not a can of dog food.
  13. He's a bellend, of course, but they're keeping him around because he's a 'character'. Of course he's not going to win.
  14. Why are we losing eye candy when useless Felipe is still around though.
  15. Sam


  16. I think Big Dawg is actually a pretty good brand... that's what saved them. The other drink looked like a Tesco value pre-made cocktail mixer.
  17. I predict a final 5 of Mark, Roisin, Katie, James, and either Sanjay or Solomon.
  18. I hope James survives to the interview stage! That Claude character will tear him apart.
  19. Solomon reminds me so much of Ed Miliband.
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  20. Yeah I think it'll be Róisín, (why does she let them all call her Rusheen?), Mark, James, Solomon and Katie (unfortunately) for the interviews. Wouldn't be surprised to see Solomon win at this point. Róisín seems a little too competent and obvious to actually win, and Mark (who seems the best of the lot and was my initial pick) is getting unfavourable edits now I think. Something tells me Solomon has an idea that Sugar wants, cos he's been just as quiet and willing to sit back as Lauren was, and much more so than Mark who had those accusations randomly thrown at him last week.

    Katie's painful average in terms of actual business knowledge, but is competent enough at certain activities and posses enough plain old common sense (unlike a lot of them) to make it fairly far. Bianca seems actually quite competent but has an odd tendency just to make absolute howlers of mistakes out of nowhere, as shown in the last three tasks. Sugar loves James unfortunately and he;s the exact sort of character the producers love to throw to the wolves at interview stage. Him and Daniel both being dragged at interviews seems excessive though so I'd anticipate a Daniel exit before then.

    Edit: Also Sanjay seems like a right bitter queen whenever he's not getting his away. Just utter petulance. Not a whole lot by way of effort put forward over the weeks too. Felipe (?) is lucky he's made it this far and will likely go next time he loses a task. Seems like he's just liked by the candidates.
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